[3.15] Doryani's Touch Berserker || 10M+ DPS BIG Slams || 600k+ EHP || Standard || NO 6-LINK

Hello Exiles, I don't usually post any builds I theorycraft but here's my meme build I used for Ultimatum league that turned out to be actually very good. It is still viable for 3.15 in Standard league.

I'm quite proud of coming up with this version of a Doryani's fist build and here's a picture of me #1 on PoE Ninja on Week 4 (the week I started late) of Ultimatum League for Doryani's Prototype builds (and Doryani's Fist builds at the time as well). I privated my profile later on (so I could write this guide first) right after I broke 10M DPS on the leaderboard, but a lot of people already took notice of the build, and I'm glad that I was able to inspire so many other players; however, I still hold the opinion that mine is still one of the best iterations of it that finds a great balance between damage + tankiness.

1.Build Summary
2.How the build works
3.Video Showcase
4.Gearing Explanation
5.Gem Links
6.Bandits, Pantheon, Ascendancies

3.15 Changes:
Damage slightly nerfed, as with all other skills having support gems nerfed.
Also you can only play this in Standard now since the shield is not in Expedition league.
Due to mana multiplier changes for certain Fist of War and Fortify etc. it may be better to forgo the 0 mana cost slam and use the extra mod slots on rings for something else. Just bring it down to within 10 mana and it'll still be very spammable as a slam. An idea would be to run a level 1 Vitality and a Vitality Life Gain on Hit Watcher's Eye instead of - mana cost to skills with Clarity.

PoB for Experienced Players

Yes you can just copy the build and it will work. To fit in Aspect of the Spider/Arctic Armour or any 25% reservation aura you will need Reduced Reservation corrupted implicits on some of the Jewels.

Build Summary

+ NO 6-LINK required (in fact, you never need it as it hardly does anything for you)
+ BIG Slam DPS 10M+
+ Screenwide (even off-screen) AoE
+ Very tanky (multiple sources of reduced damage taken)
+ Can tank: Shaper Slam, multiple Volatile Flame Bloods, all Sirus Attacks including die beam, etc. (you can literally stand still in the middle of packs/Ultimatum)
+ Fortify
+ 90% Elemental Resistances (90% Fire Resistance, you take no non-Fire elemental damage)
+ 90% Chaos Resistance
+ 80-90% Physical Damage Reduction (from Armour, not including additional sources)
+ Huge Molten Shell (5K-10K)
+ Negative Lightning Resistance stacker, reduce Boss Lightning Resistances into the -70% ranges or even lower (effectively subtracting 120% worth of Lightning Res from bosses like Sirus)
+ Utilizes Rage and Berserk to go FAST
+ Life Leech per second doubled and Overleech
+ Can do all map mods except Elemental Reflect (*unless you manage to get a hold of shaper rings with the mod that reduces reflected elemental damage taken)
+ 1-Button mapping
+ Clears all content on a budget (that includes Simulacrums, 100% Delirious, etc.)
+ Freeze Immune

- Cannot do Elemental Reflect
- You need many many CHEAP uniques, meaning it's probably unlikely to take off on Day 1 of the league, you will have to play without negative Lightning Res until then (you can transition by Day 2-3)
- No Regen, your life will regenerate like Energy Shield but while in combat your sustain will mostly come from Leech and Flasks
- Endurance Charges will mess up your negative Lightning Resistance (DO NOT use Endurance Charges), very tragic for the Marauder (*Can be solved by using Ahn's Anguish unique belt, very spicy)
- No weapon, meaning less gem slots
- You need a lot of Fire and Chaos Resistance

How the build works:

The build utilizes the unique Doryani's Fist which grants the slam skill Doryani's Touch (yes that's right, the skill that Dominus uses) to do damage. You will slot your support gems into the gauntlet (it does not need to be fully linked)

The defensive layers featured in the build are largely stacking resistances to 90%, Phys Reduction to 90%, HUGE Molten Shell, and some defensive curses + flat % damage reduction. How we achieve that is through corrupted implicits on uniques, damage taken conversion, and cluster jewels.

