[3.15] Strength stack Incinerate Chieftain post nerfs 2M+ dps, my league starter.

Yep nerfs are here and this build lost a net 50% damage since it was around 4mil dps before. OOF.

2mil dps is still enough to clear all game so i guess it's fine.
FOR DPS TAKE ALSO IN ACCOUNT THE INCINERATE RELEASE, SINCE IT'S 1.5M hit virtually every second (10.70 cast rate + 10 incinerate stages)



Day one costs:
1c per Doon cuebiyari
1c Repentance
1c Alberon

And you are set to go for Emperor of Purity, the cheapest 6 link in the game, for a smooth league start experience.


I want to try incinerate since i never played that before, and i figured out that i can sustain RF while being on low life with petrified blood.
Strength stack help with the hp pool.
We get insane life regen and life leech (4k combined lul), we are at 51% life so we benefit from overleech (petrified blood mechanics)
Capped phys dmg reduction with flasks, 50% attack block with Iron fortress and that phys dmg taken as fire which helps our armor to mitigate better larger phys hits.

All the gear is self explanatory. (For resistances use the rare items, remember that you need 0 fire res on gear, so you can focus on lighting and cold and chaos eventually) If you click on it you get some other choices for comparison. The gear is very acheavable in the first couple of days.

The tree choices are a work of art, i spent many hours pondering what was best and the Level 90 tree is the best result acheavable.

With the nerfs to Flame dash, and no reliable ways to get fortify I will try Leap slam as a movement skill at some point, i don't know where it will take me, i'll have to test it.

CONSIDER FROSTBLINK since we want to jump into packs.

Crafting with essences of rage is a good idea, but it's not the only option of course. You obviously want strenght everywhere.

Hope you like it, an if you try it, let me know!

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POB updated.
Nice build man, it can be my league start :D

for leveling what i can do to make it better?

and when swap for the build?
Leveling is a battle :D

I will go for holy flame totem main link with sunder untill Siosa.
Then i'll buy all the gems i need for incinerate, wait a couple of levels to level them and then swap.
Remember to sell a blue wand with an alteration and a rare ruby ring for added spell fire damage.

Incinerate should level at an average speed, keep the holy flame totems.

For links always use iron will, for example Incinerate, Infused channeling, Iron will, fire penetration. Untill you get Repentance.

Hinekora as 1st ascendancy because we get enough defences from tree. That's alot of damage early btw.

Tasalio as 3rd ascendancy because it caps fire res alone (also provides good defences with regen/leech boost and phys to fire (boost to armor))

2 bandit points, Diamond skin is availlable for 3 points for extra res early on.

PS: Maybe going for strenght nodes to rush to primal manifestation, then rush EO is best, we can get hp later
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I kinda changed plans since i realized i value more the life pool then the damage, so i'm trying to aim for a full life build with almost 8k hp but i will surely lose some damage in the process.

Right now i'm in yellow maps and i 1shot everything but i don't feel too safe, even with 6000 hp and a shield. I guess i lack block nodes and arctic armor since i'm still forced to play with a level 18 clarity because of the lack of elreon rings...

Leap slam is to be preferred over flame dash for movement.

Frost blink into packs to retain the max stages channeling and explode everything. The mapping is surprisingly fast.

At the moment i'm trying different guard setups but surprisingly steelskin is the best performer now.
When i'll have 8k hp i guess immortal call will be preferred.

you can check my profile to see the gear i'm using now.

I'm also considering a 5link Iron fortress in order to be tankier and have less mana cost on the skills while losing half link of damage.
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Hows this build coming along? Very interesting.

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