[3.16HC] Budget Chieftain Discharge Ignite (Videos include Sirus A8 & The Formed)

Why this build?
An inexpensive-but-fun-to-play discharge build was my pet project this league. About a dozen iterations in, I have a version I am really happy with. Starts comfortably on a budget of next to nothing and scales smoothly up to farm Sirus A8 and below in HC. (Got my first Sirus A8 kill on this build) Ran mine up to level 97 before finally failing to dodge a flameblast while fighting Uber Atziri.


Virtually no required uniques to get started
Tanky with solid sustain
Cheap (free) corpse explosions for mapping
Nearly always moving playstyle
NOT a one button build

Build doesnt really get started until lvl 35

Once scaled up, dps is good enough to handle Sirus A8 and below, but
might be lacking for higher level fights.

If you are playing SC or playing with an infinite budget, there are
many faster clearing and faster bossing builds out there.

NOT a one button build

Playstyle oversimplified:

Mapping: Run to pack of mobs, hit enduring cry, infernal cry, discharge in rapid succession. Admire explosions. Repeat. activate flasks/ vaal molten shell as needed (regular molten shell will activate automatically if you place on left click, which is highly recommended).

Bossing: Activate totems (I bind them to the spacebar) hit (Q) enduring cry, (W) infernal cry, (E) discharge, (R) flammability, (T) flamesurge. Continue moving in a circle around boss between each button press. Repeat until dead.



At Full Build at lvl 97 (taken from Scourge HC)

Discharge: 922k Sirus ignite dps
Searing bond totems: 56k Sirus DOT dps + 1.16 multiplier to all other damage
Flame surge: 230k Sirus dps burning ground+cull
Total: Approx 1.4M Sirus dps + Corpse explosions while mapping that add to this dramatically.

About 6k life 300 ES
Up to 50k Armour with flasks & shell up
up to 10k Molten Shell 6.4 sec duration on a 2.65 sec cooldown on left click
up to 15k Vaal Molten shell with 19 second duration and 30 sec soul gain prev.
50/50 Block/Spell Block
78/77/77 ele res, 75 chaos res
Immune to stun, corrupted blood, and all elemental ailments
Bleeding does no extra damage while moving (bleed flask not needed)
-60% crit extra damage reduction (Crit maps or delve nodes not a problem)
20% phys damage taken as fire

450 base life regen/sec
ES regen anywhere from 100 to 1000/sec depending on circumstances (Divine Shield)
2% life gain on kill (Annoint)
~2000 life regen/sec from enduring cry on a 3.1 second cooldown
900 additional recovery from enduring cry AND infernal cry, each on a 3.1 sec cooldown (warcry mastery)

Multiply all life recovery by 1.2 if recently hit.

POB, including leveling POBs

40 points: https://pastebin.com/P9kRyWwa
60 points: https://pastebin.com/MmqCBUgH
80 points: https://pastebin.com/9a0bjbET
100 points: https://pastebin.com/U21teea9
120 points w/ watcher's eye only: https://pastebin.com/0scH65aq

120 points full build: Also includes thread of hope, farruls fur & replica reckless defence https://pastebin.com/6gX0bi9f


Not pictured: Medium Thread of Hope, Replica reckless defense (4/4 if possible), Purity of elements grants chaos res watchers eye. 2 eternal flasks with warding and antitoxin, Jade or Granite flask, Basalt flask, Quicksilver flask. Utilty flasks want at least one inc armour mod, the other two to your individual taste.


