[3.17] Please help me upgrade my SSF Skeleton Mages build

This is my current pob: https://pastebin.com/feXULK45

I dont really know how to calculate dps with skeleton mages but i feel like my dps is kinda low. I dont know what to do next, maybe go farm for 4 socket resonators and get a +2 wand? Already killed Eater of Words 10 times only got bows and boots, didnt get the amulet which i think should be an upgrade.

Another kinda sad thing is i got a kingmaker + cortex chest animate guardian and it died to chaos damage (i think) because i gave him chaos res through jewels (Fleshcrafter made is effective hp pool 80% ES maybe??)

So guys i would deeply appricate any suggestion as what to do in an SSF environment. :)
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