[3.16] Oni-Goroshi Brutal Slam Slayer Build

Still sane, exile? Here is some spicy thrill for you - brand new Oni-Goroshi build which feels exceptionally not like other Oni builds.

Build summary
- 19 million Shaper DPS without flasks.
- One click packs clearing
- Amazing single target DPS
- No need to gain charges (this build grants permanent 8-9 Frenzy and Brutal charges)
- Easy and fast manual dodge
- Very high movement speed
- Сan easily do end-game content
- Oni's "Her Embrace" buff:

Cannot be Stunned
123% of Sword Physical Damage gained as Extra Fire Damage
Unaffected by Burning Ground
Immune to Freeze, Chill and Ignite
20% increased Attack, Cast and Movement Speed

- A bit expensive for new players
- Hard to run Uber Lab without regen
- Can't do elemental reflect maps (before acquiring Awakened Elemental Damage Support gem)
- Not an autopilot play style (Requires some attentiveness and manual dodging)
- Softcore build (You can cut some damage and invest in defensive layers)
- A bit challenging to get more life and align resists (due to specific unique items without which build will not work)

Build showcase

Uber Atziri

Minotaur's map

T8 Baran's annihilation (map mods in the end of the video)

Oni-Goroshi mechanics

Truly unique item which provides a lot of imunities and huge dps boost.The sword speaks through the acts and leveling which makes it only item in the game with voice lines. You'll love it, believe me.

How it works:
Uses both hand slots: Oni-Goroshi does not allow a shield or another one-handed weapon to be equipped in the off-hand slot. However, it does not count as a two-handed weapon.
Gain Her Embrace for 3 seconds when you Ignite an Enemy: Oni-Goroshi grants Her Embrace for three seconds when the character ignites an enemy, as long as Oni-Goroshi remains equipped. Unequipping Oni-Goroshi or switching to a different weapon will immediately remove Her Embrace. Her Embrace is a buff that grants the following effects:

- Cannot be Stunned
- 123% of Sword Physical Damage gained as Extra Fire Damage
- Unaffected by Burning Ground
- Immune to Freeze, Chill and Ignite
- 20% increased Attack, Cast and Movement Speed

While in Her Embrace, take 0.5% of your total Maximum Life and Energy Shield as Fire Damage per second per Level:Damage taken is based on the player character's combined maximum life and energy shield, multiplied by their level. For example, a level 90 character with 4500 life and 1500 energy shield will take 2700 fire damage per second by default. This damage is "raw" damage that the fire resistance is required to take into account to calculate the final damage taken; It does not count as an ignite.

How to obtain:
- 8 hours farm at the Twilight Strand in Act 1
- 27 Rebirth divination cards - the most optimal way. First week of the league start they cost 1-2 chaos orbs.

Build mechanics
Mapping play style:
Tectonic Slam is enough to one shot monsters packs. For smoother clearing place Ancestral Protector, run with Blood Rage and use Infernal Cry.

Play style for bosses:
1. Place Ancestral Totems (150-170% increased Effect of Buffs your Ancestor Totems grant while active)
2. Infernal Cry to Cover enemy in Ash (enemy 20% increased Fire Damage taken)
3. Blood Rage for 20% increased attack speed
4. Berserk (20% more Attack Damage and Attack speed, 30% more movement speed, 19% less damage taken)
5. Thrash with Tectonic Slam

Usefull tip:
If you are out of Rage before entering boss room it's nice to have on the weapon swap any weapon with good attack speed rate. Place into it Chain Hook (grants one rage on hit) and Hydrosphere gems. Cast Hydrosphere and attack it with Chain Hook. It takes few seconds to reach maximum Rage.


Body armour:

Mandatory item. Build doesn't work without Replica Farrul's Fur.
- Item grant's 8-9 frenzy and endurance charges when in Cat's Agility (every 4 second for 8 second). Charge mastery on the tree "100% increased charges duration" grants 17 seconds charges duration - constant 9 Frenzy and Brutal charges.
This means no more gaining charges by killing or using warcry's. There is no more reason to be a Flicker Strike to gain frenzy charges on hit. They will just flow around you permanently and it feels so good on bosses.
You should grab it as soon as possible to feel the power of permanent 9 frenzy and 9 brutal charges.


Mandatory item #2. Converts all Endurance charges to Brutal charges. Gives tones of dps - 27% chance to deal tripple damage. This belt is the reason why we need Replica Farrul's Fur.
Buy this belt right after you obtain Replica Farrul's Fur.
Look for high armour, life and resistances.

