Later on today, we plan to deploy Patch 3.15.1 which includes a variety of fixes. To give you an idea of what to expect, we have prepared a preview of the patch notes for you! We've also noted what we're working on beyond the patch.

Please note that the patch notes may be changed prior to their deployment.

3.15.1 Patch Notes:


  • Added vendor recipes for converting Instilling Orbs to Enkindling Orbs and vice versa. You'll need to discover these recipes for yourself, but they're not hard to work out.
  • Quality on the Divergent Flamethrower Trap Skill Gem no longer grants 0-20% increased Cast Speed. It now grants 0-20% increased Trap Throwing Speed.
  • Quality on the Phantasmal Seismic Trap Skill Gem no longer grants 0-60% reduced Cast Speed. It now grants 0-60% reduced wave frequency.
  • Maven's Memory Game no longer restarts upon re-entering the area if you died and left the area during it.
  • Completing the Heart of the Grove Harvest encounter for the first time now unlocks 5 extra Horticrafting Station crafting slots for those in the area at both the start and end of the fight, instead of just the instance owner.
  • The “30% increased Stun and Block Recovery” upgraded Soul of the Brine King Pantheon Power is no longer obtained by capturing Otesha, one of the Iceberg Map bosses. It is now obtained by capturing Glace, the Beach Map boss.
  • Reduced the chance for Expeditions to spawn in the Quarry.
  • Added support for combining the Scavenger and Overseer Microtransaction Character Effects (from the recent Mystery Box) into the Midnight Pact Microtransaction Character Effect.
  • Improved the Stygian, Celestial, and Automaton Necrolord Boots and Gloves Microtransactions to make them more distinguishable.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where Remnants were not affecting the chance to drop an additional Map from Runic Monsters or Excavated Chests.
  • Fixed a bug where Logbooks with the implicit “Area contains Vorana, Last to Fall” modifier could sometimes fail to spawn Vorana.
  • Fixed a bug where Medved, Feller of Heroes was classified as a Runic monster, and as a result, could be affected by Remnant modifiers that affect Runic monsters.
  • Fixed a bug where Expedition Logbook subarea minibosses would be affected by Remnant modifiers that apply to Runic monsters.
  • Fixed a bug with the seed generation of Expedition NPC shops.
  • Fixed a bug where some Ancient Kalguuran Text could be unreachable.
  • Fixed a bug where Shield Crush could fail to deal damage if your back was up against a wall.
  • Fixed a bug where you were able to use Explosive Concoction with an off-hand Weapon and a disabled main-hand Weapon.
  • Fixed a bug where Manabond could deal damage through walls.
  • Fixed a bug where Hexblast was missing some of its visual effects.
  • Fixed a bug where the Summoned Reaper could not destroy pots with some of their attacks.
  • Fixed a bug where the Summoned Reaper's two consume skills shared a cooldown.
  • Fixed a bug where the duration of Lightning Warp could only be affected by the Less Duration Support.
  • Fixed a bug where the Vaal Ice Nova skill gem stated it interacted with Frostbolt projectiles, it does not.
  • Fixed a bug where the Spellslinger and Arcanist Brand skill gems were missing the “Trigger” gem tag.
  • Fixed a bug where Smoke Mine was not triggering the “Used when you Use a Travel Skill” Flask Enchantment.
  • Fixed a bug where Mirage Warriors summoned with General's Cry would not be able to use Shield Crush with the Wolf Howl Warcry or Celestial Warcry Microtransaction effects equipped.
  • Fixed a bug where Chill and Shock reflected to you while using The Fulcrum could sometimes be removed when killing monsters.
  • Fixed a bug where the “Reused when you stop being affected by this Flask's effect” Enchantment was reusing the Coruscating Elixir Ruby Flask every 2 seconds.
  • Fixed a bug where the Victim Maker Cluster Jewel Notable Passive would apply Malediction to enemies Cursed by you when 66% of the Curse Duration expired, rather than 33% of the Curse Duration.
  • Fixed a bug where Unearthed Monsters summoned by a Priest of the Chalice Spectre would remain in the area they were summoned. They now despawn if they are left behind in the area they were summoned.
  • Fixed a bug where some monsters were not actually frozen when encased in an Essence Crystal.
  • Fixed a bug where Lures were failing to spawn the correct number of Red Beasts.
  • Fixed a bug where you could not complete Zana's “Slay the Invasion boss” mission in the Dry Sea Map.
  • Fixed a bug where the Thicket Map boss could stop moving and attacking.
  • Fixed a bug where the Glacier Map boss no longer used Leap Slam.
  • Fixed a bug where the Expedition Locker Affinity was not functioning properly if you tried to stash applicable items while viewing a Unique Stash Tab.
  • Fixed a bug where the Heist and Expedition Lockers did not warn you they were full on a particular item when you had an Affinity applied to them.
  • Fixed a bug where you were unable to purchase Whakano's items with Control-Click.
  • Fixed a bug where mini life bars were shown for friendly monsters on full health.
  • Fixed a bug where the description of Winged Bestiary Scarabs was incorrect.
  • Fixed a visual bug where active Flask Duration bars could extend past the Flask User Interface.
  • Fixed a bug where the Soulkeeper Demigod Weapon could not be applied to Thrusting One Hand Swords.
  • Fixed a bug where Totem Skin Microtransactions were using incorrect animations when applied to Ballista Totems supporting Storm Rain.
  • Fixed two client crashes.

