[3.17] Anbokr's Inquisitor Crackling Lancer | 10mil+ DPS | Explosions | Immortal

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-Added videos

Video Showcase (forgive the lag)
Regular Minotaur: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=txPmSyXUMVw
Delirium'd Minotaur: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=icrNm1q8YGs (I forgot to turn on Righteous Fire at the start of the map (Missing 40% more damage xd!!!)

Important: Don't be an idiot like me and forget to activate Righteous Fire at the start of maps (I probably forgot in 20% of my maps). We have the sustain to just have regular RF going at all times and then Vaal RF on top for the double dip when we hit the boss.

Hey guys, this is my build guide for a Crackling Lance Inquisitor. Very powerful, very smooth, and most importantly, SUPER TANKY. I wanted to make a build that could clear most endgame bosses, map fairly quickly, and never die. The latter is always important to me.

I decided to make this guide because I've done pretty much all the content I've wanted to this league, with this build. It's been a very enjoyable experience thus far.

Why Inquisitor?
Inquisitor is just a natural fit for this type of self-cast build. We get a truckload of free damage, giga hybrid regen, and a boatload of crit. The left/middle side of the tree is conducive to our desire for high armor, regen, and spell damage. Great ascendancy with a high floor of power that can scale well too.

Pro's & Con's
+Boss killer - Killed Sirus, Maven buffed Uber Elder, Shaper, Cortex, Breachlords, the Feared, etc... relatively smoothly. Still need to know mechanics and occasionally reposition.
+Screenwide Clear and Beyond - Crackling Lance has a very large AoE before it becomes a singular beam, and Inpulsa + shock prolif on gloves allow us to explode the entire screen when monster packs are tightly condensed. Very satisfying.
+Good damage - My final damage was around 10 million with flasks + sigil of power + fanaticism rolling. Not as high as some other builds, but high enough to clear all content in the game. Without fanaticism up, we are looking at around 6-8mil DPS.
+Near-immortal - We have max block, tons of hybrid ES/life regen, 25k+ armour, 84-85% max res on all resistances (melding of the flesh), and ES gain on block from Aegis Aurora. Our effective hit pool is around 80k and effective maximum hit taken around 57k. Suffice to say, you don't die much at all.
+Well rounded tackles all content equally well - Can do whatever you desire, whether that be speed farming maps, bossing, or a mix of both.
+Scale-ability - Scales extremely well with gear, my gear is far from min-maxxed, if one were to invest more into this build (corrupted Inpulsa, better rings, giga crafted shield), you could easily scale it into the 10-15mil DPS range.
+Easy to play - I'm mostly a melee player, so I wanted to build a spellcaster that could just stand there and destroy the entire screen, nothing too complex, and this is that. Move, fire, screen dead, move fire, screen dead. Hold down Crackle on bosses Straightforward, satisfying.

-Cannot do ele reflect maps.
-Cannot do no regen maps.
-Not a speed demon raider or berserker.

Path of Building Pastebin

Bandits: Help Alira
Pantheons: Lunaris + Shakari

^^ NOTE: This PoB uses the fork by local1dentity, not sure if it works with standard PoB. Highly recommend downloading the fork.

Skill gems

6L Bossing (Chest):
Phantasmal Crackling Lance - Inspiration - Divergent Intensify (mapping) or Phantasmal Intensify (bossing) - Anomalous Spell Echo - Increased Critical Strikes - Increased Critical Damage

Tempest Shield (link culling strike to it for free cull) - Purity of Ice - Determination - Defiance Banner - Vitality

Curse + Buffs:
Assassin's Mark - Frost shield - Sigil of Power - Stone Golem

Flame Dash - Arcane Surge

Defense + Utility:
Molten Shell (14) - Cast when damage taken (9) - Vaal Righteous Fire

Passive Tree


BiS Wand Mods:
Our wand is probably our most important piece because it's worth so much of our damage. We want at least tier 1 or tier 2 flat lightning damage to spells. We want tier 1 or 2 increased cast speed. We want at least 60% increased spell damage or lightning damage. We also want +1 to level of all lightning spell skill gems or level of all spell skill gems. Finally, you want an open suffix to craft trigger socketed spell on skill use for assassin's mark + frost shield quality of life.

