[3.15] Explosive Concoction

I will eventually flesh out this guide page, but for now I'll leave the character information.

Character is ExCon: https://www.pathofexile.com/account/view-profile/ShazzyZang/characters

Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/3THMd2MY

T15 (Maven, Enfeeble, Inc. Max HP, Double Boss ++):
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I started using your build, but I have a problem. You have like no physical reduction and because of that i'm constantly getting 1 shot.

I'm onlu lvl 64 so I can't wear alle the gear but it's really hard to do anything. Are you also having problems with this?
Hi CaptainWolfJr,

Sorry about the late reply, I kindof quit the league shortly after this. It looks like I jumbled my gear a bit before I last logged in.

I've updated the actual character with the exception of the links. I've swapped ES leech in for Increase AoE support for sustain.

Additionally I was using shield charge linked to Fortify, Unbound Ailments, and Trinity. If you run a high enough level Herald of Ice you can get just enough flat cold damage to make shield charge's highest damage type be cold. This means it will proc trinity as cold (also shock and chill @ minimum values). This is great for getting around. If you don't want ot do this you can replace one of the links (likely unbound elements) with added cold or added lightning damage to the same effect.

With the leech and the fortify no I can't say I was having issues surviving. However at the time of writing this I do have ~7k ES.

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