~( SOULBLIGHT )~ Trickster

Welcome to SoulBlight. Channel a nasty Blight that casts a deadly Soulrend, two great chaos spells at once with smooth tanky gameplay.

Lots of Auras, with increased effect, Malevolence, Grace, 3 Puritys, Discipline, Clarity, and Zealotry. Arctic Armor for tank channeling.

Resists are buffed! : 82% Fire, 82% Cold, 83% Lightning
10k Energy Shield, 76% Evasion, 5 Frenzy Charges

My Endgame gear with gem links, corruptions and enchantments. Took me a long time to get this gear, so its not that league friendly and SSF would be tough, although some amazing players can probly do it, or something like this build.

Tree: level 95. You might need reduced mana cost from the tree, or master mana reservation, get what you need to make casting cheaper. An option is to drop Arctic Armour, if you do take Brine king pantheon.


Bandits: Kill all

Pantheon: Major :Solaris Minor: Abberath.

Jewels. Spreading Rot is great, Monsters get Withered (take more Chaos damage) with your Blight.

Optional Jewel for more damage, but less ES and mana


You can anticipate the enemies and Soulrend for a large map clearing, or sometimes a quick Blight can clear an area. The build can be a bit slower but if your good at knowing where the monsters are it can be a fairly fast clearer.

Vaal Blight is very good and fun! for big groups of monsters and Bosses.

The new Ghost Dance passive, gain 3% of your Evasion rating as Energy Shield when you are hit works well with our evasion rating.
*Note* because of this passive we start out with less Energy shield (around 2k) because most of our evasion comes from Grace. Until we leech with Soulrend our ES will be low.

A nice thing about Cast while Channeling is you always cast your Soulrend 3.3 times a second even if your slowed down by Temporal Chains or Chilled etc.

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Looks nice! Can it do endgame content?
Tecken1407 wrote:
Looks nice! Can it do endgame content?

Ya its a tanky build with good damage, I've done pretty much everything. Evasion is really good in this game now with monsters hitting so hard, gives you time for Soulrends energy leech, and keep your ghost shrouds. Build can be ranged or up close.
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Can y give pob , want to look at damage in it
Got rid of old POB.
Last edited by Rorshax on Aug 16, 2021, 4:16:17 PM
Changed build, sorry, heres the new POB. I hope I did it right I'm not very good with POB.

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Updated build! New Mastery tree additions make a big difference.
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Do you have any Map / Boss video's for showcase? Maybe I want to try it in SSF if it looks good
Is there a difference in using cwc and coc with this build?

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