[3.16] Lvl 94 Raider, Caustic Arrow, Part Duex, On A Budget

2 Keypress To Load Pastbin.

Just go to the forums, find a build you may like, copy the pasebin code [ex https://pastebin.com/XLSBk0UP], then fo to path of bulding, import,import from pastebin, then just hit ctrl + v, then done, things shud be green.

pastebin [fork]





Gear is fairly inexspensive to buy, maby 150 chaos at most. Can clear a T12 maps & bosses. You can equip a second trinket now, just do a trinket blurprint grand hiest. It is fairly easy. You can't give it to another character, he/she has to do the trinkrt grand hiest. It Is only good for in the rouge harbor. If you manage to get a real good one, It sells for 4 or 5 Ex.

Looks Like


I Will Create A Character Soon To Do Endgame.
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What the actual **** is this post?
Avgustine wrote:
What the actual **** is this post?
This exhibit should go to Zizaran's Sunday Roast.

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