[3.16] Inquisitor Spectral Throw Energy Blade - High Survivability

POB Link

First build I've ever created, so feel free to provide as much feedback as possible.

Changed to fit level scaling and quality scaling on Energy Blade

Average DPS: 166,831

Life: 5,124 [550 Leeched on Hit without flasks, 952 with]
Energy Shield: 5,410
Max Mana: 1,522 [136 Unreserved, 304 Leeched On Hit]
Amour: 5,492
Evasion Rating: 33

Chaos Resistance: 75%
Elemental Resists: 75%
Move Speed Modifier (with flasks): +85%

Block Chance: 25%
Spell Suppression: 0%

General Overview of Tree
Basic Passives
Starts at the templar for early life, armor, and basic elemental damage passives before travelling to the Witch Area to get more ES and Lightning Damage. Has Elemental Overload to be able to ignore crit chance while dealing with the other mechanics of the build. All in all there is a 33.65% chance to crit which is high enough to keep proccing Elemental Overload.

Ascendancies (Inquisitor)
* Instruments of Virtue for Battle Mage
* Righteous Providence for higher Crit Strike Chance and +50 to Stats
* Inevitable Judgement for being able to penetrate Elemental Res
* Augury of Penitence for more ele damage, this might not function in a large enough range due to the fact that spectral throw is fairly ranged based

* (Armour) +600 to armour when affected by a Guard Skill Buff, guard skills should be up a fair but and should increase armour by 2k
* (Life) 10% increased Life, 10% reduced Life Recovery rate, More life is always good and Life Recovery isn't used, just leech
* (Elemental) 40% increased Effect of Non-Damaging Ailments, more shock effect is always good
* (Life) +50 to maximum life, more base life is always good
* (Lightning) Lightning Damage with Non-Critical Strikes is Lucky, IMMENSELY important for getting the high values of the energy Blade
* (Energy Shield) Discipline has 25% increased Mana Reservation Efficiency, is required to have 3 auras at once and have enough mana
* (Lightning) Increases and reductions to Maximum Mana also apply to Shock Effect at 30% of their value, more shock effect is better
* (Reservation) 15% increased Mana Reservation Efficiency of Skills, required to have all auras up at once

Cluster Jewels:
Large Cluster Jewel (Lightning, 8 Passives):

* Small Passives grant: +# to Strength, helps with health scaling
* Small Passives grant: +#% to Chaos Resistance, helps with chaos resist reaching max
* Added Small Passives have 35% Increased Effect, a generally good explicit
* 1 Added Passive Skill is Overshock, more lightning damage and shock is better
Small Cluster Jewel 1 (Mana, 2 small passives):

* Added Small Passive Skills also grant: +#% to Chaos Resistance
* Added Small Passive Skills also grant: +#% to Elemental Resistance, helps max out ele res
* Added Small Passive Skills have 35% increased Effect, generally good
* 1 Added Passive Skill is Daring Ideas, immensely important for keeping the small amount of unreserved mana high enough to keep a continual casting of Spectral Throw
Small Cluster Jewel 2 (Life, 3 small passives):

* Added Small Passive Skills also grant: +#% to Elemental Resistance
* Added Small Passive Skills also grant: +# to Strength
Added Small Passive Skills have 35% increased Effect
* 1 Added Passive Skill is Feast of Flesh, Provides a ton of life leech on hit, at max damage and life its 936.8 per hit


Chestplate (Spectral Throw)
Vaal Spectral Throw - Elemental Damage with Attacks - Lesser Multiple Projectiles, Faster Attacks, Slower Projectiles, Added Lightning Damage
* Main goal is to just get as much lightning damage as possible onto the gem as its basically the only damage dealer

Chestplate - Leveling (Spectral Throw)
Vaal Spectral Throw - Lesser Multiple Projectiles, Lifetap, Life Gain on Hit
* Doesn't have nearly as much damage but allows ignoring Mana costs so we can still have all of the auras on at once
* Should hopefully help with survivability as multiple projectiles + life gain on hit will override the life cost per cast
* At high enough levels (38 and above), LMP could be subbed out for GMP for less damage but more survivability

Helmet (Curse)
Conductivity - Increased Duration - Faster Casting - Energy Blade
* Conductivity is a very good curse for what we're doing and increases damage by 33%*
* No better place to put Energy Blade (place held by portal in POB)

Gloves (Guard)
Cast when Damage Taken - Immortal Call - Warlord's Mark - Increased Duration
* Cast when Damage Taken and Immortal Call is quite good and can generally be run on any build as far as I know
* Warlord's Mark will help with survivability and keeping Mana up, can also be manually cast but Cast When damage Taken is helpful to be able to ignore it

Boots (Ancestral Warchief)
Vaal Ancestral Warchief - Multiple Totems - Ruthless - Faster Attacks
* Just a Lot of Damage
* Very Good for dealing with enemies in closer range

Sword (Leap Slam)
Leap Slam - faster Attacks - Fortify
* Our only movement Skill
* Fortify is massively helpful
* Deals some damage with leap slam
* Can be spammed for as long as you want with the Mana Cluster Jewel mana leech

Shield (Auras)
Purity of Elements - Discipline - Wrath
* Purity of Elements lets us more our attention to places other than ele resist on gear
* Discipline grants a large amount of ES, about 1k (20%)
* Wrath gives a lot of damage, about 30k more (contributes to 19% of damage)
* Having these auras without much reservation efficiency is fine because of the cheap cost of individual casts and massive leech