Try to corrupt for "+15 to all elemental resistances"


Build is stacking frenzy charges so there is no better option than Darkray Vectors.
Boots grants +1 to maximum frenzy charges, 40-45% increased movement speed and 80-90% increased evasion rating. Look for high resistances roll.


- Damage Penetrates 10% of Enemy Elemental Resistances if you haven't Killed Recently - very good for bossing.
- 16% increased Attack and Cast Speed if you've Killed Recently - good for mapping


The most cheap way to obtain another +1 to maximum frenzy charges.


Must have:
- +1 to maximum frenzy charges

Good to have:
- 5-8% increased maximum life
- Curse Enemies with Enfeeble on Hit, with 40% increased Effect (I use Enfeeble curse to take less damage. It's optional, but feels more tanky)

Good but not necessary:
- +1-2 to level of AoE gems
- +1-2 to level of Duration gems
- +1 to level of Socketed gems
- +1-2 to level of Warcry gems
- #% Increased attack speed

Look for high life and resistances rolls.

Option before you obtain Hands of the High Templar:

Any Rare gloves (Spiked Gloves preferably) with life, physical damage to attacks, resistances and opened prefix to craft "% increased damage while leeching"


Rare Evasion/Armour/Evasion-Armour helmet with high life and resistances. Must have minimum 25 intelligence.

- Ancestral Protector Totem grants 18% increased Attack Speed while Active - gives the biggest DPS boost.

Other enchants grants less dps but still good:
- Tectonic Slam deals 40% increased Damage
- Blood and Sand has 40% increased Buff Effect
- Blood Rage grants additional 12% increased Attack Speed


First option
Fits good for this build. Provides Avatar of Fire and gives more fire damage penetration.
While using this amulet don't take "40% physical damage converts to fire damage" node in Fire mastery on the tree.

Second option
Hyrri's Truth fits good untill you can obtain Xoph's Blood or Rare Amulet.
This amulet provides Precision and reserves less mana for it.
Hyrri's Truth doesn't gives any life or resistances so don't recomend to use it in late end-game.
While using this amulet TAKE "40% physical damage converts to fire damage" node in Fire mastery on the tree.

Option that I use
Rare amulet
Must have rolls which provides more dps than Xoph's Blood.
Amulet should have:
- # to maximum life
- Adds # to # Physical Damage to Attacks
- # increased global critical multiplier
- # increased damage per frenzy charge or gain # physical damage as extra fire damage

While using this amulet TAKE "40% physical damage converts to fire damage" node in Fire mastery on the tree.

Frenetic - +1 to maximum frenzy charges


Pair of rare rings. I recommend to use Coral or Vermillion rings. Implicits on this ring gives more life.

Must have rolls:
- at least 70 to maximum life
- strenght
- resists

Good to have rolls:
- # to global critical strike multiplier
- adds # to # physical damage to attacks
- # increased elemental damage with attack skills (you can craft by yourself if ring has opened prefix)
- # life gained for each enemy hit by your attacks (not necessary but feels good when build is ready and has a lot of attack speed)

When you get Replica Farrul's Fur body armour you need to craft or buy a ring with Aspect of the Cat. Without aspect build doesn't work. If you don't want to overpay and craft it by yourself, find ring with opened suffix to craft it.

Aspect of the Cat crafting:
1. Go to the trade site
2. Search for ring
3. In stat filter find "Empty Suffix Modifiers"

4. Buy one with life, resists and emtpy suffix
5. Ready. Now you have base for your Aspect ring
6. On trade site search and buy beast "Farrul, First of the Plains"
7. Go to Menagerie.
8. Put your ring into altar and craft.
Farrul is a bit challenging so prepeare to buy few more beasts ;)


This is my main setup. Be flexible with flasks. You can swap Wise Oak on:

It's always depends on content you are doing.


Base Jewels

For perfect one there should be one more crit mod.

If it's hard to obtain, get one with life, 1 crit multi roll and "# increased attack speed with swords":

At level 95 you should have 5 base jewels.

Unique jewels

Watcher's Eye
The more Presicion mods you'll have on Watcher's Eye the better. Rolls:
- #% increased Attack Damage while affected by Precision
- #% increased Attack Speed while affected by Precision
- #% to Critical Strike Multiplier while affected by Precision
- Gain a Flask Charge when you deal a Critical Strike while affected by Precision

Thread of Hope Crimson Jewel
Only affects Passives in Large Ring
Try to get one with less lose of resistances

Cluster Jewels
Final build version is based on Claster Jewels. Starting from lvl 90 I recommend to get at least 2 Large Cluser Jewels and 2-3 Medium cluster jewels. By lvl 95 - 2 large and 4 medium.

