[3.18] Chaos Animate Weapon 😈 - Budget to MageBlood💎 88M DPS Unkillable All-Arounder

If your minions are dying - anoint Decay Ward and use Fortress Covenant for 30% minion block, spell block, and 2% life gain on minion block.

League goal one:

League goal two:

archnemesisgoal achieved

sentinal goal achieved


Nov 14 - removed corruption node (5 points) added enduring composure setup for 5 points (6 if extra end charge)

End game version takes out Pariah and adds prismatic skin - no minion speed loss whatsoever thanks to 2nd Rare ring. Use Pariah if still on budget as it's more ES than new ring.

added the Feared video

Disclaimer: This is not a leveling guide. This is a build guide. I can show you my build, how to build it, give advice. There are tons of leveling guides on youtube or other threads you can use - I recommend Elemental Animate Weapon thread. They can help you level.
How the hell is 20 ex cheap?

While many players may not find 20 ex cheap - cheap is a relative term.

Compared to the content this build is meant to engage with and effectiveness, it is 'relatively' cheap.

There are very few builds in this game capable of consistently tackling the hardest content in the game (Feared, Blight-Ravaged, Wave 30s) - let alone doing it on a 20 exalt budget.

I can understand your frustration but as I said in my disclaimer and mission statement. This is not a leveling guide. This is not a beginner friendly guide - this is the endgame framework designed to tackle GGG's hardest.

This build guide is meant for tackling the hardest aspirational content in the game on a budget such as The Feared, Wave 30 Sims, Blight-Ravaged Maps

Mission Statement: The Goal of Every Minion Build is to achieve the playstyle of not being a minion build.

This build is probably the strongest all-arounder mapper/bosser for the budget. If you're playing any version of minions except this, I pity you for playing pseudo-totem builds (looking at you skelly mages) especially when I can do their 150ex worth of damage on a 20ex budget

Clearing Wave 21-30 Simulacrums with 25ex worth of Gear

77% Quantity The Feared


In patch 3.16 several things got changed.

Reservation got buffed so you can stack auras out the ass
Purity of Elements got buffed to give ailment immunity
Envy got buffed on United in Dream from level 15 to 25
Awakened Added Chaos Damage got buffed to give +1 Gem Levels
Awakened Added Minion Damage got buffed to give +1 Gem Levels this Patch

And of course, the Ancient Skull Helmet is the strongest Minion item in the game and can only be used if you have

This lets you negate it's downside in exchange for it's juicy damage.
Because you're using so many uniques you're forced to go Chaos Inoculation (which is good!) because you can use a 40% aura effect shield and Purity of Elements to get freeze immunity (something CI suffers from). Purity of Elements also lets you cap resistances with Necro's ascendancy because you're using so many uniques.
Matua is required to get +3 spectres so they don't die endgame. But it's nice for CI + aura builds

Compared to other minion builds that got nerfed in 3.16 (removal of EE, removal of minion damage nodes) this build blows them out of the water.

Required Items

Level 5 Awakened Added Chaos Damage
Level 5 Awakened Added Minion Damage
This gives +2 gem levels to the gear.

For your Animate Guardian
Mask of Stitched Demon

Everything else can be your own thing.

2/3W Triad
+1 Amulet
600 Es Regalia


Please refer to required items.
Helmet can be couple chaos
weapon is 30c
Kingmaker is like 30c
mask of stitched demon is 30-50c if you craft yourself
3W triad can be made with vorici for cheap and even a 4W can be crafted for 2-3ex with temples you buy.
Awakaned 5 Chaos damage is 1ex
Awakened 5 Minion Damage is 2.5ex
Shield is 20-30c if you prophecy it yourself
The gear is very cheap
+1 Amulet is 1ex max.
6L 600 es regalia is 2.5ex
bated breath is couple c
sin trek is couple c
Pariah used to be couple C but magic finders are pumping it so idk...

My recommendation:
10 Ex to Get Started

15 Ex is Be Comfortable doing all general content

20 Ex to do Wave 30 Simulacrums and Blight-Ravaged or A9 Sirus

25 Ex to easily do Wave 30 Simulacrums Comfortably

Path of Building


Updated for Archnemesis league using Mageblood https://pastebin.com/cRbNJyZ6


Cheap and uses a lot of Uniques
Can get 7k ES easily
Incredibly High Damage for the Budget
Immune to Chaos
Immune to All Elemental Ailments including Sap/Brittle/Shock/Freeze)
Temporal Rift is Broken
Fairly Tanky with Enduring Composure, Bone Offering
Immune to Crit with Garb of Ephemeral
Bleed Immune if you use Avoid Bleed Jewels
Very Fast for a Minion Build thanks to Minion Speed Stacking


if you die in simulacrum/feared its hard to recover (not impossible) - it takes skill and practice. this is not a 100ex easy lazy build. you get what you pay for

