💀💀💀TombStone💀3.17 Necro Zombie High Budget💀11 Zombies💀31-41Mil DPS💀💀💀

The Build works around Max Block, high Life regen, Evade Chance,
Crit Dmg reduction and Phys Dmg reduction (later in the Build
Divine Flesh if you got neough Chaos res).

Notice the Build contains Legacy Items, i will do an workarround for it,
its basicly less dmg without the Items, but not much.

7.12.2021 - Ueber Atziri

First Build Showcase t16 Map and Shaper Guardians

Meaven Invitation Shaper Guardians

Elder AFK

Blight T16 AFK

26.11.2021 - [3.16] Last 3 Waves of Simulacrum 28/ 29/ 30

PoB from 30.11.2021
3.16 Necromancer Zombie Skelly 1.5Mil DPS 41Mil Total /11 Zombies
Pure Damage 247K Effective Hit Pool

PoB from 08.12.2021
3.16 Necromancer Zombie Skelly 1.2Mil DPS 31Mil Total /11 Zombies
Pure Defensive 572K Effective Hit Pool


Scourge League Prices:

Gloves: +2 AOE = 3Ex
Boots: chaos res = 5Ex
Ring1: H/L = 1chaos
Ring2: Minion Dmg/ +3 Gems = 10-15Ex
Amulet: = 5Ex (+1 int +1 Zombie) 25Ex (+1 life /attributes)
Helm: = 8Ex (open prefix/chaos/minion life)
Armour: = 35-50Ex depends on life (on elevated -+1 support)
Wand1: =20Ex (without DD and low Minion Dmg)
Wand2: =50Ex + rising (since its so popular)
Belt: = 5-10Ex ( Darkness enthroned + 2 Abysal dex/str jewels)
Headhunter: = 75Ex+ check League prices

Total Budget: =241Ex (plus Minus 15-20%)

To get a decend Result, never expect my Result from Standard, thats Thousand of Exalts investment for the last 1% you get.

Clusterjewels base should be arround 8-15Ex for a 12 socket ilvl 84 Minion Jewel, you can craft pretty easy with Alt spamming and annul second try the wanted 3% Attack speed and 35% effect.
After that you can Imprint it and have as many trys you want for the Regal/Exalt slam if you can afford it.

The other Mana reservation jewels i bought from market for arround 10-18Ex a pop. So count in another 60Ex for that.

So you get in Total a working build for arround 350Ex. What should be a few days of efficent farming. I know its still pricey, but not that far from touch was i have shown as my gear.

Wand Wand and Armour

Helmet Glove and Boots

Rings Amulet and Belt


Wand1 (trigger setup)




Boots (can be swapped with Gloves/Wand2/Boots)

Gloves (can be swapped with Gloves/Wand2/Boots)

(one for 5 link Skelly setup/ one for Defensive/offensive +3 Gem Buff)

2x Carnage Chieftain “Act2 - The Old Fields” “ Act7 - the Ashen fields”
2x Host Chieftain “Act6 - The Riverways” “ Act7 - the Ashen fields”

-Mask of the Stitched Demon
-Victarios Flight
-Gloves with Vulnerabilty on Hit/life/res
-Rare Chest Armour with “You can Apply an additional Curse”,
“increased effect of offerings”, “high life” and
“Gain % Maxium Life as Extra Energy Shield”
-Garb of the Ephemeral

or you go with something like this in 3.16

“Ravenous Horde”
is our first choice

i decided to let Onlsaught be Onslaught from Ravenous Horde,
and get instead "Constitution", so we save 3 Points and can get more defense instead.

for later in league if you added Grace, Skitterbots or Determination to your build
you can change to “Charisma” to get it working

i mangaed with breathstealer´s to get another anoint, so i anointed
Revenge of Hunted, for more Defensive buff.
Ravenous Horde for more Dmg would be also ok.

Just Kill them all

Elegant Hubris with 3x “80% Minion Damage” and 1x Chaos Resistance, Block or
Spellblock is also nice to have”

switched to an 240% Minion Dmg Jewel where i've saved points and
get also 10% max life.

also good are more Minion Damage or Minion Life if you
feel that your Minions are to weak to survive.

You can choose a "Darkness Enthroned" Belt

with a Abyss Jewel with

"Minion Attack Speed if your Minions have Killed Recently" and
"Minion damage if you used a Minion Skill Recently"

or just a normal Stygianvise with

"resistance" (easier to res cap)
"attributes" (like dex or str if missing)
and Armour or reduced Crit Damage. Also with an Abyss jewel of your choise.
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i noticed a big failure.... i used arrogance in my build wich grants nothing atm... so we have another free socket. i will change that in the next few days

thank you
i changed some mine things, mana reg against spell block on shield.
removed tempest shield, got enough block chance.
switched some other things
pls see updated pob
Last edited by CoXxOnE on Nov 18, 2021, 4:30:32 PM
change some minor things, gems, jewels, boots and shield against second wand.

oriented from the GameReports Guide i go for Grace and Determination for more defensive layers.
-added HeadHunter alternative

-changed anointment from ravenous horde to Constitution

-changed clarity against vitality for more life regen

-changed some skilltree points for more defensive

-lost 2.5Mil Dmg in Total for gaining arround 236.000 Effective Hit Pool (before arround 196.000)
Could you please put up some current video showcases, the ones you have are many months old and too much has changed since then.
Starbuckz42 wrote:
Could you please put up some current video showcases, the ones you have are many months old and too much has changed since then.

New Video of Simulacrum Wave 28-30 is out, pls be patient more comeing soon,
still need to adjust a little into the build from getting various oneshot´s.

Upcomming Giant Update...

i worked the last 3 days hard to improve the build, no were arround 40Mil Dmg
with better defences.

wil update the guide soon.

PoB from 07.12.2021
3.16 Necromancer Zombie Skelly 1.3Mil DPS 34Mil Total /11 Zombies
Pure Defensive 335K Effective Hit Pool

(from 247.000 to 335.000 Effective Hit Pool)

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