6L: Discharge>Combustion>Lifetap>Swift Affliction>Burning Damage>Deadly Ailments (Last three awakened if possible, with priority to burning damage

4L: Enduring Cry>Infernal Cry>Lifetap>Second Wind

4L: Flame Surge>Searing Bond>Culling Strike>Lifetap

4S: 3L Molten Shell>Inc Duration>Lifetap
Unlinked: Purity of Elements or Determination

Shield: Flammability>Flamedash>Lifetap

Weapon w/ Aspect of the Cat crafted:
No required links: Less Duration, Swift Affliction, Purity of Elements or Determination


Kill em all



Leveling Advice:

1-34: Your choice of favorite leveling build. I tend to use Smite>Onslaught>Ancestral call>anything. Favorite cheap leveling uniques (none required) include: Tabula, Goldrim, Wanderlust, Screaming eagles, Karui Ward, Magnate, Any berek's ring, tasalio's sign/replica tasalio's sign, carnage heart, Quecholi. It is possible to switch to discharge as early as lvl 28, If you choose this route, equip two kaom's signs and spec one of your warcry masteries to grant a minimum of 10 power.

35: Time to switch over to discharge. Equip 2 kaom's signs and grab a Redblade Banner if you can. Ashcaller is a solid leveling weapon. Though none of those are strictly necessary, they will each contribute to making the build somewhat smoother to play at this stage. Even if you are usuing a tabula, DO NOT SLOT DEADLY AILMENTS until you have reached 100% chance to ignite.

35-90 Run over the game, improving your gear as you go.

Weapon: Ashcaller will take you well into maps. To craft an endgame weapon, use scorched fossils on Opal or Void scepters. You are looking for a solid combination of Fire damage/burning damage/damage over time multi/+level to fire gems and an open suffix. The open suffix is an absolute requirement because you will eventually want to craft Aspect of the cat onto your weapon.

Shield: Redblade Banner from start to finish

Rings: You will use two kaom's signs until you equip Farrul's fur, discussed below

Amulet: Life/Res. Favorite cheap early game annoint is Dynamo for the extra shell duration. Favorite endgame annoint is Blood Drinker for the life and life on kill, which is another layer of strong sustain for the build.

Armour: Until you can afford Farrul's any Armour/EV base will be best.

Boots: Life/Movespeed/res

Gloves: Life/Res. Eventually you will want Hunter's gloves with Fire damage over time multi.

Helm: life/res. Solid enchants for the build include: Discharge damage, Molten shell effectiveness, molten shell duration

The big ticket items for the build are Farruls fur, which will more than double your dps at the top end, and the medium thread of hope which frees up a whopping 7 nodes on our skill tree.

When you equip Farrul's fur you must do all of these things for it to be effective:
1. Craft aspect of cat onto your weapon and slot less duration and swift affliction.
2. Trade the kaom's signs out for one pyre and one call of the brotherhood. Quality each ring to 20 using turbulent catalysts to get maximum conversion.
3. Respec your skill tree to include avatar of fire.

I'll check in now and again to update or answer question. Wishing you all as much fun as I had.

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Videos added for Delve depth 382-286, Sirus A8, and The Formed.

Good guide, at least something new non-meta. Playstyle looks fun, eHP seems ok, but cause lack of DPS - probably most of the Endgame will be undoable.

Is there any chance to see Maven fight video?
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With regrets, I am done for the league and I dont yet have the technical skill with the Maven fight. That said, I am reasonably sure that it is doable with the build by someone who knows the fight. I agree that ~1M Sirus dps is not gonna get you through the feared or wave 30 simul, but for a budget build it can do much of the endgame pretty comfortably (Sirus A8, Elder, Formed etc.) Also, the exploding corpse playstyle keeps even T16 maps moving at a pretty reasonable pace.

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Discharge will be buffed, right?
On the math it looks like our overall damage will be very similar to last league if we use the same gems. I am planning to experiment with using unbound ailments in place of deadly ailments. My thought is that we will clear slightly faster (due to skipping the 80% hit based famage reduction) and have somewhat more overall damage per ignite in boss fights (due to increased duration). This won't make the dps go up (actually a slight reduction) but will allow for a more relaxed bossing fight because ignites won't need to be applied as often to keep damage ticking down.

will you post a atlas skill tree as well?

Here is a POB:https://pastebin.com/5v4frWKN

with all your stuff in one POB
Atlas skill tree is really completely a matter of taste imo--it all depends on what you are into. Mine was customized for the content I was enjoying the most at any given time, so probably not that helpful.


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