Playing Minions
Some people will say a lot of buttons - but playstyle is not clunky in this build but I will add it here.
Cannot invest more than 35ex+ in this build as it's difficult to scale further.
Startup every map
Not OMEGALUL Tanky levels like 9 End Charge Juggernauts but still fairly tanky


Immune to Chaos Res
Immune to ALL Elemental Ailments (Sap/Brittle/Freeze)
Phys to X Watcher's Eye
4 Endurance Charge with Enduring Composure and CWDT Immortal Call
55%+ Block and 31% Spell Block (I use Bone Offering in Deli 30)
7.5k-9k ES
Immune to All Ground Types with Soul of Abberath (Shock,Chill,Desecrated,Fire)
Immune to Temp Chains
Fortify 10 Stacks
Immune to Crits w/ Ephemeral Garb
Minion Taunt (10% damage reduction and take enemy Aggro)
High DPS
6% to 11% ES Regen per second with Bone Offering active.

Temporal Rift instantly heals your entire ES pool thanks to how it snapshots/functions. Probably the strongest HP pool resetter in the game. When combined with high regen+block makes you very tanky in Wave 30s


I use Pariah in my videos and I think Pariah is 95% as strong as my new unset ring (cost 3c item vs 5ex item)


Fortress Covenant
Quickening Covenant
8-10 passive Minion Damage Jewel with Vicious Bite and Energy Shield
Ghastly Eye Jewel with Chaos/Physical Damage (high sum) with Taunt and attack speed
Clarity Watchers' Eye - Gain Max ES equal to % of your Mana

Starting Out Gear

I used the following
Sin Trek with Scourge Mod - high ES and gives Dex
Bated Breath with % Increased Max Energy Shield Corruption
Pariah Ring (very cheap but magic finders increase the price) - Pariah is actually as good as my endgame option and is what I used for farming Wave 30s

1 Mod Clarity Watchers Eye

Use a shitty Cluster Jewel like I did

You're probably gonna use a +1 Amulet to start out with. If you do
Your goal should be to get +2 as soon as possible to hit the next Animate Weapon breakpoint to get another weapon.

+2 Regalia not required. Everything else is.

Gearing Priority

if you're using my budget options - this is the priority where Top is Most upgrade piece.

+2 Amulet
Reservation Enchant Helmet
Crystal Belt with High Energy Shield
4W Triad
Boots to Replace Sin Trek
Cluster Jewel (good one)
Ring to replace Pariah (anoint prismatic skin here OR Decay Ward)
+2 Vaal Regalia (absolute last piece.)

If you do not have a +2 regalia just use a bonkers 700+ es regalia and be tankier than me for gods sake.

Animate Guardian Gear

Required Items
Mask of Stitched Demon is required to make your minion tanky - you can make this yourself with Vial of Summoning and buying a unique chamber on the trade site.
Victario's Flight

Now you can pick between:
Soutbound Gloves

If you want tankiness
Garb of Ephemeral (what I use) Chest

Budget Chest piece is a rare chest with 10% of Max life as extra ES - only costs few chaos

if you want to get explosions like in my minotaur video
Gravebind Gloves and Explodey Chest

Gems and Links

Sword - Generosity - Precision - Anomalous Convocation
Helm - Divergent Clarity (1) - Purity of Elements - Temporal Rift - Bladefall (1)
Boots - Feeding Frenzy - Carrion Golem - Flame Dash - Desecrate
Shield - Animate Guardian (21) - Raise Spectre (21) - Minion Life
Gloves - CWDT (20) - Anomalous Immortal Call (7) / Separate 2L - Divergent Flesh Offering - Assassin's Mark

Chest - Animate Weapon 21 (you can use anomalous for more dps. I don't) - Awakened Added Chaos Damage (5) - Awakened Added Minion Damage (5) - Withering Touch - Increased Critical Damage - Awakened Melee Splash OR Multistrike

This build has a lot of skills - but we don't use every button while mapping/in combat.

Everything written in () brackets is required

Swap Out Flesh Offering for Bone Offering during Simulacrums and Feared
Use Multistrike for Single Target (swap out)

Enchants and Alternatives

Precision Reservation
Discipline Reservation
Purity of Elements Reservation

If you can't get enchanted helmet you can remove ravenous horde and enchant charisma to get precision in - but you lose 30% minion movement speed but you save 2 points on Mana (witch area) which lets you get Practical Application for Strength/Dex/Res which makes it easier to start the build - and all you lose is 30% minion speed which is nothing.

All work for this build

For Amulet Anoint Ravenous Horde OR Decay Ward.
Decay Ward for defence to help keep minions alive
Ravenous Horde for clear
When you replace Pariah use Prismatic Skin

My Belt Enchant does Nothing


Required For Mapping:
Mana Flask with Bleed/Corrupting Blood Removal
Silver Flask
Rumi's Concoction
Variable Slot - You can use Witchfire for clear. Overflowing Chalice for Mageblood levels uptime, or even Bottled Faith if you want. I use a Ruby Flask or Quartz for Phasing

Required for Simulacrum:
Rumi's Concoction
Witchfire Brew
Mana Flask
Flask #1 (Topaz, Ruby, Sapphire, Quartz for Phasing) - You can also use bottled Faith
Flask #2 (Topaz, Ruby, Sapphir, Quartz for Phasing) - Purpose is defense.

