Game Balance in Path of Exile: Expedition

I'm dead, lmao most of this doesn't even make sense.
Ah, the beginning of the end.

We've had a good run.
cool. buff defenses now pls
I'm all for nerfs, but killing them is a bit too much, don't you think? What did minions ever do to you; you've already killed them a while back; this is just overkill.
Coralito's Signature has been reworked to more directly benefit poison builds dealing critical strikes, rather than any poison build.

wow thx, now pathfinder now has zero poison duration :clap::clap:
We got all these buffs at the end of the manifesto because tomorrow they'll be killing PoE as we know it pepeW
i think this goes to show that you really dont know what u want ur game to look like and you lied about having testers. Why did aislings "deterministic crafting" come into 3.14 anyways or did u not test like you said you were going to? Double attributes crafts were almost immediately found out and yet somehow you guys failed to notice? Im just honestly wondering how this stuff makes it into the game in the first place if its against ur so called design philosophy. Im not mad about the nerfs its fine its whatever, but im just really wondering how this stuff gets into the game in the first place when you can almost immediately tell its not going with the philosophy of the game. Same thing with harvest like how the actual hell did that get back into the game lmao when you knew it was the strongest deterministic crafting in the game ever. One second you appeal to the clear speed meta the next you wanna slow the game down and strip the power level. Just getting annoying at this point.
Let people cry tears for balancing the game away from the zoomzoom gameplay. Thank you for the changes.
Doesn't seem all that scary, the nerfs are justified.

But I worry that boss fights with yet another increase to boss life pools will require much patience D: - Polish info hub

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