Our Expedition expansion introduced the mysteries of the Kalguuran people. Community streamer KittenCatNoodle, has created a video that pieces together the Kalguuran lore you may have uncovered throughout your expeditions. While this is an unofficial video, there are certainly plenty of interesting things to uncover about the Kalguur…

Check out the video below!

If you are interested in checking out more of KittenCatNoodle's lore videos, check out her YouTube channel or follow her on Twitch or Twitter for updates about the series.
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I know a lot of people don't really care for lore, but I love reading all the different write-ups. Big thank you to KittenCatNoodle for continuing to compile lore!
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Yes, i begun to look her vids since few weeks now, and it's incredible. She's doing a great job for ppl who wants to learn more about LORE. Nice to see her work here !
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Nice for lore fans. Hope they appreciate the work they put into these.
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OH YES! I was waiting for this because i was totally lost in game xD
Beautiful work, informative and helpful. Thx a lot .
Oh heck yeah! Noodle getting that support from the team at GGG is awesome, so happy to see that.
Dang this is great!
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