So to summarize, ideally:
-t1 or t2 flat lightning damage to spells
-t1 or t2 flat cast speed
-60% or more increased spell damage or lightning damage
-+1 to level of all lightning spell skill gems or +1 to level of all spell skill gems
-Trigger craft

It helps to start with a fractured wand of some sort. I'm not going to pretend to be a crafting guru but I'll outline the process I used to craft my wand. I bought a wand with a fractured 32% increased cast speed mod (you could buy a 27% to 31% cast speed fracture if you want to go cheaper, any wand base works). Then I hit my wand with Shrieking Essences of Woe (guaranteed spell damage) until I hit t1 flat lightning to spells. At that point, I crafted cannot roll attack mods, then I bought an augment lightning harvest craft to guarantee +1 to level of all lightning spell skill gems (WARNING: YOU NEED TO HAVE FILLED SUFFIXES AND AN OPEN PREFIX FOR THIS TO WORK). Crafted Trigger after, wand done.

Again, I'm not an expert crafter, but that was my process. I'm sure there are other ways to go about crafting a decent want. You might also get lucky and hit a few of the mods you need with just essences on a fractured bases, with no need to Harvest.

Notes about Other Pieces

Rings - Shaper Rares
-Adds # to # Lightning Damage Against Shocked enemies is an important mod, lots of damage.
-Increased Cast speed is also fairly important, but not mandatory. The more cast speed you have, the better crackling lance feels. Make sure at least one of your rings has t1 cast speed.
-Dexterity on at least one ring is fairly important as we need at least 103 to equip Inpulsa.

Your glove mods can be whatever, strength, life, life regeneration rate are all good. The important note here are the ELDRITCH MODIFIERS. You want to hit "Shocks you inflict spread to other enemies within a radius of 14" (searing exarch mod) and "Lightning damage Leeched as Life" (eater of worlds mod). The first mod allows us to shock nearly the entire screen which then allows Inpulsa's explosions to chain. This is SUPER important for clear. The latter gives us free leech, which is strong.

Nothing crazy here. MS, Life, Resistances. Action Speed searing exarch implicit is super powerful because it's worth 4% more cast speed and 4% more movement speed and that's just sooooo good for crackling lance and most builds in general.

Chest - Inpulsa
Allows us to explode entire screens when paired with our eldritch glove mod.

Belt - Stygian Vyse
Standard Life, life regen, and resistances. I like to go for Chaos resistance here because Chaos damage is one of the few things that can kill us if you don't have enough resistance on your rares.

-Anoint Doom Cast if you aren't crit capped.
-Go for mods like Cast speed, crit multi, and +1 to level of all lightning skill gems
-Important: I get 55 dexterity from my neck. You need to get this dex from somewhere whether rings or amulet in order to equip Inpulsa (total 103 dex needed).

Shield - Aegis Aurora
Synergizes with Melding of the Flesh and makes us super tanky with the ES on block.

Helm - The Gull (mapping) or Crown of the Inward Eye (bossing)
-IMPORTANT: The enchant on our gull "Crackling lance has 36% increased branching angle" is pretty important. It makes our initial crackling lance casts much wider which is great for mapping. I like using the Gull because with shrine nodes on the new atlas + domination from map device, we essentially have a mini headhunter. You can also just use a Crown of the Inward Eye though, and you want to have one laying around for when you want to do Pinnacle Bosses as the Gull provides nothing there.

Watcher Eye:
I opted for Determination +armour and Determination additional phys reduction mods. You can realistically combine any two decent mods from Determination, Vitality, or Purity of Ice mod pools. This makes us A LOT tankier.

