Crit Cold convert Dancing Dervish [3.18]

Welcome Exiles.


This is my first guide so i hope you will go easy on me
For the starters, i LOVE dancing dervish, manifest dancing dervish is only minion spell that i had fun playing with for last 7 years of my stay in Path of Exile community, so i though about sharing the beauty of this skill with more people.
P.s. I'm also not a native English speaker so any misspelling or grammar mistake would be corrected, if someone will point it out.

The main part when im making builds is to have fun, but at the same time being able to clear content that i want.
So what makes this build different than others?
When others are playing typical summoners and control minions, we will be playing like an aurabot.
Another difference from other builds is when everybody using Writhing Jar unique flask to trigger dancing dervish.
We will be using ourselves as trigger for dervish.
How? Pretty easy, we will become DERVISH.


League starter.
Its dervish. so double the fun.
Can clear up to t10 maps with just 2 uniques and 5 socket dervish
85% crit chance/100% with brittle ground


With low investment survivability is average
In this build you run around minions
you are a witch
Coloring sockets can be pain in the ass
Not SSF/HC/SSFHC friendly(you need few unique items for builds to work)

Key mechanics:

Dancing Dervish is a unique two-handed reaver sword
which grants us rampage mod, and a summon when our rampage is active.
Our main skill is Manifest Dancing Dervish, which is a summon skill that have few features.
Dancing dervish is immune to all types of damage(dervish can't take damage on life but energy shield will take damage), but not ailments.(No longer true in 3.18 they can now be stunned and can die from reflect)
Dervish still can die from Reaper consuming trait or end of Rampage.
The skill is implemented in weapon, meaning we can have 7-link without linking weapon.



3.18 Changes

Dervishes can now die from reflect, that means you need at least 1 Ghastly eye jewel with minion leech #% of damage as life.
Changed Necromancer Ascendancy for Occultist with cursepop and triple curse
Improved clear speed at the cost of single target.
lost few MDps but improved clear speed and defenses significantly.
Don't recommend this build for boss killing. Uber bosses not viable on this version of the build.Normal bosses are still viable with low investment.

Old changes:

3.18 changes[Old]

Build is still viable. but we lost some DPS and dervishes became a little bit dumber for some reason.
New version on 3.18 with occultist is coming, with better clear speed/immunity to stun,freeze and chilled. maxed chaos res, 100% crit chance for dervish and 10.2m dps on Sirus.

3.17 changes[Old]
This patch Dervish got few buffs and a big nerfs.
Let's start with buffs

This patch Dervish Duo got removed, meaning we only have Dancing Dervish sadge,right? No, even tho upgraded version got removed. base type got BIG buffs.
Now we have 2 dervish from base type and not upgraded.
And second part is that we can trigger Rampage with HITS.
NOW WE CAN JUST ATTACK ENEMY AND TRIGGER DERVISH, meaning we have 3 open flask slot. Yay to granite and quartz flask.

And with great power comes nerfs.
Sadly dervish cyclone got reworked and now it can't be supported by ruthless and multistrike support gems.
But this isn't the biggest problem....
Dervish became more stupid, when i started playing with dervish in this patch i didn't notice it instantly, but you will feel annoyed when your dervish get stuck in corner or just spin from one target to target without dealing enough damage, sadly there is no fix... or is there?
For ours cry of help came Ancient Skull making our dervish go crazy flying from one corner of screen to other. removing their dumb AI to same Ai in 3.16 and before.(they still gonna target enemies behind walls with Ancinet Skull, but they atleast use pathfinding when you open door to find mobs)


Recommend leveling with SRS(infernal legion+ minion life+ elemental army+unleash)
and skellies(feeding frenzy+multistrkie+maim+melee physical)
Get as much of life on tree and few minion damage nodes
Leveling during campaign or maps without cluster jewel for ele res as Necromancer
As soon as you get ele res cluster jewel you can change to occultist with maxed res.
i cleared campaign with SRS and skellies this league in 7 hours without good uniques.

Links and skills gems during Campaign:
Summon Raging Spirit + Infernal Legion support + Elemental Army supportUnleash support
Summon skeletons + Feeding Frenzy support + Multistrike Support + Melee Physical support
Anger + vitality + Clarity(level 4)
Smoke mine + Dash + Flesh offering + desecrate

Passive tree:

level 91 gear

Kill all


Campaign and early maps:

1. Commander of darkness
2. Mistress of Sacrifice
3. Mindless Aggression

hightier maps and Bigboys(and girls) encounters.
1. Profane Bloom
2. Void Beacon
3. Malediction
4. Frigid Wake
Profane bloom is insane with Blasphemy support and dervishesh
all you need to do is just walk past your enemies and they will blow up all mobs around you.
Frigid wake will make you immune to freeze and chill which is insane, that means we can now get a Qs flask with inc effect and movement speed.
Void beacon also rly good when you farm maven bosses or metamorph with high regen.
Malediction is just a rly good mod(Note: Don't take Expedition remnant with Immune to curses. Immune doesn't mean hexproof).



Dancing Dervish Reaver Sword Unique

Main colors
Power Charge on Critical+Critical damage support+Minion speed+ice Bite
Other colors:
(From best to worse DPS)
Minion damage support
Elemental damage with attacks/Damage on Full life
Added cold damage->Cold penetration


Determination + Vaal Molten Shell + Chaos golem/Summon Holy relic + Feeding Frenzy
Mark on hit + Assassin's mark + Determination + Vaal Molten Shell
Lab enchant:
Assassin's mark(best chant) ->Punishment curse effect -> Phase run duration.

Body Armour

Queen's Hunger Unique body Armour
With Dexterity or resistances
Expensive variant with %Life as bonus ES.

