Infect your enemies in a sickening new look with the Stygian Plague Bearer Effect! This cosmetic effect replaces the regular effect of the skill with dark blue stygian flames. Check it out below or get yours here.

Complete your nightmarish look with the Stygian Armour Set, Hood and Weapon.

Thanks for your support!
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Nice 1
Is it just me or this mtx is not showing up in the store?

Nvm it is there. Apparently its not as "new" as other new mtxes
Last edited by masive12 on Sep 15, 2021, 2:19:59 AM
I vote for a bow and quiver skin. I would like a stygian. Bow and quiver skin
I would like a shield skin. A Balefire shield skin
ok CHRIS!!!

you said to be more up front with news on changes for future patches.

23 sep is soposed 30 days before next league, i hope for some 3.16 news next week and not MTX after MTX MTX MTX
A new MTX. What's the news?

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