[3.17] Yalani's Low Life Righteous Fire Build - Chill Mapping - Elementalist


Oh hi there! 1 or 2 people out there might remember me and this build from like.... 5 years ago.

If you want a comprehensive and very, very outdated guide to LL RF, check out the old thread here: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/660316/page/1

I am slowly trying to update the guide to version 3.17, which will take a bit of time so here is a quick guide for you:

Use the following PoB link with care - if you are new to the game OR do not have a decent amount of currency and experience, don't play this build! (seriously, you might waste a lot of currency for nothing - there are a lot of things that you can do wrong while gearing a LL RF character) Leveling as LL RF also sucks, so having a character in your mid to late 70s to respec is highly preffered.


1.2 Million Sirus DPS
12.5k ES
20-30k Evasion
Lots of Reg

The link includes somewhat decent examples of equipment that I think are reasonable to get (most of it at least) with a bit of investment or can be crafted yourself with Dense Fossils - the gear is by no means perfect so you could still improve it by a few thousand ES and ofc more DPS.

Why not include my own items? I play dumpster Standard League. I have some stupid items (like a 619 ES Shield) and some good but outdated ones that have more ES but simply lack damage or Max Res mods. Some of the Items that I personally use, is not something you necessarily want for your character.
I have played this build on and off since 9 years now, so you can trust me that it still works with 12k ES instead of 18k ;)


Quick guide:

-This is primarily a build for super chill mapping without the worry to die. While it does not achieve your uber omega 34934690 MIL DPS, it is still capable of doing every endgame boss in the game due the combination of high ES and Regen. It just takes a bit longer than your average meta build to kill Maven

-A Stabilizing Sceptre with Elemental Equilibrium DOUBLES your damage (not even including the other stats of the weapon), so get one! Don't forget to proc it with Storm Brand though ;)

-You do not need Cluster Jewels with Molten Ones Mark or a Shield with +Max Fireres

-84+ Fireres is more than enough for mapping but the more res the better of course

-Getting your Purity of Fire to Level 23 (Via Vertex + Weapon for example) is a difference of +2% Max res due to Aura Effect

-You can get +1% Max Res for basically free now if you spam some lesser Eldritch Embers on your Boots

-Increased Life Regeneration RATE via the new Implicits do NOT work for ES - The only things that boost your Regeneration are Life Regeneration (flat or percentage), ES Regeneration and ES RECOVERY rate (NOT RECHARGE rate)

-Annoint Prismatic Skin instead if you have problems getting to a decent amount of Max Fireres

-If you are lacking Dex for Grace, dont equip another aura - Grace in combination with Defiance Banner, Aura Effect, the Evasion scaling from Shaper's Touch and the high ES pool of this build makes you kinda immortal during normal mapping - skill Dex in the Passivetree if you need to!

-If you lack Resistances, you can skill the Elemental Mastery node and Practical Application (which also comes with Str and Dex)

-Jewels are obviously not set in stone - the PoB includes some Megalomaniac jewels that I personally use. There are a lot of nodes that can be useful for LL RF and you will find some decent ones for very cheap if you are patient. Veteran Defender is super, super good for example

-You can skip the 2 small Mana Reservation nodes in the Templar area if you have an Enlighten gem

-Most of the rare items in the PoB link can somewhat easily be crafted with Fossils (especially the belt is surprisingly cheap to craft if you can get a Crusader base), so while it includes no super budget items, it can still be improved a lot

-The PoB also includes Graven Secret + Malachais Loop combo if you dont want to spent your currency on a decent shield. While this doesn't provide you with a lot of ES, this will let you recoup 72% of Elemental Damage taken back as ES, which is pretty dope in combination with your Evasion against most physical hits. These items are also pretty easy to corrupt, since they are super cheap

PoB for Occultist, Trickster, Inquisitor, Scion and Guardian will be added as soon as I get to it.

If you want to watch some outdated videos, check the thread linked above - while a lot of things have changed in the past 5 years, you can still get an idea on how this build plays.

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Would you be able to post path of exile trade links for some of the item slots for the build?
Hey! I am quite interested in trying this out. Any chance you have an occultist version?
Thx bro, your POB helped me find info on how to get high energy shield regen!

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