[3.16] lvl93 Champ. Needs work. Going to play siege for three months.

2 keypress to load tree

Just Got to forums & find a build you may like to try. Copy The Pastbin Code, Then go to Path Of Building, click on Import, Click Import From Pastebin, Then Just press ctrl + v, Then Done.

Pastebin [fork]





The Sword Is not very good. The other gear is mediocer. Going to play another character & get some more exalted orbs.
You Can get the second trinket fairly easily. Just get a trinket blueprint. Then do it in the grand hiest area. You Can only Use IT once you finish the hiest, it is only good for use in the rouge harbor. You can't equip it on another character. He/she Has to do the trinket blueprint hiest.

Looks Like


I Will Create A Character Soon To Do Endgame.
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