[3.15] Reaper of Relics - Holy Relic Summon Reaper Guardian

If you have questions or concerns or would like to see the build in action, you can find me on twitch at https://www.twitch.tv/beardbro92. I stream a bit here and there. I will be more actively streaming now that I've found a build I am comfortable with :)

So, I've had a very disappointing league start. Ive tried all the new skills and none of them really resonated with me. In previous leagues, I've always started with holy relics, because I just LOVE the way they feel. So, when looking at reaper, a light bulb went off in my head, and was like DING. Normally with holy relics, i use a Kaom's Heart in my chest slot for omega HP, to scale my HP unreasonably high. But what I intend to do is fill that slot with a crafted 6L or a unique (have not decided yet) and put 6L Reaper in there.

The idea of the build is simple:
6L Reaper in chest
6L Holy Relic in a Warstaff (Ideal warstaff is Minion dmg, +1 Socketed gems, +2 support gem craft
4L Geofri's Legacy (gives us 2 Holy Relics and increases their CDR). Here we put our auras. I am intending to run War Banner, Pride, Herald of Purity, and Potentially Generosity if i feel it needs it.
4L Gloves (Life, resists, etc). Here we will put our Cyclone, Cast While Channelling, Absolution, and Fortify. Absolution gives us more minions to feed our reaper and help with map clear.
4L Boots (Life, move speed, resists, etc). This will be the fillers. I plan to run CWDT + Carrion Golem (Since reaper likes to nom on him often), an offering skill, and enduring cry.

The build basically plays like holy relics of the olden times, but with a new fun factor of a sick reaper following us around, jumping into the fray, being a general badass.

I will post a POB and update it as i figure out exactly how i want the build to be, but i am still leveling and working out the kinks.


Note that to figure out holy relics average dps, you need to factor in that you have 2 relics up, how much they hit for each, and how many times they cast per minute. It's not as simple as just looking at their dps, as that is inaccurate.

With my POB, they do 271k per hit, per relic, and cast every 0.43 seconds. This assumes 2.5 ish casts per second, for 540k total. So youre looking at roughly 1.3-1.5million dps from the holy relics.

Most of the rares are bare minimum filler just to give you an idea of what you want :)
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hi i was looking for someone to post a build about the reaper gem, i give a try, thanks for the time and the build
Honestly, the more I use reaper, the more i feel it is just not good enough to replace a good 6L spectre setup in this build. I'm going to do more testing.

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