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New Skill Gem = Voltaxic Burst

pastebin for PoB: https://pastebin.com/JWETDvwM

Hello everyone,

first of all, I'm not a good build creator. I'm just posting this, because I want some good advices (what can I do better for more ES or DPS and so on...) or fixes for this build.

I don't even know if that build is good in this season, by that many changes in 3.15.

What Flask setup would be good for this build?
What could I do better?
What Gems could I also use in Bossfights?
I think Voltaxic Burst is a to slow option for bossing.

BTW : You have to cast your self Voltaxic Burst, in this build. So Voltaxic Burst is your main skill.


I had a very difficult start and Im struggling atm at level 72, but that's just maybe because of not having good gear.

Help would be good :)

Enjoy and Good Luck to you all
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I've been fiddeling around on PoB for a few days now with Voltaxic Burst, and thought aboout a CoC build using Mjolners, due to the no mana cost of triggered spells w/ Mjolner. I still lhaven't found out which gears to use yet, or which ones work best. If I do figure something out Ill post the PoB for everyone!
Im trying to make cwc version of it with mjolner and its been hard for the gear section you can go whit all shaper items and The Eternity Shroud Blood Raiment for high end dps

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