[3.16] Chaosblade Sith Juggernaut

Presenting Str stacking Lightning to Chaos Conversion Energy Blade Juggernaut!

(Energy Blade+ alberon's replica stacking lightning and chaos)
Any Sword Skill!

For the best damage go Projectile Skills!

Weapon: White [6] Sockets 2H
Armor: Geofri's Sanctuary
Gloves: Shaper's Touch
Amulet: Zerphi's Heart
Boots: Replica Alberon's Warpath
Helm: Forgot the name xD "Battlemage Helm"
Rings: Str/Life/Res/Es


Corrupted Soul for Energy Shield Scaling
Convert huge flat from Energy Blade to Chaos on the Skill Tree
Now you deal pure Chaos Damage from Replica Alberon's and Energy Blade!
Scale it further with Iron Will and Iron Grip if u use projectile skill.

Battlemage Cry +Tornado to absorb projectiles and reflect dmg every 0.25s
Battlemage helmet or go Inquisitor (If Battlemage works with flat from energy blade)

Gained acc from str stacking gives you some aspd an for movement and zerphi's amulet elemental procs + soul eater for even more zoom zoom.

Just a Draft, so your ideas can make it grow.


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"Convert huge flat from Energy Blade to Chaos on the Skill Tree" -- not possible. Passive skills only convert physical to chaos. The usual sources of chaos conversion are weapons (Voltaxic Rift, The Consuming Dark), Incandescent Heart has "Gain (10-20)% of Elemental Damage as Extra Chaos Damage" but that's a gain, not a convert. Say, if you use a one handed, you can still use The Consuming Dark for "30% of Fire Damage Converted to Chaos Damage". You can use two call of the brotherhood rings to get two times 48% of Lightning Damage Converted to Cold Damage and from there you can use Cold to Fire Support for "Supported Skills have 50% of Cold Damage Converted to Fire Damage, Supported Skills gain (10-29)% of Cold Damage as Extra Fire Damage".


Per that reddit thread the single handed version does 2 to 40 or 21 in short per 200 ES, the double handed does 3 to 60 per 200 ES or 31.5 in short. If you use the single handed version which starts with 21 lightning damage, you have 20.16 cold after the rings and 15.9264 fire after the gem of which which The Consuming Dark converts to 4.77792 chaos per 200 ES. The Incandescent Heart will add another 3.244416 chaos per 200 ES which means, rounding down a little, 8 chaos per 200 ES. Don't forget you lost a weapon slot, rings and chest and a support gem for it. Is it worth it vs just stacking strength for Replica Alberons?
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Is it worth it vs just stacking strength for Replica Alberons?

You just crushed this mans dream
IGN: AuraMeThis
Did before it was cool:
Searing Bond Quad Curse
Consuming Dark/Bino's ED/Contagion
You're right, didn't check that claim saying you can convert lighting to chaos on new passive tree :/

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