3.17 SSF Viable Flame Golem Necromancer

I have not played a summoner for a long time (especially not a flame golem one). After dropping a few cards on grotto I decided to farm up for an anima stone and all the stones for the build. I am really happy I did, this build is incredibly fun and powerful. I am going to post the PoB here as well as other information for the build.

I like to keep things as simple as possible if you have any questions please check out the notes or video first, thanks <3!

---> https://pastebin.com/6QRRJqH7 <---

Video Guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SiIVUzW0fgo

What you need before you roll this character:

(also quick note I just flipped my gems so they are not level 20)

Anima stone
3 primordial jewels
(harmony is best) but until you get a wand with "minions are aggressive" you need at least 1 primordial might
How to Farm stones?

I recommend you farm on Grotto as it has 4 different golem cards

The Primordial- Gives random primordial jewel
A stone perfected- gives a double corrupted primordial jewel (THIS CARD IS INSANE!!)
Terrible secret of space- lv21 23% quality golem (amazing)
The RIte of Elements- lv21 golem (not great but good for harvest exp food or early in league)

Why Grotto?

Grotto has a very simple layout and drops 3 amazing divination cards for us and 1 mediocre one.
I really enjoy the loot pattern of this map and it for some reason is easier on my fps. Any map that
has a golem for a boss can drop these cards but I strongly recommend you farm grotto!


How do we farm it?

Take strongbox nodes (all of them) and harvest nodes (div card doubler but more importantly helps us craft the wand).
You want to Alch and go as much as you can, so pick a build that allows you to play 95+% of mods.
The only mods we do not run are no regen and reduced block chance. If you do not care about leveling you can run
the reduced block but no regen feels ABSOLUTELY AWFUL!


Okay what about the rest of my gear?

All mods are listed in order from most to least important.
For trade: do not buy unless you can afford at MINIMUM the first 3
SSF: If you can craft at minimum 2 of the mods I would recommend it,
once you get the jewels the golems will carry you easily into t9 with no gear

Helmet: Elder ilv86 base (evasion armour prefer)- Socketed minions get +2 levels, Minion damage, concentrated effect, Life, Resist (if you get the first 3 put flame golem in it and RIDE THE LIGHTNIN BRUTHA

Body Armour: ilv 82 hunter base (evasion armour prefer)- increased effect of offerings, life, additional curse, spell suppression, resist

Boots: Rare base (evasion armour prefer)- Life, spell suppression, movement speed, resistance, chaos res (for implicits get chance to avoid ailments and bone offering effect)

Gloves: Rare base( evasion armour prefer)- Life, Spell suppression, chaos resistance, resistance, dexterity (for implicits get fire exposure on hit and unnerve on hit)

Weapon: Convoking wand (ilv84)- Minions are agressive, minion damage, minion cast speed, minion move speed (leave suffix open for trigger spell craft)

Shield: Ilv 80 shaper base (evasion armour prefer), socketed gems have 30% (20 is not good) increased mana reservation efficiency, Life, recover 5% life when you block, chaos resist, resistance

Belt: Stygian vise- Life, resistance, chaos resistance, armour|| For the Eye- Minions taunt on hit, life, minion cast speed, resist

Jewels: Ideally once you get an aggressive wand you can drop the Primordial might for Harmony and get a huge damage boost! (roughly 24% more damage)

Ew! Your auras are dumb what are the other options!?

If you are doing a big pinnacle fight like Maven, swap out determination for Anger. Armour does not really help you in that fight and phasing her fast
is the way to deal with the annoying and "fun" memory game mechanic.

If you do not care about exp you can also use it during mapping but honestly it just feels bad to me.


It's 2022 who uses Zombies? Got any better setups idiot?

Yes actually.

If you are dedicated enough to farm expedition or beast farming you can easily get a kingmaker Animate guardian setup. At lv 25 and meat shield he would be almost unkillable
with our setup. If you go the guardian route though I would strongly encourage getting a 1 socket assassin mark for boss fights as the buffs from AG will make your single target insane.


I am still experimenting a lot with tons of setups on this build. I started PoE coming from Diablo 2 after my heart was torn out by Diablo 3 (exaggeration is key).
I have always been obsessed with necromancers in D2 and when I saw how many minion options PoE had even back in talisman days I was excited. It feels nice
to be able to get back to my routes a bit!
Anyway back to the guide

For spectres:
2 host chiefs
1 carnage chief
1 arena master
This is how I like to setup my spectres, having power charges is more important than frenzy, when these guys crit just watch the hp drop on the boss it is amazing.
Now to be clear this build is not going to give more single target than carrion as they are insane. I will tell you mapping is very fun (for me anyway) and bossing
feels very smooth and more than do able.
"Life isn't a problem to solve but a reality to experience." - Frank Herbert
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Glorious flames.

Flame on Brother.
I've been working on farming primordial cards for the same build and have a few questions.

What are your thoughts on using Replica Primordial Might since you don't use other golem types for buffs? Also, what are your thoughts on using the older setup I've seen, with 3-4 golems for buffs, 4-6 fire golems for dmg, then stack Harmony's to scale the dmg more?

I've been farming Grotto for 2 weeks and can't get a 2nd might for the build, but got a replica last night, so I'm debating trying to make it work that way.

Glad the build is viable, I really liked my 10 golem elementalist around Breach league time, but it wasn't ssf. Been mostly ssf since then and dying to try it again.
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