[3.15] 'Was 30 mil 'Wild Strike EE hybrid build clip added clips on bosses

POB- https://pastebin.com/NjqXwj7L
9/30 change got rid of aul's and annoited amulet with es leech
10/8 trying out some aura effectiveness on build (survival)
POB- https://pastebin.com/K7ukpcSM (3k life 3k es)

I'll update the starter version of the build next league with lower budget under 10 ex

NO ABYSUS - you will do over 40mil with it but I don't recommend it


I'm gonna try to upload few clips within this week
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LDEoZas8avs constrictor

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oWbZgf3aTpo shaper

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9xaGJSo6grY chimera

Defensive layer
3klife + 3k es life leech + es leech from amulet anoint
1. petrified blood
2. 54% reduced damage taken (20% reduced damage with the interrogation jewel effect fortify+ arctic amour(immue to freeze)
+ immortal call 45%+26% = immune to damage with 2.5 second downtime
3. leech does not stop (low-life)
4. increased effect of healing flask 2880* 160% 7480 healing effect almost instant full recovery that last during flask effect 3 times life pool
5. 530 health regeneration /sec + 550 regenration (10% of maximum life leech)
** without any flask
6. 15% damage taken from him healed as life = another 9.9% incoming damage reduced
flask -cinderswallow
7. sand stance blind
8. vaal grace
9. panteon - soul of ryslatha + enduring cry regenration
All end contents doable

DPS mechanic
crit based
1.trinity + Elemental equilibrium (penetrate elemental resist)
2. low life damage increased from bloodthirst
3. rage generated with enduring cry(20rage) and instant use of beserk on boss
4. the interrogation base crit increase(brittle) + scorched

Almost two year ago I searched so hard for triple elemental aliment build on youtube + this forum and was not able to find one
I just like the effect and the mechanic of wild strike skill
It's kinda like blizzard has blizzard in diablo and GGG has WildStrike dealing 3 types like the three letter represents;)

I just came back after quitting POE for almost a year and a half
and this was continued on with the theory crafting I did back then

I looked up many clips since I came back and there was only one build that use voidforge and 0 build that uses void forge and EE.
Yet still I was glad to see more people working on triple elemental wild-strike build.

It felt like most experienced POE player and youtuber do not like using this weapon since they do not like to lose the defensive upper hand they can have with sheild or dual weild block adavantage

This build seems a lot smoother and tankier then the one I originally built two years ago with under 10 ex budget.

I do have 5 ex budget version of this one still doing about 10~20mil dps but had given up a lot of defensive layers due to the limited budget (which I actually leveled up with and farmed with) - if anyone is interested I'll update lower budget build

I was fortunate with the farming and spent over 600ex on crafting different pieces of gears to just try out

the current build should roughly cost about 170~200ex not including the gems and void-forge I luckly double corrupted

the build is not finished - currently trying to build Ward base helmet with chaos resist(or veiled chaos resist most likely) + two shaper +warlord elevated influence helmet

if you want to armory my current toon you can check
cheney85 - Murinity on POB

I will continue (try)to improve this build

My previous first ever build
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