[3.15] League Starter Accuracy Stacking Earthbreaker Consecrated Path Totem [ Jugg RiP ]

So I'm thinking of making a accuracy stacking melee/slam totem Juggernaut build. *Jugg RiP as accuracy stacker ascendancy lost abyss jewels. An alternative to Jugg is Hollow Palm Raider with Conc. Path Totems, but not league starter friendly, hollow palm is 1-2ex league start first few days atleast. sometimes it 70c depending on demand. Jugg was friendly for league start but no longer is an option.

Using Consecrated Path Totems (similar to Flamedash totems) but we're melee and can use Facebreakers to scale dps easy and cheap.

Note-Totem need a shield slot for +1 totem. So Hollow Palm would be inferior.

The problem with consecrated path is that is needs lots of attack speed to properly clear, so we get that from jugg's undeniable. The other option is Scion or Raider (Consecrated Path Totem Hollow Palm Raider is also a good option even if you loose shield slot), but jugg is easy to level with at league start.

Think about it? It's like auto totem teleporting in to slam but we scale dps with facebreakers, which flamedash totems cant do. 4 totems teleporting (even off-screen) will destroy mobs. The 4 totems when you drop em' keep slaming into targets very fast off screen even for the Entire Duration of the Totem with 1 tap.

No PoB pastebin right now when PoB community gets updated I'll post my pastebin.

Here's my gem setup.

Consecrated Path
Earthbreaker Totem Support *New support that turns slams into totems.
Multiple Totems
Lifetap *Totems cost lots of mana using lifetap we no longer use mana and gain a slight dps buff too. Plus we can reserve 100% of Mana for Auras.
Melee Physical
Elemental Focus *Need to prevent ignite from crits, so we keep 100% uptime on Accuracy on jewels.

Obscurantis Helmet
Rigwald's Curse
Facebreaker Mitts
Darkness Enthroned with 2 T1 Accuracy + T1 Flat phys Abyss jewels.

Stack lots of 30% Accuracy Abyss Jewels.
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If you mean these jewels then it wont work anymore.
The Abyss Jewel modifier that grants 30% increased Accuracy if you haven’t killed recently can no longer roll.
oh damn...
So, since I was unaware of the changes to abyss jewels.

I think Hollow Palm Raider using Consecrated Path Totems/Earthbreaker support would be good alternative to jugg. Since we get the More Attack Speed Multiplier on Hollow Palm in exchange for loosing +1 totem that Conc. Path needs to clear properly.

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