Another main part of the build is going to be negative lightning resistance stacking, we will be converting all of our damage taken into Chaos and Fire damage. This way we can keep our Lightning resistance at -70%+ and we only have to stack our Fire and Chaos resistances to 90% to get 90% damage reduction to all elemental damage types.

Video Showcase

T19 100% Delirious Nemesis Beyond Map
(Yes I do die, it's just a demonstration, I do clear the map)

T19 Regular Mapping

Elder Second Phase 1-Shot

Gearing Explanation



We use Doryani's Prototype or the negative Lightning Resistance stacking mechanic. No, there aren't really other options. To upgrade it we look for corrupted implicits, I recommend % increased damage (shown above).


Not much of an explanation needed here. This is your main "weapon". Look for good rolls on the added Lightning Damage to Unarmed Melee Hits.

Upgrading this item would also be looking for corrupted implicits. In my opinion the best one is +2 to AoE Gems and Curse Enemies with Temporal Chains on hit.
+1 Socketed Gems and Curse Enemies with Enfeeble work too.

NOTE: Any of the other curses do nothing, do not bother. The way negative Lightning Resistance stacking works is that it sets the nearby enemies to your Lightning Res value, cursing them won't do anything.

This is the shield that makes it all work. Gives you 5 great notables and most importantly Divine Flesh and Everlasting Sacrifice.
Without these two you cannot run negative Lightning res stacking.

For corrupted implicits I recommend Phys take as Chaos Damage.


I recommend The Formless Inferno because it's cheap, it's easy to obtain, and it makes you VERY tanky. We are usually way overcapped in Fire Resistance because of our Purity of Fire, and this helmet converts it into Armour, usually letting us sit at 10K Armour unbuffed. This is our key to a huge Molten Shell.

To upgrade from the previous helmet you would need probably double influenced well crafted (Harvest level) helmets using these two base types depending on whether you want more damage or more tankiness (I recommend the damage one). It's going to cost a lot and the estimated increase in DPS is around 7-9%.

Lab Enchants: If you want to fit in extra auras like Aspect of the Spider or Arctic Armour which are both fantastic, you will need a Reduced Reservation enchant for Purity of Fire, Herald of Thunder, or Wrath (Reduced Reservation for other Auras may work, you will have to put it into PoB to check for your own specific character.)

If not, just get either:
Attacks Exerted by Seismic Cry deal 50% increased Damage - yeah it's basically just 50% increased Damage, all of your attacks are exerted by Seismic Cry.

Berserk has 40% reduced Rage loss per second - if you want to map like a BEAST, although just spamming Berserk off CD works too since you generate so much rage.


Amazing item for this build. It's got all the stats we want, armour, Lightning damage to Attacks, life, and most importantly Level 25 Purity of Fire. Make sure to socket your auras on boots with Enlighten support, this will also reduce the reservation of the Purity of Fire.

You can easily get your own from the map Doryani's Machinarium. Choose to buff minions with fire damage, lightning for the claw, fire for the Bludgeon.

Again to upgrade this item further, you want corrupted implicits. I recommend: +1 Socketed Gems, +2 Socketed AoE Gems, or +2 Socketed Aura Gems. These are all fantastic options to buff your Auras.

Lab Enchant: Adds 1 - 160 Lightning Damage if you haven't killed recently. Fantastic for bossing.

Stun Avoidance and Damage Penetrates 10% of Enemy Elemental Resistances are okay as well, but they aren't as good.


Stygian Vise is a great option. You want to stack your resistances on your accessories because you can use Catalysts to make some really juicy resistance items. Also Abyss Jewels have great stats like Lightning Damage to Attacks etc.

Basically you want Resistances -> Life -> Elemental Damage to Attacks/Bestiary Aspects -> Armour -> IDK other random influenced mods etc. in order of importance/accessibility.

Use this if you can't find a good Stygian Vise, it's still a very good belt if you want to utilize Endurance Charge generation. Also since it's a common drop it will be cheap and often have great corrupted implicits like Wrath effect for a low price as well.

Also it gives a lot of armour, fire resistance, and life.

