[3.15] Purrgatory's Frost and Fire BattleMage's Cry IceCrash/Firestorm Elementalist Early Draft

Here's my attempt at a BattleMage's Cry build. This uses Staff Crit Ice Crash as its main DPS boosted by a 6-link BattleMage's Cry Firestorm to debuff enemies. Including Elemental Equilibrium being bounced back and forth with the firestorm duration fire element.

Need help with any extra dps options or better POB pathing. I've leveled this to maps and it feels smooth in early mapping so far with satisfying screen wide slams.

Currently POB doesn't seem to correctly calculate the spell power bonus from the BattleMage's Cry so to account for this inserting a jewel with %increased phys by divine judgement equal to 150% of current spell power value as a way to approximate dps, although this is probably calculating wrong heavily in one direction or another.

POB: https://pastebin.com/jbs1dSCX

A disappointing piece of this skill seems to be that the 20% less damage of the triggered spell really hurts building trying to use both the attack and spell skills together. Even to get the spell to partial usefulness seems like a massive investment and building on only spell power leads to disappointing numbers constantly adding to the increases. Its also heavily hampered by being on a 5-link with 20% less from battlemage's cry. To account for these downsides, simply using the spell as a way to get debuffing/utility out of the spell. Currently have Life Leech, Culling Strike, Power charge on crit and its also constantly proccing the Elemental Equilibrium to amp the Ice Crash damage.
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I've been trying to make battlemage's cry work too, and I haven't really found a solid way to use it yet. There are some things that work, like using it to create corpses for VD or Detonate Dead, but I always end up thinking they would be better on a Cyclone CoC.

Crown of Eyes gives you a huge damage boost, and you can use abhorrent interrogation for some really big extra damage. I expect you could hit 10 wither stacks on bosses with all the firestorm hits, or throw in wither totem. I would also use secrets of suffering so you can brittle for a massive dmg boost, at the cost of losing freeze.

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