[3.22] The Consuming Dark CwC Volatile Dead 13m DPS

Path of building:

Enlighten lvl 4 version with triple watcher's eye (-mana cost clarity) and triple megalomaniac

Cyclone + CwC Volatile Dead is my favorite combination 💜. It allows me to move freely and avoid danger while unleashing fiery orbs of death. I've been playing this build since Harvest League and refining it over time.

This build is the result of many leagues of experimentation and optimization, and it has reached its peak with the introduction of Tattoos in the Ancestor league. These currency items can transform passive skills on the tree into more powerful ones, giving us more flexibility and customization.

This build is tanky, has great clear speed, and deals respectable damage.

Reasonably juiced T16 Cemetery Map
T16 Crimson Temple
Eater of Worlds
Altered Distant Memory

Reached level 100 simply by mapping👉👈

Build guide:

Important notes:
-Desecrate has to be lvl 1.
-Desecrate has to be linked with cwc before volatile dead, from up to down.
Cyclone - CwC - lvl 1 Desecrate - Volatile Dead - Elemental focus - Spell Cascade

I suggest Freezing pulse till 68 with Leveling uniques:
Goldrim, Le Heup of All, Astramentis/Karui Ward, Tabula, Wanderlust, Belt of the Deceiver, Asenath's gloves, Lifesprig

Budget: 150+ divine

5 divines to start,
6l Eternity shroud + consuming dark daggers, after that it's just upgrade and upgrade.

Any feedback is welcome :)
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I was wondering if you could add a leveling outline? Perhaps from start to a certain designated level just so I can see what to start out with. Thank you.
I like your concept, but just have to ask about any video of map clear or something.
T16 Vault Map clear video up :)
Can it do the hard encounters?
Like the 4 maven bosses (could be any of the hardest bosses)

What about maven? can it do it?
bump, build got updated to 3.22 :)
pog 2.0
Is this mageblood viable? kek

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