Dropping charges sound

I realize I'm almost certainly pissing in the wind here, and as dramatic as it may sound.. constantly having to listen to the charge drop sound is legitimately ruining the game for me. Between:

- Charges dropping normally
- Charges dropping from mobs you kill - aka the sound playing for each charge for each mob in a pack
- Charges playing the drop sound when they haven't even been dropped due to entering scourge or a different area in a map
- The fact that it's highly likely that your build will be using them in some way

It's incessant, unnecessary, and absurdly annoying. There have been posts for years complaining about this. Please let us mute it.

For what it's worth, I generally love the sound design in the rest of the game. Thank you for listening to my rant.
Last bumped on Jan 21, 2023, 2:45:25 PM
100% Agree, it's been awful for years and they've still done nothing about it. I just bought Ralakesh Impatience and i'm so pissed, i might just quit the game. It's a real shame because the sound design otherwise is really good, now i have to mute all of it completely just because of ONE bad design.

This is a game-breaking feature for me, playing without sound is gonna make me want to ***. I'm going to write an email to the support to get to the bottom of this, IT CANT BE THAT HARD TO ADD A TOGGLE SOUND BUTTON. Indie games have them, yet this masterpiece of engineering that is PoE can't toggle off the sound of 1 feature? Really? Nah i refuse to believe it.

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