Cast a deadly glance at your enemies with Summon Raging Eyeballs! This new cosmetic effect replaces the standard visuals of a Summon Raging Spirit gem with blue eyeballs. Watch its video below or get yours here.

To match the look of this Skill Effect with your outfit, try out the Stygian Necrolord Armour Set,]Wings and the Oblivion Weapon.

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Grinding Gear Games
Actually, they look like spermatozoids when attacking the mobs
looks great, maybe some buffs are in order if you want people to actually use the mtx
Looks like something i'll be considering during this week's unannounced but definitely happening Black Friday sale.

*wink* *nudge* *another wink* *nudgeX2*
Blue spermatozoids army xD
Here in Soviet Wraeclast, Eyeball pokes you!
The big question is, where are the SUMMON RAGING TOUCANS?
Le Toucan Will Return
not bad not bad but need buff this skill gem... AS many MANY other minions/summoners
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Pls make their ignite blue :)

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