Royale-Specific Changes: (only affects Royale, not regular gameplay!)

This week's changes focus on getting matches running faster, making it a bit easier to get your build going, and some additional numerical balance. Improving the possibility for players to catch up when they fall behind remains a focus for future Royale patches.

Royale Matchmaking Changes

  • Royale matches are now pooled per large geographic region. This will result in matches filling up much faster, though you may experience slightly higher latency than you did before when the matches were per-gateway. We will continue to balance this as the Royale player population fluctuates so that there's a good middle ground between games starting and average latency being low.

Royale Gameplay Changes

  • The number of ramps leading up the cliffs from the beach to subsequent areas has been approximately doubled, though ramps have been made slightly narrower on average.
  • A random level 1 Skill Gem now drops next to each player when the round begins. The availability of Skill Gems from other sources has not been adjusted for the time being.
  • The number of rare monsters spawning throughout the island has been approximately halved.
  • Damage dealt by all monsters other than those found on the beach has been adjusted to be more consistent, and a bit less lethal. Most monsters now deal less damage than they used to, but a few deal slightly more.

Royale Skill and Support Gem Changes

  • Whirling Blades and Leap Slam have been removed. Both skills have demonstrated they are very effective against other players and, unfortunately, there is no level of healthy balance between usability and strength for them (particularly when combined with other travel skills).
  • Creeping Frost's initial hit damage has been reduced by approximately 20% at all levels. Its damage over time has not been changed.
  • Cyclone's base attack speed multiplier has been reduced to 200% (previously 240%).
  • Divine Ire's base damage has been reduced by approximately 30% at all levels. Its damage penalty while channelling has been reduced to 40% (previously 50%).
  • Elemental Hit's base attack speed multiplier has been reduced to 90% (previously 100%).
  • Ground Slam's base attack speed multiplier has been increased to 85% (previously 70%).
  • Ice Crash's base attack speed multiplier has been increased to 80% (previously 70%).
  • Incinerate's final wave now deals 800% more damage with hits and ailments (previously 500%).
  • Lacerate's chance to cause bleeding in Blood Stance has been increased to 50% (previously 25%).
  • The number of projectiles created by Molten Strike has been reduced to 3 (previously 4).
  • Sunder's base attack speed multiplier has been increased to 90% (previously 75%).

Royale Passive Skill Tree Changes

  • The Well-Travelled Warrior and Personal Combat nodes have had their positions on the Passive Skill Tree swapped.

Royale Item Changes

  • The base attack speed of the Royale-specific version of the Crude Bow has been increased to 1.35 (previously 1.25).

Royale Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a client crash.

In addition to the above patch notes, below are a few things we're working on that couldn't make it into this patch.

Can Rog better communicate the effect of his upgrades?
We are planning to add a feature to the UI which highlights which mods will be affected by certain crafting outcomes (such as removing the lowest-level mods). In the future, we will probably also apply this improvement to Harvest Crafting and other systems where appropriate.

Will you improve the UI for placing explosives in Expedition?
We are reducing the amount of Expedition ground that cannot have explosives placed on it.

We also wanted to share a small PSA for those who may have missed it: it's possible to undo Explosive placement by using the UI or by pressing shift+V.

Instilling Orbs
We are planning to add Instilling Orb mods to the Crafting Bench so that players have the power to directly determine which modifier is applied to their flasks. This will cost multiple Instilling Orbs and Glassblower's Baubles. The reason why we are only doing this for Instilling Orbs is that they have far more modifiers and having the wrong Instilling trigger condition is often worse than not having one at all. Enkindling Orbs improve almost every flask in some way regardless of which modifier you currently have.

Monsters reapply Curses too rapidly
We agree. The most notable cases of this are with Necromancers, Sea Witches and the Hexfont Nemesis Mod where monsters are able to rapidly reapply curses. We are removing the 'Silence' curse from Hexfont and making it so that packs of monsters that can apply curses will share a cooldown for curse application.

Is Boneshatter bugged? It looks like its shockwave doesn't trigger sometimes.
The short answer is no. There are some mechanical shortfalls of the way Stun currently works. We have plans to improve how this works in the future but it most likely won't happen during 3.15's patch series. We've also seen reports that Boneshatter's weapon range isn't scaling correctly. We've investigated this and found that it is scaling correctly but the visual representation of it isn't clear enough.

Can Gwennen provide more valuable unique items?
We've reviewed this and will be increasing the chance for players to get the most valuable unique items from Gwennen's gambling window. We are aiming to get this into Patch 3.15.1 or shortly after.

Thanks so much for all of your feedback!
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Edit: Not pog :( Why no buffs to map expeditions. They are pretty feelsbad right now unless you get a good layout tujen/dannig
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a blank patch
ferret brought me here
First Mirror drop at t8 pier map in legacy league :D
Second Mirror drop at t16 promenade map in delirium league :D
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