[3.15][Gladiator][Spectral Helix][League Start] The Hammerdin Tank | 79/79 Block | 3 - ~20mil DPS

[Duelist][Gladiator][Spectral Helix] The Hammerdin Tank

A9 Crusader

Will be making a spectral helix build for 3.16, but it will likely use spell suppression.

###### VIDEOS ######

Shaper Fight Speedrun~5+mil DPS

First Sirus fight | Deathless A5 Kill ~700K DPS OLD

Elder Influenced and 80% Delerius juiced T15 Spider Forest ~1.2m DPS OLD

Maven Elder Guardian 4-way (A9)~1.8m DPS
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oKtdzMU_yaw OLD

###### POB ######


### PROS ###
Maps very quickly and safely.
Capped block and spell block with Rumi's
Freezes enemies quite reliably.
Super high APS (13+ attacks a second) with investment
Pretty much perma Fortify with shield charge.

### CONS ###

Needs cluster jewels to get the crit version going..
Not much chaos res, but I could probably have done better on my gear.
Sub 5k life makes certain fights difficult.
Uber Atziri and Chayula suck to fight.

Build is pretty mature now and definitely proving strong.

This build works with several uniques to get you going. See the "Buyer's Guide" section. You don't need god gamer gear to play this build effectively.

DPS massively multiplies depending on boss hitbox size and projectile speed. This build emphasizes block/life on block with IC to allow us to ramp DPS. We aim for the lowest projectile speed. Slower projectile speed = massive DPS boost, but makes map clear slower. Anomalous Blood and Sand is huge QoL for map clear.

Can I dual wield?
Survivability is good during map clear. The Savior gives the best DPS but its hard to ramp on bosses without getting 1 shot in my opinion. Requires slightly re-worked skill tree. Can almost achieve same block chance. More crit and accuracy possible with dual wield.

###### CURRENT GEAR ######



.Spectral Helix
..Awakened Added Cold Damage Support
...Divergent Increased Critical Strikes Support
....Anomalous Trinity Support
.....Awakened Elemental Damage with Attacks Support
......Anomalous Inspiration Support


.Shield Charge
..Faster Attacks Support
...Anomalous Fortify Support


.Vengeance OR Reckoning
..Life Gain on Hit Support
...Divergent Riposte


.Enlighten Support
..Anomalous Hatred
...Anomalous Herald of Purity
....Anomalous Precision


.Divergent Tempest Shield
..Anomalous Blood Rage
...Flame Wall
....Anomalous Blood and Sand


.Anomalous Cast When Damage Taken
..Anomalous Immortal Call
...LifeTap Support
....Phantasmal Ancestral Protector


Quick notes:

Anarchic Spiritblade is a very important core item for this build because of this mod:
"100% of Physical Damage from Hits with this Weapon is Converted to a random Element"
You can obtain it from Grand Heists with experimented items or trade for one.
This enables trinity to work its magic.

Stack added physical damage on rings/amulet/gloves if possible.


Get 1 phys to ele damage mod on one of these items

Crusader boots with Phys > Extra Lightning DMG
Warlord boots with Phys > Extra Fire DMG
Amulet with Phys > Extra Fire DMG
Amulet with Phys > Extra Lightning DMG

This is needed to keep trinity alive and strong at 50 resonance.

For trinity to work properly.
Do not stack any Phys > Extra Cold DMG on gear.
We get a lot from hatred/taste of hate.
This will not work well with our weapons implicit.

Ideally you obtain a "Attacks have +# to Critical Strike Chance" mod on your chestpiece
Extra curse / mana cost reduction is icing on the cake!

Rings need mana cost reduction if you don't have it on the chestpiece.
You will have to play around with your gear to make it work right.
There are 2 very powerful mana leech nodes on the bottom right of the tree you can divert too if needed.

Attack speed should be obtained everywhere possible.
Can't stress this enough. HIGH APS is super QOL on this build and ramps DPS wickedly.

Go for armor and physical damage reduction instead of evasion.
+1 to minimum endurance charges on rings/amulet are extremely nice.
Immortal Call with 3 endurance charges will make the 4000-4500 life not feel as bad.

Ideally you want a shield with good life on block and increased block chance.

A Drox or Shaper shield can roll the "#% life on block" which is ultimately what you want.
Shaper shields can also roll the mod to gain 1 of the 3 charge types per block which is also OP.


Buying these will help get you into red maps quicker.

Rumi's Concoction ENCHANT: "Use when charges reach full"
Taste of Hate ENCHANT: "Use when charges reach full"

Watcher's Eye
- Gain a Flask Charge when you deal a Critical Strike while affected by Precision
- #% to Critical Strike Chance while affected by Hatred
The increased crit helps a lot but is expensive

Anarchic Spiritblade
- #% Increased Physical Damage
- Adds # to # Physical Damage (Local)
- #% Increased Attack Speed
- +# Accuracy rating
Fate of the Vaal

- Gain #% Life on block
- #% Increased maximum life
- Gain and Endurance, Frenzy or Power Charge when you block
The Surrender

Ryslatha's Coil

Alpha's Howl < No life/armor but will help with Freeze ;), plus has the -% mana reserved.

