[3.18] Bleed Pop Bow League Start Guide. Armour based mapper.

Changelog 3.18: Archnemesis and other changes require investment into chaos res and ideally spell suppression. You can still use this as template.

POB Community Fork Download:

POB with all the information for leaguestart:

Mid Tier Version (2 ex investment), suitable for red maps and most red map bosses.


T15 Map Showcase with about 2-3 ex invested:


~15 ex Investment


Map Showcase


With this gear, farming T14-T16 maps and killing their bosses is a smooth experience. Bosses like shaper, elder, or the easier maven invitations are doable too. If you want to focus on bosses however you should think about getting another character specialised in that because bossing with this kind of build is not super effective.

Endgame POB[50 ex+ investment]

POB: https://pastebin.com/5yRjnS4k

The difference between this version and the 15 ex version are Awakened gems as well as Forbidden Flesh/Flame with the Slayer Ascendancy Bane of Legends which gives us 10/20% more damage and immunity to reflect, so we can ignore phys reflect on maps. I also replaced flesh and stone and pride with herald of purity, blood and sand and grace, to boost our damage mitigation and damage further. Herald of Purity gets massive buffs from circle of guilt rings, which are therefore equipped. These rings, especially with decent implicits like vulnerability (which is mandatory) cost a lot of currency (10ex plus each). This version is however a super tanky (6k life, 78-79-78 res, 50k armour, 13k evasion, unbuffed) and fast mapper.

Mid-Juiced Map with this setup

If you want to know how to progress as a newer player you can check the notes section in the leaguestart POB. For detailed gearing and crafting pls ask and i will add that.

This build is build around fast mapping and delve, not bossing. So an atlas strategy focussing on Harbinger, Abyss, Breach, Legion, Blight, Ritual, Strongboxes and the new searing exarch or eater of worlds mobs is recommended.

As gear, the only unique item i would recommend buying early if its cheap is Lioneyes Vision for the free pierce, so you can get an super cheap 5L.it also has tons of armour and decent life.

Feel free to ask if you have any questions, i am happy to further explain different mechanics or gearing choices if anyone is interested. Please ask in this thread, so other people can see the information as well.
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Leaguestart Progression:

[3.16] Leveling gear early maps

Day 1 short video:

General tips:
You want 100% chance to bleed as early as possible. Puncture always inflicts bleeding.
Your Split arrow gets 25% chance to bleed from the support. Your first ascendancy gives you 50% chance to bleed. With that, you need additional 25% chance to bleed from the tree.

Act 1/2 links:
You can play for the first levels with Splitting steel and a 2H weapon, if you know this playstyle.
At Act 1 with bows you have 2 skills: Puncture and Split arrow.
ideally you have 2 3links (R-G-G and G-R-R)
Puncture-Maim-Chance to Bleed
Split Arrow-Pierce-Chance to bleed

Act 3 onwards Links:
You want to pick up any 4L rare with either 3G-1R or 2R-2G.
The links on a 4link should be
Puncture - Chance to Bleed - Vicious Projectiles-Brutality (Use Maim at first and replace Maim with Deadly Ailments if you have 3G-1R and with Brutality in Act4 if you have 2R-2G)
Split Arrow-Chance to Bleed - Vicious projectiles - Swift Affliction (or Brutality/Maim if you only get 2G-2R)

My recommendation is 3G-1R for Split Arrow and 2G-2R for Puncture.

Leveling Gear:

For all other gear just use life/resist rares you find, ideally with either the above mentioned 4link or red sockets for your auras.


To get enough dps, besides the 3L or 4L you want to have a quiver with physical damage to bows. You can use an essence on it if you find one.
Level 4: Serrated Arrow Quiver (1-4 Added Physical Damage with Bow Attacks)
Level 31: Blunt Arrow Quiver ((7-9) to (13-16) Added Physical Damage with Bow Attacks)
Level 61: Heavy Arrow Quiver ((12-16) to (24-27) Added Physical Damage with Bow Attacks)
For early mapping: Craft Heavy arrow quiver with Essence of Woe: Increased damage with bow skills on quiver (Big damage increase)

You want to craft bows with increased phys. This is a vendor recipe. You need a white bow, a blacksmiths whetstone and a magic or rare rustic sash. You can create an rare rustic sash with essences, so use your early essences for that and not orbs of alchemy.
I would pick the following bows:
Long Bow (lvl 9) 8-33 Phys or Composite Bow (lvl 14) 12-26 phys
Recurve Bow (lvl 18) 15-45 phys
Death Bow (lvl 32) 28-73 phys
[Sniper Bow Lvl 44] 32-96 phys
[Decimation Bow Lvl 53] 44-116 phys
Citadel Bow Lvl 58 36-144 phys

For early mapping use an essence of contempt (defeaning or shrieking) on a citadel bow, then craft increase phys if it has an open prefix. this should easily provide you with a better bow than arborix/Lioneyes Glare etc.


My recommendation is Determination-Pride-Defiance or War Banner and Blood and Sand after 2nd Lab (to be in sand stance so you get challenger charges during mapping and you are fast AF) at leaguestart. For other options check the POB.

Gearing progression after leveling:
After you completed the 10 Acts and 3 Trials you want to craft(or buy) a decent bow, buy a lioneyes vision and craft a Heavy arrow quiver, with the methods mentioned above.
You 4L the lioneyes vision and get a pseudo 5l for split arrow for it.
At this point, you will have a 4L puncture, which is not ideal but ok for white map bosses.

