[3.15] League Starter Focused Ballistae Storm Rain Raider with Cheap The Tempest Bow

So my first choice for builds got destroyed by ggg so i'm now going to roll a Focused Ballistae Storm Rain Raider using a Cheap The Tempest Bow at lvl.32.

Storm Rain fires hundreds of beams and the more attack speed we have we can probably get thousands of beams in 1 second. That sounds sort of broken with Ballistae since that thousand multiplies per totem and ballistaes you get tons of free totems.

Focused Ballistae support gives us lots of attack speed on top of the Perma Onslaught on Raider.

No pastebin right now. Need updates for new gems in pob.

Here's my gem setup.

Storm Rain
Ballista Totem Support
Focused Ballista Support
Lifetap Support
Multiple Totems Support
Awakened Elemental Damage with Attacks

Auras (We reserve 100% of Mana since we use Lifetap)
Herald of Thunder
Flesh and Stone
Enlightened Support

The Tempest
Lots of Double Wrath Searching Eye Abyss Jewels.
Last bumped on Jul 28, 2021, 8:03:31 AM
"Thousands of beams in one second"

Not possible due to the 100 arrow limit. At most, 100 arrows turns into ~250 beams per second. According to my calcs, 20-30% of those beams will hit an enemy if they are dead center of your projectiles. That's still 62 beams/sec, though.
Interesting calculations. What I was implying when i said thousand, is if we have 7-9 totems out hitting 62 beams per/sec on 1 target, with i think .41 delay or something like that an no way to lower that delay either, it maybe possible to get 1 thousand beams a sec with full loadout of totems placed. I'm not sure but the skill sounds like a broken version of Barrage.
My understanding of the gem is there can be no more than 100 arrows on the ground which creates the beams in the first place. So MAXIMUM number of beams per second is 100 arrows x however often then chain (2.5x a second, or .4/sec) which is 250 maximum beams a second. Not sure you can get more than that unless you socket a separate storm rain. It doesn't matter if ballistas can attack faster than that, they won't "stick" to the ground to create the beam in the first place due to the limitation.
I see. I was under the impression it scaled with attack speed, although its capped at 100 arrows on the ground, so you dont really need too much speed, just a max amount to cap the arrows on the ground. So we can't get a thousand afterall. The reason to play this build over anything else is the weapon, The Tempest bow is real cheap to procure and can scale good enough end game.

Not sure about the skill will do some tests when it goes live.
Doesnt the tempest do "No physical damage"?

Storm rain is a physical skill which converts to lightning. Meaning there is 0 damage to convert.

Need a different bow for this skill I think.
The Tempest bow has 58% effective damage so the the flat lightning is counted/calculated into damage. It works.

But, the skill gem itself im not sure about. I think i'm skipping this one for league start.
going 100% mana reservation, although great can make you miss out the benefits of sniper's mark or other curses.

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