CHEAP recommendations until you can go full crit:
2 Elemental Damage large cluster jewels
- 8-9 max added passives
- at least 2 skill nodes

2 Block attack damage small cluster jewels
- 2 max added passives
- Vicious Guard

3 base jewels
- #% Increased maximum life
- #% Attack Speed


POB has leveling info in it for the skill tree.

Level 1-33
Pick your fav leveling gem to get going.
I recommend sticking with some kind of bleed skill.
Stick with weapons that give high APS.
Can dual wield early on without any risk of death.
Don't go point blank yet!
Buy Spectral Helix at level 12
3-LINK "Spectral Helix-Chance to Bleed-Maim" before act 1 boss.

LAB 1 - Arena Challenger
Setup 3-LINK from library "Fortify-Whirling Blades-Faster Attacks" before going in and Enduring cry.
Lab will be a joke for you. Breeze through it.

Level 33-55
Act 4 and 5 are a breeze.
Try to get a 4-link chestpiece
Kitava should be easy since he is a big target. Spectral Helix melts big targets.
I used "SpectralHelix - ViciousProj - Brutality - ChanceToBleed" through ACT 10 and early maps with no issue.
Act 6 boss is also a breeze since he is a big target, just keep your distance.

LAB 2 - Painforged
Izaro can be more difficult, Keep close to him so you can telegraph his attacks better and spec into Point Blank before the fight.
If you can craft yourself a sword with like 75-220 phys and good APS (1.6+) then switch to a shield now.

Level 55-68
ACTS 7-10 nothing special just the usual grind.

LAB 3 - Versitle Combantant
Izaro can one shot you if you are not careful if you have low life.
Same strategy as before.
I had 4k+ life when I fought him by going for the Scion wheel, but I also had to massively restructure my skill tree later on.

ACT 10 Kitava fight
Load yourself up with health potions.
Fight should be easy.

Level 70~80ish
Mapping T1-T5
Get your block chance up as much as you can.
There are nodes on the right of the Skill Tree near the major DODGE NODES.

I recommend using a Granite Flask now if you aren't already.

Try to setup ailment immunity with the 4 flasks (freeze/chill/ignite/shock) each flask activating on that specific ailment.

Activate when chilled > Sapphire Flask
Taste of hate is fine to use instead ;)

Activate when shocked > Topaz Flask
Activate when ignited > Ruby Flask

I run freeze/chill removal on my life potion because its a reflex to hit life potion when I freeze so I don't die.

Focus on getting your levels up, make sure to do at least blue maps.
You shouldn't be too squishy.

Betrayal unveiling is very important so take every opportunity you can.
We need the mods from that later.

Try to do some Grand Heists with the experimented items. Anarchic Spiritblade will allow us to go elemental once you get it.

Lab 4 - Violent Retaliation
Make sure to weaken Izaro as much as possible and buff yourself.
Go for dark shrines, complete the mechanics during each phase.

Conquerors (Not meant to be an in-depth guide)
Crusader is easy, just DPS him and stay off of his sigils. Try to stay close to him.
Warlord can be tough, Stay close at first and make sure you kill his banners.
Redeemer is easy, our block makes this fight a breeze. Bring a anti-freeze potion or 2.
Hunter is easy if you know what you are doing. Don't try to DPS him until he moves to the center. Then just rotate in circles around him and DPS him.

Conquerors can be brainlessly killed when you get very strong as shown in the GIF.

5-Link armor and elemental setup with spiritblade is recommended now for T6+
Spectral Helix
Added Cold Damage Support
Trinity Support
Elemental Damage with Attacks Support
Inspiration Support

If you are blessed with a 6-Link you can add
Elemental Focus Support
Elemental Penetration Support (Better option but harder to get)

Focus on getting cluster jewels for crit version.
Focus on getting a Divergent Increased Critical Strikes Support
This allows us to sustain power charges during map clear.

TIPS for endgame bossing based on my experience.
Let the boss hit u once to get the 80% Physical Damage increase.
Sit on the bosses face and rotate the usual ranges to avoid attacks.
POP the 36% focus attack speed buff, ancestral protector, and blood rage to ramp DPS.

Shaper beams feel like shit, avoid them or gtfo of them fast.
This is not a tank the Sirus DIE beam build.
Maven fight is easy since we melt the brain so fast.
Kills Uber Elder bosses fast but need to be quick and observant.
The Feared sucks with this build and I don't recommend it.
Other Maven 4 way encounters are not so bad.
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Could you post a picture of the skill tree? I’m unable to use POB but this build looks interesting and I’m gonna try it out.
i can't do this same you. sadd
Will this be viable for 3.16?
༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ gib 3.16 update ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

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