I Will Create A Character Soon To Do Endgame.
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What the actual **** is this post?
Avgustine wrote:
What the actual **** is this post?
This exhibit should go to Zizaran's Sunday Roast.
Lol. I don't think I've Ever seen So little effort applied to a build guide Ever before! Well Done!!!!
I guess you would have enjoyed his old cobra lash guide in the shadow subforum...
what the actual fuck
Okay, I agree with everyone saying that this build is wack, but showing what the character looks like in game is actually based af. That kind of thing does matter to some people.
Yavoue wrote:
2 Keypress To Load Pastbin.

Just go to the forums, find a build you may like, copy the pasebin code [ex], then fo to path of bulding, import,import from pastebin, then just hit ctrl + v, then done, things shud be green.

pastebin [fork]




Bandits Kill All Three


Gear is fairly inexspensive to buy, maby 150 chaos at most. Can clear a T12 map, I can get the three piles of Sulfite fairly easily. Bosses are very hard. I am going to get better gear after Siege Is over. You can equip a second trinket now, just do a trinket blurprint grand hiest. It is fairly easy. You can't give it to another character, he/she has to do the trinkrt grand hiest. It Is only good for in the rouge harbor. If you manage to get a real good one, It sells for 4 or 5 Ex.

Looks Like


The guys here are harsh, hopefully their bluntness doesn't discourge you. I'm partly using your tree to lvl a ranger and it seems fine atm (lvl 33) But i dont think this will be viable in the end game. But was a good starter to build into something else.

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