[3.17] DeepFakener---Belton's Autocast Discharge Assassin

update: build video/guide made as of end of Archnemesis


The following will begin to lay the framework and skeleton for the next generation of one of PoE's most beloved archetype's and skills- Auto-cast Discharge. Whether it be Mjolnir, "fakener", Cospri's CoC, or anything in between-- this build for many, including myself-- was what really elevated interest in the game. For too long has it fallen to the wayside of the meta being dismissed as little more than a novelty. This is an attempt, through efforts of myself and a growing amount of others who have shared my sentiment, to help re-introduce one of PoE's most unique abilities to its rightful place atop the meta.


If you are new to PoE, a very casual player, or someone with very limited time to play-- do not stumble upon this and attempt it as your build for next league. This is an evolving concept, changing daily, and very gear and knowledge intensive. This build is incredibly fun and nostalgic for those familiar, however, if you arent somewhat romantically attached to the idea of "old school discharge builds" it is unlikely that you will possess the motivation required to see it through properly or make the adjustments neccessary along the way.

Final Note

While I put this together, I will forego explaining interactions that are assumed to be widely known, such as the relationship between Discharge, Cooldowns, and Endless Misery-- as they are foundational for this build. Other interactions, such as voll's devo/protector/kingsguard/discharge and minimum charges, I will also skip over for the sake of getting more "meat" into writing. If, reading this, something does not make sense or you are unsure how they work- drop a line and ill add that section.

A build of choices

Unlike Discharge builds of the past, this iteration allows for several paths both in gear, tree, and skills (outside discharge of course!)I will highlight the one's I have tested and confirmed conceptually up until a bare minimum of t16/shaper/elder and all content prior.

Universal to all:

And once you can afford it:



Rare with Jun Mod

NOTE{Endless misery overrides ICD in all cases to 250ms, ignoring all CDR-- this is true when it works to your detriment -- as in Cospri's, where its natural ICD is 150ms-- But also works to your favour, like in the case of the June Mod, which has a crafted ICD of 8000ms (8sec) and a naturally rolled ICD of 4000ms (4sec). It is also Triggered by ANY skill use, not just critical strikes.}



Body Armour


or Rares.



Flasks (Mageblood)


As Needed on the others. Cata Crafted Suffix "Reduced Mana Cost" on a 95% increased effect flask always required. Flask Base unimportant. Ruby/Topaz/Jade/Granite/Quartz/Sulphur/silver all work. I keep one roll of each and swap as needed.

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Kudos for making this thread, I've been trying endlessly to recapture the old Discharge feel after all the successive changes/nerfs that have wildly reshaped the identity of the build/skill league to league.

There's just nothing as satisfying as trigger Discharge imo and nothing ever will be. Will follow along with this thread; I don't have as much time to theorycraft these days but curious to see what you come up with. On paper with the 3.17 changes Discharge comes out with a fairly large buff. The ICD was already 0.25 so the Cospri/CoC change nonsense don't really affect it as we were either already triggering at 0.25 and not really utilizing CoC. So just get to benefit from 44% more Discharge damage.

My problem with the skill these days is the AoE, endless misery makes it so difficult to actually scale AoE considering it crunches every single bit of increased AoE through tree/gems/gear by 60%.

Are you going to try to play a discharger in Archnemesis or strictly experimenting in Standard?

I was curious how you overcame mana issues as that's my biggest issue with current Discharge, looks like you do so with the Flask mod?
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I had a go at it, made the build, adjustments still need to made. My profile is public so you can view my character, I need a better chest piece, helm and boots and some jewels but its okay. Discharge buff next patch will buff it up a lot. Still experiementing though. let me know your thoughts. I did this in standard btw.
Hey guys, sorry for lack of communication--

with changes to both CoC, Cospris, and pretty mcuh every gem in this build i thought it best to make a new thread relevant to the new league

I will tackle this build again in a week or so once I have some cash

New thread is more detailed, and will update once ive had time to test.


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