2 Link:
Awakened blashphemy + Frostbite
Other links:
2 Link:
Mark of hit + Assassin's Mark
Summon Chaos golem/Summon Holy Relic + Feeding Frenzy
Punishment + Desecrate


Triad Grip Mesh Gloves Unique with 4 green sockets makes our dervish convert 100% physical damage to cold.
Dash - Phase Run - Second Wind - Cyclone
Lab enchant:
Commandment of Grave


If you don't have good jewels then just get rare Stygian belt/Leather belt:
-Flask effect


Rare boots with Armour/ES base.

Mods that you want to look for
-Movements Speed
-Armour/ES inc%

When you get your desired boots
Roll for Greater Exarch mod - Drops brittle ground while moving
This mod will cap our crit chance and increase damage output by 30~40%
tip:You need to walk on mobs to trigger this effect or just run away from them while they aggro on you
Precision - Hatred - Vaal Haste - Generosity
Don't use normal Haste aura, we only need Vaal Haste buff.
Lab enchant:
Inc Movement speed if you haven't been hit recently -> Regenerate 2% life if you were hit recently.


Rare Amulet/rings - stats that you should look for
-Dexterity(if needed)
Good base for rings would be Vermillion rings with fertile catalysts
Amulet Either Marble or Onyx base

Whispers of doom - best annoint for dps. (use frostbite as second curse)
Good Anoints are:
Vampiric Amber-Teal-Violet
Diamond Skin Sepia-Teal-Opalescent


Cluster Jewels:
2 Large Cluster Jewels - 12 Passive skills minions damage
-Notable passive - Vicious bite
-25%-35% inc effect
-all res 3%
Small Cluster Jewel - 2 Passive skills Armour
Notable Passive - Enduring Composure
Small Cluster Jewel - 3 passive skills Reservation efficiency
Notable Passive - Uncompromising
Abyss jewels:
Mods to look for:
-minion deals increased damage if you've cast minion skill recently
-Minions deal # additional cold damage
-Minions movement speed
-Taunt on hit
-!!! Needed for reflect maps 1 Ghastly eye jewel for minion leech #% of damage.
Try to get Corrupted blood cannot be inflicted on you on of your jewels


Good unique flask would be Blood of the Karui/Rumi's concoction
Writhing jar is needed for us to keep rampage during invulnerability phases.
Quartz flask is gonna save you alot when you run through packs. because our phase run doesn't have 100% uptime without lab chant and enhance you will get stuck sometimes
Quicksilver flask with movement speed and inc effect is must have for smooth clearing.


Lunaris - For mapping
Solaris - for boss fights
Abberath - for burning ground immunity needed while mapping. or exarch farming.
Ryslatha - for no regen maps
Gruthkul - good choice for more survivability
Garukhan - is also a good choice for shock reduction with anointed flesh

Current Gear:



Cleared Content:
All Shaper/Elder guardians on t16 with 130% quant.(Minotaurus with inc aoe killed in 4 portal,yikes watch out for slams)
Shaper killed in 2 portals(died due to double pressing dash into the slam)
Killed all Elderslayers on t16 with 120%+ quant(Drox is most annoying one cs he spawn too many mobs).
Al-hezmin killed on t16 with 147% and inc attack/cast/movement speed of bosses, additional proj elemental weakness, in 2 portals.
Sirus in 3 portals(Low fps matters)
Elder - still in progress of farming currency for sets.
Uber Elder/Shaper - still in progress of farming currency for sets
Maven - still clearing maps for maven invitation.
Searing exarch killed in 5 portals.(balls phase is fun.)
Eater of Worlds killed on first try.
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Mine hehe :^)
Also mine.
for future variants of build.
Show video with gameplay please
fruit_13 wrote:
Show video with gameplay please

Sorry but i can't record video on this pc, for few reason.
My PC can't handle playing and recording at the same time.
I never recorded a video before.

I will try recording a video when I am done with fixing OBS.
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does increased minion dmg after using minion skill works? becouse you not really using any minion skill yourself
raanis wrote:
does increased minion dmg after using minion skill works? becouse you not really using any minion skill yourself

You don't need to spawn minion in order to gain bonus dmg, gems with "Minion" tag is also considered minions skill so convocation and Offering skills also considered as "Minions" skill.

Minions skill used by caster through any means also counts as yours minions skill. So The Queen's Hunger will also trigger bonus dmg.
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Any ideas for survivability? Clear and bossing is good up through white/yellow maps but once I even get and inkling of juice on the maps I find myself getting popped randomly. Power through and get more hp ooooor...?
Survivability is my current problem too. The derv gets pretty slow on some kills, but if I could stop getting 1 shot that would be nice.
Damaind wrote:
Any ideas for survivability? Clear and bossing is good up through white/yellow maps but once I even get and inkling of juice on the maps I find myself getting popped randomly. Power through and get more hp ooooor...?

For Survivability you can drop holy relic or any FR trigger minion and get vaal molten shell with inc duration.
swap granite flask for rumi's conconction with inc. effect
if your dmg is ok swap Fleshcrafter For Any armor/ES body armour with inc effect of offerings and high %Life roll and %MLife, or Queen's Hunger body armour (which would open 3 sockets for utility gems/ enduring cry or frost bomb)
Also you can swap on of the rings for hungry loop with 21 minion life/20 meat shield/20 elemental army and 20 feeding frenzy/ and socket golems(stone or carrion)

Also occultist with Queen's hunger is better in terms of dps and survivability, but raising your resistance to max will be hard for league start(Since we lose 30% all res and clear speed from ascendancy)
also you can tweak some curses and remove vitality for Blasphemy+frostbite combo
For better clear potential.
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