[3.16] Fireball Occultist, build idea

I have an idea if people come looking for fireball build. Play occultist and using "rolling flame" which is the threshold jewel for fireball, you might wanna use vaal fireball instead of just fireball to maximize your clear speed while have pinpoint to help on your single target. There is no need to use fire pen on the socket, instead you could use unbound ailments to further enhance the scorch so that enemies have lower elemental resistance. With occultist you'll have 2 curses which will be flammability and elemental weakness, along with the fact that you'll have top tier clear speed. You can play with forbidden power to further enhance your damage by stacking power charges, the best you can do without void battery or sacrifice your gear slots for some cheap unique is you can have 7 charges(3 from passive tree and 1 from forbidden power) so that you'll have a lot of crit and spell damage which mean you'd rather take nodes that provide defensive stuffs than damage, but it's essential to get spell crit nodes so that you're likely to crit or guaranteed crit. The problem I faced is that when I "obsessed" to damage I'd invested a lot more points into damage, but what I recommend here is other than essential spell crit and mana nodes that also increase your spell damage(of course take power charge nodes), you'd rather go for life/es. ES leech is good but it's also depends a lot on your gears and auras. I won't recommend using discipline like many people use, rather try using grace or determination and defiance banner. Recoup is great mechanic alongside es but it's bad when you're dealing with chaos or dot. you won't have enough points for much defensive stuffs so just choose between blocks or spell suppression, I personally recommend spell suppression because it's easier to get 100% with only some point invested but it's relied heavily on gears, well you can do blocks which is better synergize with mana nodes(increase mana recovery for each spell blocks and increase spell damage for each 100 mana) and just have gears with a lot of spell suppression. You can have 2 wheels of aura nodes for determination + purity of elements and some surplus mana for spamming your fireballs. I nearly forgot that you can have scorching ray + spell totem to apply -25% fire exposure which will further reduced enemy's fire resistant which is already super low(it's still near 0 for sirus so the exposure will help a lot to reduce into high negative). You can instead go elementalist for better exposure but you lose a lot of crit and hexproof also without high clear speed until boom boom items but instead you can take guaranteed shock or chill or both if you don't care about golems or afraid of chained projectiles. For fireball I personally think that if you have extra AoE the clear + shortgun will be quite good, I don't think you need hydrosphere either and if you're fancy in trying something I didn't test yet, frost wall totem, so that your first few fireballs will overlapping on the boss on explode like explosive concoction, well you cannot self-cast frost wall because your fireball will fire pass the wall and it's suck. I think I covered everything. And yeah, this is just a random idea I came up with and without field experiments to guarantee the success. But I think it's quite nice to try design the build from my idea, in my head I think this build is starter viable but it might need a lot more gears than I thought for pushing end game. One more thing, how you apply your curses can be something fun to figure out right?(//whisper to your ear, use Bane~)
please don't check my characters, they're mostly failed experiments xD
Last bumped on Dec 12, 2021, 6:04:13 PM

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