Decimate the battlefield in style with the new Necrolord Weapon Skin and Weapon Effect! These striking cosmetic effects give your weapons a fierce appearance with their sharp edges and crackles of white lightning. Check them out below or get yours here!

For a truly menacing look, you may be interested in the Necrolord Armour Set and Cloak!

Thanks for your support!
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Grinding Gear Games
ty GGG!

start league was best and almost no problem! u did gj and well done GGG!
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Nice look
wow o_o
A bondade e maldade não são verdades. São oriundas do homem e cada uma vê tonalidades de maneira diferente.
Loving the bow!!!
In stead of posting stuff can y’all get going on the fixing of the servers on PS??? You guys are wasting time
I can't buy if I can't play
the two hand axe looks so coooool
but I will buy nothing this league due to the stupid changes, just like kidding. If even you don't treat this game seriously, why me?
Still no news on when we can play on playstation?

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