New Microtransaction: Direblade Armour Set

Xzorn wrote:
There is it. Knew it was coming.

Perfect for Abyssal Lich and Stygian combos.

ye finally
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At first I thought the shiny parts are golden in colour but then under a different lighting they look silvery. That's not a bad thing, I think.
Zhandragon wrote:
Albedo from Overlord

yea so similar!! cool set..

will get soon!
Helmet looks like the armor of Albedo the Overseer of Overlord. Can only second that.

Just why do all the latest armor set have these skirt-attachments?
Bringing in some physics is cool really, but every time with an flowing skirt, that makes your characters Hips/ass look like a fat version of J-Lo?
Introducing the Death & Rebirth Mystery Box
Neat set!
To accept a challenge from the Void is merely suicide for the unprepared.
Screen space skirt killed it for me.
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Nice !
Coffee & Cigarettes
Shunriel wrote:
Okay cool, very cool, now give us the better version with red lights not the RGB.


the textures look amazing, but the clothes look meh so a good recolour will look way better, I will wait for that too, but will end up not buying it because I don't like the shape of the helmet and because it's a recolour at full price... sad tho it could have been a really good one

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