New balance pass post 3.15, skills nerfed need to be buffed again.

having lost 40-50% percent damage from the 3.15 patch, lot of skills with sever pvp damage reduction need to be looked at again.

- Consecrated path and flicker strike 30% pvp penalty for example is now a little too high.

- Volatile dead 80% player damage reduction is now synonym of 0 damage dealt.

- archmage penalty make no sense anymore

- cyclone penalty is now obsolete same for cast on death.

-KB also could get it s penalty changed.

etc etc

Please adjust skills to 3.15 standard.
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Also flat 60% penalty to Remote Mine just turned my non-crit Arc miner completely useless.

At 6.54 throw rate, lvl 26 skill, 930% damage, 100% chance to double damage it doesn't leave a scratch on a 2k life regen character.

Also low-mid tier phys melee feels so incredibly helpless now.
18 aps character with BCR, 400dps weapon, was unable to kill some random 7k ES dude with 5% ES on block shield.
Problem: impostor syndrome
Solution: nerf everything
Result: depressing mess
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