[3.16] Ignite Discharge Charges on block Juggernaut


Juggernaut being my favorite ascendancy and RF/Discharge my favorite spells I spent some time on PoB trying to make it good enough to farm maps as a league starter.

I would like to build something around the "charges on block" nodes (Whirling Barrier and Swagger).

So here is my attempt for this :D


This build probably isn't viable for bossing.

With this setup at lvl 80 with map entering gear (trade for kaom's and searing touch 4 or 5 links), you should have around 500k dps with 65 aoe radius.

Lvl 92+ with some investment you should reach 1m5 dps with 80+ aoe radius (almost the whole screen).

Defensive stats (depending on level):
180% to 211% hp on tree
75%/34% block chance (Glancing Blows)
77/76/76 res
30k to 40k armour
2% life recover on block
9 endurance charges (not just after Discharge :D but you could Enduring cry just after if mobs are still alive)
2% life recover on ignite (mastery)
2% life recover on kill (Cinderswallow)
500 to 700 hp/sec

and everything from Juggernaut ascendancy

Main link:
Discharge - Cruelty - Combustion - Inspiration - Burning Damage - Efficacy

I plan on taking gems in this order from 4L to 6L.
Cruelty: really good for mapping as Discharge is hitting quite hard (from 200k to 500k depending on level/gear) so it should be easy to reach the +40% more dot, this also works well with new dot mult mastery (30% increase cruelty effect).

Inspiration: I want to take this gem to give us some %crit on Discharge to have more chance to proc EO. On this setup, you should have around 27% crit chance (I should probably try to aim for a little bit more)

Combustion: to reach 90% ignite chance

Before committing to this and probably miserably failing, could you please give me your opinion?

My main concern: my gameplay is totally dependent from being hit to generate charges...

Thanks for your time have a nice league start :D.

Ps: I like non-meta builds, I just want to farm red maps with some big aoe, Jugg is life, Jugg forever
Last bumped on Oct 23, 2021, 11:53:58 AM
What about eye of Innocence amulet? You wouldn't be so dependent on getting hit, you could generate charges easily. At least it worked for me a couple of leagues back, I guess it still works now...

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