[3.16] Righteous Fire - Guardian

Hello, this is my first righteous fire build. I would be happy if someone could give me tips on how to improve. This would help me to avoid mistakes in the future.

Note: I do not have all of the equipment yet, i build most of the items in PoB.


1. Gear
2. Skills & Tree

1. Gear



Note: Take the Enchantment of RF and boost AoE


Note: Take Fire Damage enchantment


Note: Take Commandment of Flames

Body Armour:

Weapon 1

Weapon 2

Ring Left

Ring Right


2. Skills & Tree

I would be very happy about your support
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Hello Guys,

i redo this build in Scourge with some changes. Now i spent some ex to make this build work, but still have problems at Boss fights at T16 maps.

Can someone pls help me to make this build work better?

My Problems:

- DPS is to low for boss fights
- ES Leech is to low for longer boss fights
- i only have about 9k ES.

PoB: https://pastebin.com/7WLuPsH1

There are several mistakes due to you not distinguishing RF (and dot in general) from regular skills that hit. RF only burns enemies, and does not hit at all, so many mechanics that rely around hitting don't affect it. I see you removed ignite-related stuff into your new version, which is a good point, but there are still some correcting to do.
- First, Combustion support on RF just doesn't work. you need to replace it with Elemental Focus.
- Leech is a on-hit mechanic, so it doesn't work with RF, and you don't leech near enough with Wave of Conviction to make it worth.

Because of the latter, most if not all RF builds heavily focus on regen. For what your pob shows, your ES regen is negative (innate regen is inferior to degen from RF), which actually makes me wonder how you manage to survive at all between each Time of Need.

The major problem I see is I feel your ascendancy doesn't help much. You don't play around block and don't have enough auras to fully benefit from the two notables. the best you get is 6k armour, which is nice but not enough to justify Guardian. Plus, it forces you to play LL with life reservation, while you have zero benefit off it (except armour from ascendancy).

Most RF players prefer life over ES, and go hybrid with Inquisitor to benefit from Pious Path double regen. If you want to continue playing ES, you probably should opt for CI and a true ES chestpiece and go Occultist or Elementalist depending on your playstyle.

I hope this can help a bit.
I had an old outdated guide with ll es guardian section, you can check it here:


Spoilers can not work properly, just reload the page several times.

Nowadays there is no point going guardian bc how good inquisitor for rf is.
So, builds by Pohx or captainlance are pretty much dominate rf charts for that reason.
Hello, thanks for your support.

I already fixed some issues (leech) etc. with some new mods on my items. I have no 5 new regenerate mods for example:

. I use enduring cry to boost my life req more. Even in my Skilltree i chose some life req and remove the es leech. At the end i change my pantheon and receive more es and life req after dmg over time runs out.

Now i am able to survive more in fights.

And i changed the ring for more mana req and more dps. I have now over 9k ES. I try so fix the problem with armour, thank for that.

Last question: Does elemental focus removes the burning effect?

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