Accessories (Rings/Amulet)

For rings you want Vermillion Rings as your first choice. Since we use so many uniques, we desperately need an HP pool. Every point of HP is worth a TON more than on other builds because of how much damage reduction and resistance we have. The main mods we're looking for are again Fire Resistance and Chaos Resistance, Attributes are also very important as we need a lot of Dex and Int. If you have a bigger budget you can start looking for higher life rolls, Lightning Damage to Attacks, influence mods, - mana costs, etc.

The same goes for the amulet. In Ultimatum league I allocated Charisma so I could fit in more Auras. Other options can include Whispers of Doom if you want to curse enemies with both Temp Chains + Enfeeble. Heart of Thunder and Tenacity (slightly better) are great as well.

Ventor's Gamble... Yeah if you can afford a really well rolled one, they're not bad. Look for a really negative Lightning Res roll and then catalyst it to go even lower. You can get an extra -15% Lightning Res here which can be pretty huge.


With 3.15 changes to flasks, our build isn't going to feel too different. If anything with the new flask currencies I would say that we actually get even more armour and QoL. Running these 4 utility flasks really is the best setup and it makes you virtually unkillable in maps.

Great for bossing. If you're super rich you can run a Bottled Faith, it's not really worth it though if you have other things to upgrade first.


MUST have, this gives us Tempered by War noteable, which is how we only take Fire and Chaos damage.

Born of Chaos and Summer Warrior give us max Chaos Resistance and max Fire Resistance along with a ton of armour and some more resistances to max out at 90%. Very important to the build.

Lead by Example, Evil Eye, Wish for Death, Haunting Shout are all fantastic nodes that give us Onslaught, Blind, Culling Strike, and Intimidate respectively.

The important nodes you want on your large clusters are Supercharge and Overshock. These two give you a HUGE damage boost. Advance Guard is great for QoL movement speed (it will give us roughly 10-15% movement speed. Smite the Weak gives us maim.

For this build you will need 2 Large Radius Thread of Hopes, and 2-3 Medium Radius Thread of Hopes. Make sure to get -20% to all Resistances rolls because that translates directly to more damage.

Mob Mentality generates us a bunch of random charges, use this if you want Endurance charges for Ahn's Anguish belt.

Gem Links

Main Attack: Doryani's Touch (from Gloves)

These 4 support gems are socketed into the gloves (they don't need to be linked). They give us the most DPS and AoE. Awakened variants are nice but not necessary. Divergent Pulverise however is VERY good and gives us a huge DPS increase.


Frostblink is good because it chills enemies and most importantly YOU CAN FROSTBLINK IN THE WINDUP ANIMATION OF ANY SLAM SKILLS. This is very important to know so I put it in all caps.

Bind to Left-Click:

Bind Seismic Cry to left click so you cast it as soon as it's off cooldown. This is very important.


Wrath is #1 priority.
Herald of Thunder is great for getting more "hits" in for any life gain on hit sustain, and it adds Lightning damage to Attacks.
Clarity - you're going to need the mana/Watcher's Eye - mana cost.
Blood and Sand - Slams are a melee skill and this is a good melee aura.
Arctic Armour - this was sleeper good on this build already because you are considered stationary when slamming. Chills + Temp Chains also make your enemies incredibly slow. Now in 3.15 it makes you IMMUNE TO FREEZE. Thanks Chris!

Yes, you do need an Enligten 4 if you want to fit everything (including Aspect of the Spider etc.)

Cast when Damage Taken AKA 10K Molten Shell:

Not much to say here, link Molten Shell to Cast when Damage taken for a humongous Molten Shell, 10K while under flask effects, easily 4-5K unbuffed. It's nuts. Remember to keep Cast when Damage Taken at level 1, and Molten Shell at level 10. Increased Duration support for increased duration.

Elemental Overload Proc:

So here's how we proc Elemental Overload for that sweet bonus Elemental damage. First we get one of these fast hitting lightning spells, Storm Brand is definitely my favorite one since you can link it to your CWDT + Increased Duration for extra synergy and gem socket efficiency.

Then you give it Increased Critical Strikes and/or Swiftbrand (I like this one more because it means more hits = more life gain on hit from Watcher's Eye mods or influence mods on rings. Just this one support gem will give you almost 100% Elemental Overload uptime. It's really just that easy.

