Emerge from the depths of Wraeclast with the new Myrmidon Hood! This cosmetic hood is the perfect fit for aspiring underwater warriors. Check it out below or get yours here.

To complete the look, check out the Myrmidon Hood along with the Myrmidon Armour Set, pictured below.

Thanks for your support!
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Grinding Gear Games
Kk. Although this hood specifically reminds me of elder armor piece for some reason.

Edit: Also, hi mom! First!
Persistence makes impossible possible, possible likely and likely definite. Yep, Mirror will drop eventually -_-
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Ok, now activate the bloodrage or warcry.
People should know what kind of shit their purchased mtx turns into.
[Removed by Support]
we want HARVEST !!

LESS RANDON ONE SHOTS , please mr wilson
I am once again asking for a Weapon Skin Effect/Trail Toggle and Char Effect Trail/Ball/Fire Toggle. Tyvm
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It is sad to see the state of game when only thing working great is a daily new microtransaction to pull money from players.

To be clear, it is OK to ask for money for support - just check my badges. But if the overall sentiment is that the game is no longer fun, you cannot expect to get the support.
Well, guys, what are you doing !? This is an ordinary gray hood from Act 1, only a green speckled recolor. And the faces / masks can still not be drawn, they are not visible from the height of the camera. Stop, and you are not drawing faces / masks anyway.
Sorry, but you won't get any support or forgiveness for such a hack.

P.S. Now I saw the concept art of Myrmidon's armor. Guys, did you really change the helmet from the concept to this hood ?! My only opinion is this: you were too lazy to draw and introduce a new helmet model into the game, and you decided to cheat and slip a repainted cheap hood! Shame. But you also ask for money for this ...

I'm sorry, I re-watched the video with the Myrmidon armor set, there is a normal helmet as from a concept art. But I still don’t understand how you could have fooled that hood like this ...
да потому что мои сборки лучшие на ру форуме (с) Иephentus
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Whoa, just look at those third-world textures! Breathtaking, just simply breath-I-can't-do-it-anymore.
macsmoto wrote:
we want HARVEST !!

"We"? Who's 'we' here? You don't speak for anyone but yourself buddy.
Repainted level 1 Leather Cap. If i want to look hideous i rather pick the free base game armour pieces.
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