[3.17] Over 1 Billion DPS!!! And can tank almost 1 mil physical dmg per hit.

I am not playing this league. Because of player modifying map mods. And because I am going to play Lost ark tomorrow anyways.
So here is a super high endgame crushing build. But don't try and level with this build you will just cry a river.
I didn't come up the original concept. And it used to use shade form. But with the nerf to shade form. I thought I would show people how to make this build possible again. And how to even increase its DPS further.

I do this because I still love to theory craft builds.

This is a hard build to pull off. Defiantly not recommended for leveling. Level a different build. And respect to this after you get the required items in the notes. And the recommended items.

When you first swap to this build. Get a voices that has 5 passives as they only average 50c in past leagues. And you can save for a 3 passive one after you get this thing farming.

Edit: https://pastebin.com/mjChM56S (Tankier version, probable much better.)

Build Highlights:
1.7 billion DPS (Crazy High OP Damage.)
9,240 HP pool.
3.1 million life regen (Super survivable/Tanky build.)
871,809 Physical damage effective HP pool.
266,462 Lighting damage effective HP pool.
293,108 Cold damage effective HP pool.
293,108 Fire damage effective HP pool.
119,300 Chaos damage effective HP pool.

Only 4 to 6 skill gems to push. (As you put Enduring Cry on your movement mouse button. And just let it go off on as you move around.) Than the main attack. A totem buff for bosses. Berserk for when you feel like your about to die. And last your movement skill. That's it. You can add a couple vaal skills like impurity of fire and a vaal totem for two more button skills and more DPS. This build has a weapon range of 27.5. For some crazy long range melee dps.

This build is actually over kill on armor. As you can never lower the damage taken by more than 90% with armor. And still be fine on the Physical DMG reduction.

This is like RF on steroids. You do damage to yourself, but the more DMG you do to yourself the more DPS you get. Meaning the more tanky the build is the More DMG you do. For some crazy good end game clearing.

Your most dangers time is when you first start the map before you get your trauma stacks, and endurance charges up. However; this build doesn't relay on the old builds shadow form. So you should rarely die. And don't need to wait 30s at the start of each map.

If played right you shouldn't die. Just read the notes tab for more details, and understanding of the build.

Edit: Video of someone else trying this build. Although not exactly the same https://youtu.be/ek4wa4Oo1PQ
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Is this theoretical or has been tested?
If the Trauma damage is just 1 instance with the sum of the trauma, armor does nothing above a certain number of stacks. Furthermore, I actually don't know how additional phys % reduction works with armor. I think you are still capped at 90% just like ele resists, but I'm not sure. As a last point, Bottled Faith gives less effect of curses, so trauma won't last as long.

I played Jugg and Slayer Boneshatter on 3.16 so I have the gear and stuff, might check this out since I have Crystallised Omniscience and a good chunk of the gear on Standard, but honestly I think this won't work. Hoping I'm wrong...
Keep us updated pls!
Unless I missed something, this does not work ! You will still kill yourself. Its theoretically possible to go to these stacks but if at any time fortify or immortal call runs out, you are just instant dead.

My character in standard (Oni_Goroshi_SSF) is pretty scuffed, but from pob i have 340k+ phys hit defense, so in theory i should be able to go up to 600+ stacks and not die under 100.

As mentioned Its possible i did miss some things, but I guess this theory crafted build died in practice
The insta-dead part is normal with thís type of build. You have to have your setup up 100% of the time you attack. Maybe if you make a trigger weapon and socket Immortal Call into it?
Uh, so basically you can't attack while Immortal Call is on cooldown?
Which is like 30% of the time.
In notes you wrote that you have 100% uptime on immortal call, but since its cooldown doesn't recover while immortal call is up, how do you achieve 100% uptime?
Guy's To answer your questions. Yes this is a theory build. As in I didn't play this season. I have been playing lost ark instead. And never tried it.

Second. I was wrong on IC. :/ For some reason I thought the CD started on cast. But oh wells I'll try and fix it. By adding shade form back in. Though that 45 base CD is going to be rough.

This means you want IC up when Shade form isn't up. So cast IC, and berserk right when shade form is about to end. And just keep going. And remove IC from cast on dmg taken. I guess you got two more buttons to push. Oh wells. But this also means you start the map with IC and ECry up. And than cast IC a second time when shade form is about to fall off.

The amount of armor you get is kind of pointless. Your major source of physical dmg reduction doesn't come from armor. And I believe the damage reduction from your armor doesn't really matter in this build. Just play around in PoB and see that armor flask don't increase the dmg reduction at all. Neither does adding 8% physical dmg reduction on a shield. As your capped there. However, some of the skill dmg reduction and physical dmg reduction do stack. Maybe a better way of testing it would to be to increase the fortified # from 21 to 22. As each point of that is cumulative. Where as more armor after X amount is pointless. So if you are worried about dying. Or are dying a lot get more fortified stacks instead. Meaning path on the otherside of the that node cluster.

However; I would still get armor on all your yellow gear if you can. But its not the priority.

Reduced dmg taken + reduced Physical dmg taken stack. Also reduced physical dmg from skills like IC are a less multiplier. While reduced physical from EC, and gear just adds to armor.

However; the dmg reductions are 5% from jug, 20% less from Berserk, 23% less from fort, and 111% less from IC. Meaning you also get your 90% from arm and other sources too. So something like (90%+5%)*(43%+111%) reduction. They are mutilative, and additive. As each fall into there own pool. Two different less pools and two different taken pools. That both apply together and separate at the same time.

Curse effect + bottled faith. Well yah maybe not the best thing to do. But I did the math, and it should be fine. You have a 2.59 curse effect with this build. Even with bottled faith up. So that's 40*(2.59-0.10)=99.6%. IC duration is 4.29s without the curse effect. So IC will last 8.59s and will have a CD of 4.2s. Meaning it should always be up when shade form is down. So don't worry about that. Just worry about casting it before shade form wears off. You get TC primarily so you can have more trauma stacks. The other stuff is just a bonus.

Otherwise everything should work. GL to anyone who tries it.

FYI: I played with it some more. If you guys want to see my changes. I'll up date the notes later. So that it works with shade form now. Sad day. :( Oh well one change needed to make it work isn't so bad. And only lost a couplie billion DPS

If I get around to updating the notes I'll repost the link. Also not working as shade form CD is still longer than IC duration.
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Ok after realizing my mistake with IC. I went ahead and fixed the build.

Here you guys go https://pastebin.com/h3r3y268
It droped the dps down to about 1 billion. Oh well still over kill, but the important thing is it should work now. On the down side I think it got even more expensive. Well anyways GL all.
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Could u post a videos please?

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