[3.15] DomBlow Absolution Battlecryer (memocrafting)

Hi guys. I am really excited about the ne Battlemage Cry and was wondering, if it can combine Dominating Blow with the other cool new skill, Absolution.

The Theory is easy, practice will fail, for sure. In Theory i want have a hybrid attack / minion Build utilizing warcries and spells. So my core interest is about this Skills: DomBlow, Absolution, Battlemage Cry, Rallying Cry + Battlemage Keystone (or Unique)

Tbh, i always wanted to play a domblow build, but in the past leagues there have always been so many slam builds i had to do.. Maybe now comes the time, depending on the patch-notes and manifesto ofc.

So how can this fit into a (1) build? Using to 6link is mandatory to get most of both Minion Skills. A Helmet could also be a good spot for Absolution, but for some reason i want to go Staves.
So next question: Minion builds are really gem hungry, so are three 4l enough to make it a build? Minioncrafters, what do you say?
Last Question: What Ascendency? Guardian is a good defensive Class, Necro is the best overall class, Inquisitor has Battlemage. I like Guardian because of the massminion Synergies. Perma Onslaught, intimidate and unnerve is fine. Block is also really nice and i think Charge generation is a good DMG source.

And now all the other questions. Ele or Phys Build? Dom Blow can be played with phys mechanics like impale, while Absolution has 50% Lightning dmg.
And what Skilltree? With Crown of Eyes the Build could be build around 100% Minion and Spell DMG. But traveling to Duelist Section gives some good Strike Mechanics like additional target and War Cry Buffs.
And what are good and what are necessary links for this skills?

I am not happy that Rallying Cry gives no bonuses to caster-minions. And i can´t see a reason why this is so.

For the playstyle i would love to see a vry hybrid style. Attacking and Minions should have both good impact. I don´t want to use DomBlow, if it just delivers the minion, that would be really bad. So best style would be: Cry Cry, attack 6 hits (exerted) -> Cry Cry and so on.

Sooo. Is this idea complete garbage or could it work?
Last bumped on Jul 22, 2021, 7:21:42 PM
Sounds interesting, i guess dealing damage urself and the minions also dealing dmg is a bit tricky tho.

I play on ps4 so its kinda different game. Im lucky on the other hand tho, cause i can watch pc league start first and see whats working.

I made a rough pob for HoPurity supported by DomBlow+Battlemages cry+absolution that could be supplemented with Summon Reaper, depending of its Minion dmg:


If u really wanna try battlemage, id go guardian with the Disintegrator Staff, cause Guardian buffs u and the minions. Depending how hard the curse immunity hits ingame, id chose Time of Need over Harmony of Purpose, (exspecially since Minions are no Party Members).

The (Absolution) lightning conversion might be bit to much as well if u wanna do battlemage/rallying cry and minions.

I dont know if this helps u, but go try ur build idea, this might be the best league for experiments. And please keep us updated, good luck ;)

you can get 3 6-links since elder helmets can roll +minion gems, and 2 support gems (minion life, minion damage...) but you'll definitely be overloaded on gems. Im going impale so that i can fall back on domBlow in case absolution ends up too bad.
you can go staff but there doesn't seem to be anything interesting compared to what shields offer and do you really need 3 six links ?
for herald of purity, i wouldn't go down that route, they're worthless without support gems and mana is a VERY limited resource according to patch notes. unless you spec totally into an aurabot which i'm not convinced would work well for it's cost.

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