Forbidden Flame and Forbidden Flesh
I went for "Allocates Instruments of Zeal" for both these new jewels. This gives us the Inquisitor node we don't take, Instruments of Zeal. Instruments of Zeal gives us access to Fanaticism. Fanaticism provides 75% more cast speed and 75% mana reduction when it's up. You have to attack 4 times to get the buff up. This sounds clunky, right? Wrong, we shield charge around entire maps! So Fanaticism is up a good amount of time while mapping. You can also rev it up before a pinnacle boss like Maven, Shaper, or the new bosses to just blow them up coming out of their roleplay. You just shield charge 3x while they are RP'ing, then shield charge a 4th time when they become hit-able to proc fanaticism and blow them up.

Glorious Vanity - Doryani's
Not necessary at all, but gives us some extra ES and can potentially convert a notable to +1% max cold resistance which ups all of our resistances from 84% to 85% thanks to melding of the flesh.

A note on Melding of The Flesh (core mechanic):
-Melding of the Flesh: This jewel allows us to get 84% maximum resistances (85% if you get a lucky Doryani jewel that converts a notable to +1% maximum cold) through purity of ice and Aegis Aurora. Very important jewel, this is what makes us uber tanky paired with Aegis Aurora.

A note on Chaos resistance and Dexterity
As mentioned before, you need 103 dex to equip Inpulsa's. This means we need some phat Dex from a ring and/or amulet. Don't neglect this requirement. On the other hand, chaos resistance is one of the few things that will kill you if you don't have it on some rares. For this reason, I like to look for amethyst ring bases and get chaos resistance on my belt.

*Feel free to give me any formatting tips or ask any questions.
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Added a couple videos to showcase mapping playstyle, in the delirium'd minotaur map I forgot to turn on Righteous fire (40% more damage).

If there's enough interest, I might make a budget section, but honestly, most of my gear is fairly scale-able depending on how much you want to invest in the yellow items. Nothing too crazy. The wand would be the major expense, until then you can use Singularity or craft a cheaper wand.
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hello. im interested in with the build. i will start it with zero currency. could you write something about progressing? what items look for? tree? unusual skill gems really matter?
erasa_bleo wrote:
hello. im interested in with the build. i will start it with zero currency. could you write something about progressing? what items look for? tree? unusual skill gems really matter?

I'll update the post later in the week with a budget/progression section when I have some free time.

In the meantime I responded to a similar post elsewhere with this short tidbit:

"The forbidden flesh/flame should be pretty much your last purchase. Can replace those with standard max life + 2-3 damage mod rare jewels in the short term. Wand just use Singularity (unique) until you can craft a much better one. I personally wouldn't recommend playing the build without Inpulsa for the chain explosions, so just roll a 5-link until you can link your own or get a 6-link. I personally used a 5-link inpulsa while mapping t16s for quite awhile before I hit my 6-link."

Basically, you need Melding of the Flesh + Aegis Aurora + at least a 5 link inpulsa + eldritch shock implicit on any rare gloves to make the build work. Everything after that is luxury, just budget accordingly and buy cheap rares to start out. Don't the forbidden flesh/flame jewels or a watcher eye until the end. Use Singularity or Nebulis instead of a crafted wand.
Hi there, I'm usually a one build kind of guy, last league I did only Righteous Fire and this league I am doing Crackling Lance only. I'm just wondering if I make another build, how well will this build scale into the late game with currency investment? I don't like dying and I like doing millions of dps.
Can u do a leveling section please?
Can u do a leveling section please?

Will try to make one alongside the budget section next week when I have some time. In general though, I'm pretty bad at leveling I just yolo it every time. My advice is just to slap on a spell like arc, and follow the main tree prioritizing life% and lightning/ele/spell damage nodes first.
Another question, where the shock came from? to proc the explode from inpulsas?

leveling right now
Another question, where the shock came from? to proc the explode from inpulsas?

shock comes from holy dominion passive + wand

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