Main Hand - Energy Blade (Cannot have any stats except for the lightning damage as the skill completely replaces your weapon)
Off Hand - Energy Shield Shield, has lots of ES and if you can afford it to gain Onslaught on kill then it would be worth it for faster clear speeds
Helmet - Energy Shield Helmet, Lots of ES and ele Resists
Body Armour - Armour/Energy Shield Chest, has Gain 10% of Max Life as Extra Maximum Energy Shield crafted onto it which massively helps ES
Gloves - Shaper's Touch, the only thing we need for high accuracy due to the very high amount of Intelligence, the extra mana from strength doesn't hurt either
Boots - Armour / Energy Shield Boots - Has chaos res, life, increased armour and ES, move speed, generally just survivability Boots
Amulet - Lightning Damage, Has a lot of mods to add and increase Lightning Damage on Attacks
Ring 1 - Defence + Lightning, Adds Lightning Damage to Attacks and focuses mostly on Res buffs
Ring 2 - Other Mods, Adds more attributes, dex (for gems), attack speed, ES, and more damage
Belt - Armour, lots of armour, some ES, and some other misc stats

* Bubbling Divine Life Flask of Staunching - Life Recovery when its really needed and also grants immunity to bleeding and enchanted to be used on bleeding
* Flagellant’s Basalt Flask of Heat - More Armour is good for more Physical reduction, helps with freeze, enchanted to be used when charges reach full

* Alchemist's Amethyst Flask of Curing - Maxes out chaos res, grants immunity to poison and enchanted to be used when poisoned
* [Alternate Flask] Experimenter's Silver Flask of Curing - Lots of damage (17k dps) and move speed, enchanted to be reused at end of Flask's effect for as much uptime as possible

* Vessel of Vintakar - Buffs Life Gain on hit by 300 while active, adds more lightning damage and helps with lightning resist
* Alchemist's Quicksilver Flask of Adrenaline - Lots of move speed, that's it, enkindled for increased effect

Thanks for reading. It may not be the best build but it's the one I'm running, because I want to be a POE Jedi.

Good luck exiles,
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Heres my setup for Energy Blade that uses golems. I've found its really hard to get more dps without using Primordial Eminence. I tried to do the crit inquisitor too but it just seemed to lack damage and survivability.

Your build has some redundancy in it I've noticed. Heart of Thunder at the top of the tree is kinda pointless for inquis. You already pen all of the monsters ele res when you crit and you can't pen below 0. I'm not sure how well Ele Overload would work either. I would also suggest going Pious Path in your Ascendency for the energy shield and life regen, its just an amazing node and im not sure how battlemage is going to help you with ST since its an attack and not a spell.
100k dps is gonna struggle in maps..
Thinking about a Crit Energy Blade Flicker Strike Build instead, has around 1m shaper dps but 1k less life and no armour.
Think it would work? https://pastebin.com/sednG1RH
I'm probably an idiot, but where do you get frenzy charges in the build above? (erumi321)
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OOps forgot, I was thinking a veiled mod on the ring for +1 min frenzy charges, or a Redeemer suffix on the shield for +# Minimum Frenzy Charges. I've never used frenzy charges before so I don't know of the best way to generate frenzy charges, and I have yet to pore through other Flicker Strike builds.
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erumi321 wrote:
Thinking about a Crit Energy Blade Flicker Strike Build instead, has around 1m shaper dps but 1k less life and no armour.
Think it would work? https://pastebin.com/sednG1RH

Naww Boyz! Try mine!



84% Life

128% Mana

156% ES

169% Armor

40% Spell Block / 75% Block

it WILL have

Wrath, Determination, Discipline, Vitality ( Possibly add in Purity of Elements later?

YOU WILL be able to get up to 20k armor

87% phys dmg reduction...

I need the gem in the PoB, but planning on rocking with Static Strike

come at me...
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erumi321 wrote:
OOps forgot, I was thinking a veiled mod on the ring for +1 min frenzy charges, or a Redeemer suffix on the shield for +# Minimum Frenzy Charges. I've never used frenzy charges before so I don't know of the best way to generate frenzy charges, and I have yet to pore through other Flicker Strike builds.

I'm looking at your build and don't you have the numbers way off on your placeholder Energy Blade?


At least at the build I'm looking at you have 8125 ES.
Looking at the post going over all the gem changes, lvl 20 Energy blade minimum damage is 5% of es +12 and maximum is 100% of your ES + 235. My understanding this would be pre the 80% reduction buff as that buff is effectively your energy blade your creating. So guess it snapshots what your ES is when you cast.

Which if my math is right would be


Which changing just that in the pob takes the dps from flicker from 868k to 2.98M.

But maybe I've missed some detail about Energy Blade works
Did some searching found this thread https://www.reddit.com/r/pathofexile/comments/q884dx/path_of_exile_scourge_patch_notes/hgoirok/

I see confirmation that you keep your sockets, but you lose modifiers.
and someone said damage is based on after the 80% reduction which means my interest in energy blade went to 0.

You lose 80% of your defensive stat you spent so much stuff to get, you at least don't lose the slots, but you lose all the other benefits of the thing its replacing.
The payoff a weapon based on apparently 20% of your ES which sounds like a joke to me.
During all my digging did come across this as a better way to somewhat sim your energy blade based on current understanding.
They just made a blade that does added lightning per 100 ES
For 2H to keep to whole numbers its added lightning per 200 ES


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