[3.16] Self-cast Archmage Arc Elementalist/Hierophant

I couldn't find a build for Archmage Arc based on 3.16 anywhere, so I tried to make a build like this for all those who might still be undecided for the leagstart tomorrow.

I've been playing PoE for a while now, but I'm not a pro when it comes to custom builds, so I'm grateful for any tips.

I haven't added any items yet, but my idea is nothing new:
Elementalist Archmage Arc with Staff and Agnostic


It is also possible to play as a Hierophant. (Maybe even better)
with Conviction of Power, Divine Guidance, Arcane Blessing and Illuminated Devotion

Edit: - added a leveling tree for Hierophant
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Your pastebin link seems to have expired.
soolar121 wrote:
Your pastebin link seems to have expired.

Changed it to a poeplanner.com link

Edit: changed it again to PoB (I hope it works now)
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It is still broken.
Pastebin works fine for me. Are you on community version?

Saying that, it only has the tree in it, no gems or items so waste of time
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