After that, you want to buy an ilvl 50 or higher (ideally ilvl 50-67) large cluster jewel with 8 or 9 passives to craft 3 out of 4: Iron Breaker, Master the FUndamentals, Force Multiplier, Battle Hardened. You can jagged fossil spam or harvest reforge phys for that. If the jewel base is super expensive, you can skip this step and the next step for later and use your skillpoints to get some life and damage on the ranger side of the tree.
You then buy 2 medium cluster jewels with increased physical damage over time or damage over time (4-5 passives, itemlvl 50 and above). You can craft the cluster jewels with harvest reforges until you get 2 good nodes (for example rend, circling oblivion or wasting affliction).

You should also check for 5l citadel bows and harvest 5links to get a 5l bow for puncture. 5l should be enough on a decent crafted bow even for low red maps. If you can afford, you can also 5l your lioneyes vision for the better clearing speed.

The next steps are a vulnerability on hit ring (reforge caster on a warlord ring to craft yourself) and ryslathas coil belt.

The next steps depend a lot on how expensive stuff is:
Maybe try to get a 6l bow, ideally with elder influence and essence spam t1 flat phys with the elder bleed mod and craft increased phys, replace the lioneyes vision with a better chestpiece, get an assailum helmet, buy/craft an hunter quiver with damage over time multiplier, there are a lot of options. Maybe check the builds on poe.ninja to get an idea what you could get next or post here and i will answer.

My leaguestart Atlas tree:
Idea: Get more juice on every map, even without investment. Prolific Essence (additional free essence), Twice Tempted (Additional Strongbox), Spoils of war for 3 extra rares and 1 extra jewelry each 1-2 maps. supplication and ominous arrival for free shrine and free harbinger.
Then Kirac mission to boost map completion and further nodes to improve the free map juice you already got.
We get free: essence, Harbinger, Strongbox, 3 extra rares, shrine at about tier 6-7 maps, which is pretty insane.
All of these are super easy as well and do not increase the amount of time invested in each map, so we get a fast progression. Essence helps us with crafting our own gear as well (no trading=faster progression)
I will decide about the more advanced stuff (blight, ritual, expedition, breach, legion, guardian map drops etc) later on, depending on what my mood is and what is viable and not.
edit: Grimro just posted basically the same tree... so if you want more explanation check out his channel.
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Heya, maybe just a small mistake (or I'm missing something) but you linked 6 skills in the helmet and 5 in the boots.
Otherwise, thanks for the guide, I'll have a look at it.
thanks for the reply. This is actually not a mistake (only 4 are active, so no POB DPS inflation ofc), but the auras in the helmets are choices (you can pick 4 of the 6).
For example you can replace war banner with defiance banner if you want to have more armour.
Or malevolence with pride if you have int issues.

The other one is the choice between blood rage (active) and frenzy (not active). blood rage gives you frenzy charges and speed in mapping, frenzy against bosses etc.

You don't need Chance To Bleed Support with Puncture because Puncture is causing bleeding 100%. You can always link it with either Maim or Onslaught. Or with GMP if you want to clear with Puncture.
this build is not for the end game, and even clearing the red cards will be a big problem, the buff from the patch is not enough, it is necessary that the puncture impose corrupted blood
Rawkfist86 wrote:
You don't need Chance To Bleed Support with Puncture because Puncture is causing bleeding 100%. You can always link it with either Maim or Onslaught. Or with GMP if you want to clear with Puncture.

Onslaught is not ideal. Onslaught we get from the tree, so it would not boost our damage at all in mapping, which this build is focussed on. You can replace Chance to bleed with unbound ailments or maim though. To check which one is ideal for your setup, i would recommend to just put your exact character into the POB then and see, which support does the highest damage.
For boss dps assailum is probably the better option anyhow though. I will most likely test all options available if 3.17 goes live.

vvarior wrote:
this build is not for the end game, and even clearing the red cards will be a big problem, the buff from the patch is not enough, it is necessary that the puncture impose corrupted blood

I can easily clear Tier 16 maps and bosses with my old bleed bow character with a non modernised skilltree and bad aura setup for 3.16 with gear that is not top notch in current understanding.

The new character wont have the 100% more bleed mod from old elder influence, but way more flat phys on the bow and quiver and more physical damage over time multi. If you want high single target damage you can use assailum helmet as well.

It surely is not ideal for bossing, but that is not the point of the build. THe CF TS Glad is less comfortable to play an has low boss dps as well. Using CF TS Glad to clear maven invitations is also very suboptimal, but both builds are not designed to do that.

Hi, how does it feels? Want to try bleed bow too
Day 1 progression so far: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l2Shi1GIlgk

Can do all content up to yellow tier maps (have not reached red tier maps yet, about 27 maps completed so far). Bosses are easy, metamorph and T3 T4 Archnemesis Rares are scarier, but dps is fine.

Gear cost about 70C in total, but crafted most of it myself using different methods (harvest for cluster jewel, essence for bow and quiver etc.).

If you have questions you can pm me ingame as well.

Edit: First T16 boss down. Best time investment is however to just archnemesis+essence+strongboxes to farm tons of currency in ~T6-T10 maps.
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Hey man, I am a bleed bow lover since 3.14 and I had played the esoro version so much. I am currently following Navandis's version. You can check this out

Do let me know what you think about this version?

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