Large Cluster Jewels
Large cluster jewels must Add not more than 8 passive skills.

First one to get. Added passive skills:
1.Feed the Fury
2.Martial Prowess
3.Fuel the Fight
Feed the Fury provides crazy amount of DPS. Martial Prowess improves accuracy (100% chance to hit is important part of every crit build). Fuel the Fight provides crucial mana leech and some damage.

Second one. Added passive skills:
1.Feed the Fury
2.Smite the Weak
3.Drive the distruction
Feed the Fury for DPS boost. Smite the Weak and Drive the distruction to get 20% additional chance to maim on hit.

Medium Cluster Jewels
Medium cluster jewels must Add not more than 4 passive skills.

Added passive skills:
1. Ancestral Guidance
Ancestral Guidance - only node on every medium cluster jewel we are interested in. 30% increased Effect of Buffs your Ancestor Totems grant while active
Reminder what totems grants:
Ancestral Protector - 20% more attack speed
Ancestral Warchief - 32% more melee damage
4 medium clusters with Ancestral Guidance - 120% increased buff of Ancestral Protector and 120% increased buff of Ancestral Warchief.
You will not even be able to see actual attacks - it's a machine gun with impressive AoE.
This where most of the damage comes from.

Look for medium cluster jewel with 4 added passive skills. You can have only Ancestral Guidance (to not lose skill points) but great addition will be:
- Ancestral Reach - increases totem placement speed and range
- Ancestral Echo - a little boost to attack speed
- Sleepless Sentries - grants onslaught when you summon totem


Duelist - Slayer
1. Brutal Fervour - get it first to manage with Oni's degen
2. Bane of Legends - for more damage
3. Impact - for more damage and AoE
4. Masterful Form - maximum endurance(brutal) charges is equal to maximum frenzy charges

Gem links
Sword 6 link:
Tectonic Slam - Multistrike - Rage Support - Melee Physical Damage Support - Elemental Damage Support - Fire Penetration Support

Body armour should be at least 5 sockets and 4 links:
If 4 link:
Combustion support - Ancestral Warchief - Ancestral Protector - Multiple Totems Support

If 5 link
Combustion support - Ancestral Warchief - Ancestral Protector - Multiple Totems Support - Culling Strike Support

If 6 sockets
1 socket - Molten Shell for the left click :)

Gloves 4 sockets 3 links
3 link - Cast when Damage Taken lvl 2 - Immortal Call lvl 4 - Wave of Conviction lvl 8
1 socket - Infernal Cry lvl 20

Boots 4 sockets 2 links
Leap Slam - Power Charge on Critical Support
1 socket - Berserk
1 socket - Blood and Sand

Helmet 4 sockets
Herald of Ash
Herald of Purity

Precision - lvl 21
Blood Rage

End-Game replacement: Swap to Awakened gems. Swap Ancestral Protector to Phantasmal Ancestral Protector.

P.s.: all intelligence gems shouldn't have max lvl. You can leave them at the level of your intelligence, but it must be at least 68.

Path of Building
PoB Lvl 95

You can find leveling skills tree here:

Help Alira

For fast leveling before you get Tectonic Slam, I recommend to use Frost Blades with Ancestral Call Support as a main skill. It's necessary to link Combustion Support to your main attack skill untill you get Herald of Ash. With Combustion Support it's much more easier to ignite an enemy to trigger "Here embrace" buff.

Example: Frost Blades - Combustion Support - Ancestral Call Support - Added Fire Damage Support - Onslaught Support

Also grab War Banner and Precision for 100% hit chance

Early acts useful items:
Wurm's Molt Leather Belt - solves problems with mana and life degen
Goldrim Leather Cap - every build leveling item #1
Praxis Paua Ring - if u still have issues with mana
Belt of the Deceiver - increased Physical Damage, Intimidates nearby enemies. Good DPS boost

Before you get Replica Farrul's Fur you can run with any body armour. It must have at least 5 sockets and 4 links. Better choose one with life and resists. Belly of the Beast can be a good choice.

Hope you'll share with me love to Oni-Goroshi. Feel free to reply and ask any questions. Would be nice to see if you have some improvements to this build. Have fun and stay sane :)
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Nice build

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