If you're lazy you can link it to Cast when Damage Taken. Self casting may also be problematic if you have mana problems, but usually these will be lower mana cost than your slam skill. This will still give you almost 100% uptime.

Other options include (but I don't recommend):

Yeah these aren't great but they still work. Use them if you like how they look/have good MTX for them or something. Storm Brand is better.


Berserk is nuts, makes you bigger and faster and tankier. Spam it off CD if you want, you can sustain the rage.

Yeah IDK, these do something... I'm just not sure if that something is worth the time/effort as they add a lot of key presses to the playstyle (and honestly that might lower your DPS because you're busy pressing other stuff) They're mostly here to compete with people on PoE Ninja LOL


These are actually worth the trouble of pressing before a bossfight. They give you a lot of extra damage (double in the case of Intimidating Cry).

To make use of Intimidating Cry, make sure to press it after the shared Warcry cooldown is off (or just right away if you don't take Call to Arms)

Vaal Ancestral Warchief comes up so often, honestly you can just press it whenever, even when mapping, just for the extra damage. Panopticon notable at the very bottom of the passive tree makes this a very strong buff.

Bandits, Pantheon, Ascendancies
Bandits: Kill all, we need every passive point we can get since we do a lot of traveling on the tree.
Pantheon: Soul of Solaris for Major, Soul of Shakari (for the 5% reduced Chaos Damage taken) or Soul of Gruthkul are both VERY good. For this build they are way too good to be Minor Pantheons.
Ascendancies: We go Berserker because the attack speed is perfect for getting all 5 exerted slams out before you warcry again. Also we're tanky enough to not even care about the increased damage taken from Aspect of Carnage.

In the VERY early game (like if you're trying to play this build in the first week of the league) Chieftain can work too. For Chieftain you would take Tawhoa, Forest's Strength -> Tasalio, Cleansing Water -> Valako, Storm's Embrace (You HAVE to have Arn's Anguish to convert the Endurance charges to Brutal Charges) -> Tukohama, War's Herald. Honestly this is pretty subpar compared to Berserker, I just wouldn't go Chieftain unless you're really struggling to cap Fire resistance for some reason.

The order we want to take ascendancy points is: Aspect of Carnage -> Crave the Slaughter + Rite of Ruin -> War Bringer

Leveling + Passive Point Allocation


If leveled as a league starter, I recommend starting as a Chieftain instead of Berserker due to easy access to 100% Fire Resistance from one of your Ascendancies. However, starting Berserker is fine as well. Level as a normal slam Berserker using any slam of your choice.
Just cap resistances normally with rares etc.
Before you swap to negative lightning res once you need to have:
1. Enough passive points (around level 85-90).
2. The uniques required (no corrupted implicits needed, just the base versions of these uniques will do):

Before level 100 the following Thread of Hope circles/branches can be dropped in order of importance:
1. Below the Duelist starting point, everything after "Measured Fury" can be dropped.
2. "Warning Call" from your Warcry Medium Cluster can be dropped.
3. "Amplify" "Ash, Frost, and Storm" can be dropped.

Thanks for reading! Don't be afraid to DM me for any questions.

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Hi! Can this build do endgame content? maven and so on? also is 20 ex enough for this build to go?
Cool build. Looks really interesting and fun.

Would love to try it, but there isn't a single Mahuxotl's Machination available on trade in Expedition league.

Is the shield league-specific for Ultimatum? Meaning that for now at least, you can only play the build on standard?
Last edited by Ridman on Aug 3, 2021, 1:52:41 PM
Hi, yes it's for standard. Forgot to mention that.
Mahuxotl's Machination drop restricted.
Tecken1407 wrote:
Hi! Can this build do endgame content? maven and so on? also is 20 ex enough for this build to go?

Yes I actually started this build with 20 ex, and yes it can do Maven pretty easily as lolng as you know the mechanics.

It does all content pretty handily. Due to it not being very flexible however it won't scale to ridiculous levels vs. 100% Delirious T19 maps, BUT it clears everything.
sorry, for the 3.15 league is it worth it?

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