Enchantments: use when charges reach full

Suffixes in order of priority:
Avoid Stun % on you during flask effect
Reduce Curse Effectiveness on you during flask effect
Stun and Block Recovery
Cast Speed
Anything else does not work because we have Purity of Elements

What Pantheons?

Soul of Lunaris

Soul of Abberath OR Soul of Gruthkul depending on Content you do. Mapping = Abberath. Gruthkul = Simulacrums

How do I use what buttons? Gameplay Rotation

start zone
bladefall to spawn blades
summon weapons


flesh offering occasionally
spawn weapons occasionally using AW loot filter (if in simulacrum you need to bladefall)

use assassins mark on boss

if in danger - temp rift
if need to movefaster - flame dash

How to get +2 Regalia Easily

Get a 600ES+ Regalia if you can't get +2 gems. When you have money. start vaaling 600ES+ regalias for +2 then resocket/link with tainted currency.
Here are failed attempts

If you do not have a +2 regalia just use a bonkers 700+ es regalia and be tankier than me for gods sake.

How do I level this build

Leveling as Animate Weapon may feel clunky if you are familiar with the process as I'm not writing a leveling guide - only a build guide.

Animate Weapon only gets good when you have minion life/damage/speed (early game you have none of these).

If you do want to level as Animate WeaponL:

I recommend leveling as Fire/Cold Animate Weapon Life Based and Respeccing to CI between 88 and 90. - I was playing this Day 1 of the league before I transitioned.

POB for Leveling: https://pastebin.com/bFpYhPEa

What Ascendancy Take First

Mindless Aggression First.
Unnatural Strength Second.

You can take Mistress of Sacrifice OR Commander of Darkness for yourd 3rd Ascendancy DEPENDING on what you want. Resists or Clear Speed.

Do you do any gem swapping

For feared/deli 30 swap to bone offering and defense flasks

What spectre do you use
2 Carnage Chieftains (Act 7) for frenzy charges
2 Host Chieftains (Act 7, same zone) for power charges

No lifetap doesn't work on them

how are you using animate weapon in bosses like the feared? where do you get weapons from?
You can use bladefall to animate lingering blades off the ground, they have the damage of a Glass Shank

Can I use Chains of Command?

No. Because you lose Spectres / Golems and you don't have enough ES.
Also it means your Guardian is squish without +3 gem please stop ask

Can I use this build without Animate Weapons?

No. Skeletons are weak. SRS is too short and weak. Golems are not enough in numbers. Zombies are slow. No.

Can I use this build without X this piece of gear?

Yes. I league started this build life based with less than 50c and kill Sirus 8 on day 1 league. You can do it

How are you getting fortify and culling strike

Kingmaker (a 30c to craft yourself unique item) - grants 10 stacks of fortify, culling strike and 50% increased crit damage to nearby allies.

why do you have so many weapons? 19? I only get 17 or 18.
Level 29 AW gives 19 weapons

27 AW gives 18

You need +2 chest to get the last weapon

Level 20 (no ascendancy) gives 14 I believe

get more damage.

for golems you can spend a couple ex and get anomalous feeding frenzy. it gives 1% life per hit.

for animate weapons - get 21/20 and +2 amulet. and make sure you have level 5 awakened gems.

I am a Mirror, I do not exist.
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Swapped to this from skele mages last night. Somewhere around 10ex into this build so far, TON of room for improvement in my gear still but I'm already tearing through t16s with ease. T16 conqs die in <15 seconds. Really enjoying the playstyle vs skele mages, little more involved. Lookin forward to taking on endgame bosses with this.

FYI there's a precision helm enchant that gets the job done as well, I paid 1 ex for my helm.

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how to level this ?
How often you must resummon weapons during mapping? (what exact duration of AW with necro ascendency?)

How often you must resummon weapons during mapping? (what exact duration of AW with necro ascendency?)

85.6 seconds

best practice is to spawn 1 weapon every second/third pack. cast time is 0.3 seconds with flesh offering + onslaught so its p smooth as you can see
I am a Mirror, I do not exist.
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Got the level 5 awakened gems, and I'm more or less afking through t16 blight ravaged maps now. Build is nuts.
seems insane, I am going to try the skeleton summoner first feel it and this is next
You thing I khare, but I realy dond.
The pob for leveling is not in. Able to add?
Thanks much
are those all the items you need for animate guardian?

are those all the items you need for animate guardian?


The pob for leveling is not in. Able to add?
Thanks much

you can level with whatever you want. if you don't know how to level to AW its not going to feel good. I'd rather recommend arc witch to first timers.

animate weapon is not very noob friendly to level.

if you want to level as animate weapon just play the elemental version on this forum as fire/cold and transition to chaos afterwards
I am a Mirror, I do not exist.

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