[3.17] Necromancer Spider Endgame Build (Arakaali's Fang)

Hello there! That's my first guide that I tried to do something. Actually don't really know does it work. Hope some of you guys can help me about it and so I can improve or change something about build. I've been playing spectre builds then SO get nerfed. After that I tried golem but I didn't satisfied so I wanted to play something else but still minions. I searched a little bit and I made a build about spiders. I mixed a few build and finally I got something.

I wanted to use Occultist but after Hydrosphere nerfs, it makes no sense imo.

So here's the PoB link: https://pastebin.com/9zhVQcnB

I used Victario's Charity (just like 15m Sirus dps).
Also added Squire version -> 30m sirus dps
Added some notes to pob so don't forget to read the section.

I'd be very appreciated if you comment about build so I can improve. Have a nice day everyone.
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I am actually planning for Arakali's fang leaguestart as well.I was confused between occultist and necromancer.I saw a video on youtube( necro version) but that's in Chinese so I couldn't understand.But his pob made me think his version is far better if I consider 20 -30 ex is my budget.
Here's his pob https://pastebin.com/47xM6X6p

The only thing I would add is an AG ,I just saw a ghazzy tv vid (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SRuMq7yk-30 )and think those pair of boots just insane for an ag .

Thanks for your post and hope i didn't waste your time.Cheers
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