[3.16] Lucky Shock Nova

Looked around for a Shock-Nova based build, and didn't really find much. I'm very new to PoE end-game, but I've opted to post a mini-guide on a build I've been playing. First build I've ever made from scratch, and first build I've ever beaten Sirus/Maven with. Thanks for any gentle feedback.

1. Overview
This build stacks added lightning damage, shock effect, cast speed, and the new "Lightning Damage with Non-critical Strikes is Lucky" mastery. Currently at 11K ES, max blocks (w/Glancing Blows), 110K eHP vs elemental, 46K eHP physical (70K with Flasks). Sitting around 1M Sirus dps (~1.3M with all the boxes checked). Also has a bit of Int and Aura stacking going on.
IIRC, this cost ~15ex to put together, but this is my first season playing any end-game, so my valuation of items may be naïve or particular to this league.

2. POB
Current build: https://pastebin.com/8PR9jdmb
Prior/cheaper version, no Split Personality nor perfect Replica Reckless Defense: https://pastebin.com/BwUMFpTY
Initial (even cheaper) version, without an Aul's Uprising: https://pastebin.com/5664fH8g

3. Gear

1-H: Profane Wands seem to sim best here. Found a fractured one for 5c and did a Misery essence craft + meta craft for 2ex.

Shield, Gloves, Boots, Rings: I'll shamelessly defer to a heavy influence on the build: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2661748 and in particular https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uOtlqVVFhA4 on the Dense crafting and shield crafting parts. NOTE the shield craft can't be forced anymore, so don't waste 2ex on it like me :(
A well rolled Bated Breath can actually work well here for a while.

Helm: Crown of the Inward Eye, bought the high defense base + lab enchant for ~20c. Crucible + Tainted Scraps for quality.

Body Armor: Incandescent Heart. Same as above, high def. base decent rolls was 50c, manual Crucible + Tainted currency for quality/6link

Amulet: Dense fossil craft, similar to rings, at first. Switched to a budget Aul's Uprising later for ~4ex.

Snaged a cheap Unnatural Instinct and Watcher's Eye at some point (~2-3 ex each) for a little power boost.

4. Notes and Variants
Flasks are largely preference. I'm running Granite/Jade/Sulphur/Silver/Quicksilver. I was running a very nice "we have a mageblood at home" variant, using Pathfinder Ascendency, Essence Extraction notable, Flask mastery (utility charge), anoint Natural Remedies, to make perpetual self-using utility flaks, including a Coruscating Elixir, which allows you to spec out of CI. More powerful and fun to play, except I learned that "Nullifier" is a thing, so there goes that plan. You could probably still run that variant with CI, but I was never able to make the math work out.
I ran it for a while with Shavs and Pain Attunement, seems to work well also, but I opted to stack bit of Amour to make life in the Scourge Realm better.
I imagine Shavs + a good determination Aul's will be the best way to go, but kinda out of my budget.
Awakened skill gems are useful luxury buys, the Exposure effect on higher level Awak. Light. Pen. seems neat.
This is probably also viable to play as a Witch or Templar.


Edit: I also tried a March of Legion/Supreme Ego version, which is clearly better in every way, except for play-style.

Some random recording of gameplay:
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looking for a sion build.

Do you have some video of it? I wanna see in action :-D
I'm not very familiar with game recording and stuff, but here's some attempt and a recording: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vqN9MXsKgrU
Ty for sharing mate :)
Will try it in 3.17 i guess !

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