[3.17] Physical Dancing Dervish Necromancer

Hey guys!

I would like to present to you my Dancing Dervish build and ask you for advice to push it through the endgame :).


(My POB isn't working properly since yesterday and I can't make Dancing Dervish appears in the skill list).



Being a novice with summoner I wanted to stick to a Life and Physical based character. The build revolves around the Unique Dancing Dervish (DD) which was partially reworked for 3.17.
The two-handed sword gives rampage and will summon two animated minions using cyclone after reaching 20 rampage stacks. The new version of this weapon allows us to gain rampage stacks by hitting enemies (making it a lot easier and more satisfying to play).

I invested something like 1-2 ex in the build, LVL 88 and farming early red maps (did both of new bosses).

The build is using these mechanics:

Cyclone to gain rampage stacks consistently (high AS and good AOE) and trigger spells.

Stacking auras with a Perfidy Body Armour (double banner), I swap different ones for more tanking/dps/cc... I am currently using: Determination, Pride, Flesh and Stone, Precision (lvl15), Dread Banner and War Banner (can use Defiance Banner for more tankiness instead of War Banner).

Frenzy and Power charges for our beloved rotating blades (Spectres and AG).

Impale with Call Of Steel and the Lord of Steel jewel (100% cast time reduced and increased AOE), to easily clear packs without an exploding mechanic.

Support Minions:

Carrion golem (flat physical damage).

Animated Guardian (cheap) with Sign of the Sin Eater (give you ailment immunity), Victario's Charity and Gravebind (to gain Power charges), Leer Cast, Victario's Flight and some tanky body armour.

Three spectres (Death Attunement anoint): double Carnage Chieftains (frenzy charges) and a Ruins Hellion.


I tried to create a balanced build with two setups allowing a super-fast map clearing and an OK bossing.



Dancing Dervish 6 Sockets: Increased Critical Damage, Minion Damage, Impale, Melee Physical Damage, Brutality, Minion Speed.

Cyclone: Cast When Channeling, Flesh Offering, Convocation.

Carrion Golem: Feeding Frenzy, Maim Support.

Spectres and Animated Guardian: Minion Life (could probably add a meat Shield).

Free sockets: Assassin's Mark, Auras, Splitting Steel (for Call of Steel), Flame Dash (not really useful while mapping).


Cyclone into the first pack to spawn DD, run and keep using cyclone from time to time to trigger Convocation and Flesh Offering, spam Call of Steel if packs take too long to die.

You will have to use Enduring Cry (with Call to Arms) for Endurance Charges and healing in dangerous situations, and Assassin's Mark (plant banners if the mark is not enough) for league mechanics, map bosses, essences...


Dancing Dervish.

Lord of Steel for 100% reduced cast time.

The Writhing Jar even if not mandatory, is quite useful to keep rampage going on low-density maps or when changing floors...

Rotgut is nice for movement speed (as we didn't have enough).

Perfidy for the double banner (Dread and War while mapping).

A Small cluster jewel with Mana Efficiency to be comfortable with our precious resources.


Gems Swap:

Dancing Dervish 6 Sockets: Increased Critical Damage, Minion Damage, Impale, Melee Physical Damage, Brutality, PREDATOR.

Cyclone (boots): Cast When Channeling, Flesh Offering, PREDATOR.


I really like the Writhing Jar for bossing, It allows us to keep rampage (and our DD) during boss phases where you don't want to be in melee range.

Remove Lord of Steel.


It was really easy to league start as a skeleton/zombie/carrion necromancer, and I am having a blast running at 200%+ movement speed through maps

I am lacking some damage and tankiness, I plan to boost my DPS by taking more Jewel Slots on the tree (flat physical damage and damage after using minion skill), and maybe adding a way to Intimidate enemies (belt of the deceiver). For the survivability part, I didn't find a way to put a well-layered defence, so I just stacked HP and armour (11k armour, 3 endurance charges, 5k4 hp and Bone Armour).

Like I said, I am really bad at pushing my builds after the "few chaos purchases" and would really appreciate some advice or idea on how to min/max it :).

Thanks for your time.
Have a nice day.

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My POB doesn't work either, it only works with POB 2.11, I don't know when it will be fixed. I'll tell you right off the bat my damage per dervish is 1.2 million dps on cold Build. And on the Chaos reset, I saw you can reach 2.8 million. But because of Pob, I can't properly build a build, and for this I will write a conclusion. Dervish build is very weak for bosses!

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