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I made a build around this for the new rare system and it is infuriating. It does not work with tribal fury so I only get a buff if the rare is by itself and even then some rares do not grant buffs. Tested on flicker and heavy strike, with and without multistrike and melee spash. There are many times where it does not steal a buff or refresh a buff. It would also be noce to know what buff was stolen since rares have so many now.

Level 81 inquisidoor
GGG where is your response to behead threads about the gem not stealing buffs? I have read through all of the issues with behead support and there is no response that I can find from GGG. This is an awesome time for the gem to actually work! New rare system etc. If you do not plan to address the issues at least acknolwdge what everyone is saying please.
I'm attempting to use it on a gladiator block build w/riposte & culling strike. I did this last league and it ended up being a mini-headhunter. Kind of cool.......

This league it's just not working. I'm at 66 percent attack block right now and I've killed dozens of rares with Riposte and not seen a single proc of behead.

Pretty sure it's broken. At least with Riposte.
Still waiting on a response to all of the bug posts. Seems like the skill is not working with the new mods in Sentinel or is just a bad support skill.
I don't think you need a full year cycle of tests and feedback
to push what is supposed to be a main DPS gem support above useless off-skill supports like Blind/Life Leech/Stun/Decay and what not else garbage.

Just open an extra mod slot and filter them to 1 offensive and 1 defensive at a time.

It's honestly pathetic.

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