3.17 (League Starter) MOM Hierophant Reverse Knockback Shockwave Totems + Holy Flame Totems

Hello, Exiles!

Pls Check my POB of MOM Hierophant Shockwave Totems with reverse knockback option.

The build has about 2 million DPS in cheap rare gear.

We can play without Empire Grasp gloves, then it will be a fully playable build in ssf league (SSF HC viable). In this way we will use double decoy totems, instead of double holy flame totems.

We dont use Astral Projector Topaz Ring, because we have great AOE.



- Good league starter
- Available for beginners
- MOM build
- High EHP pool with good regeneration
- Survivability and easy playstyle through totems
- Cheap and safe - doesn't depend on specific items to play

- Totems playstyle isn't for everyone
- No armor, evasion or block
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