Game Balance in Path of Exile: Expedition

nice ;)
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this league is going to be poo
reading now
Very cool mirror Service:
Very good!

"Minion Damage causes minions from Supported Skills to have 25% less Life"
jesus was already kinda hard make the golems survive

"When a flask removes a curse, it no longer applies a period of immunity to curses. Flasks that remove ailments now only provide a period of immunity to that ailment if they actually removed it. So if you get ignited, use a dousing flask to remove the ignite and to gain immunity for a while. You now can't just spam the flask before you're ignited to be permanently immune. If you want permanent mitigation of ailments, there are other options for your build. Note that we have rebalanced ailment mitigation in general so that there aren't a few options that completely outclass the rest"

well this change looks really bad only good in the paper
now u need keep tracking random debuffs in the middle of hundreds of mobs and colours and we will just get killed by ignite/bleeding the remove curse one will just make need reroll maps till remove any type of curse
and the loss in the movement speed make mandatory a headhunter to play the game

"Aisling's crafting bench that adds a Veiled modifier now first removes a random modifier, so it is riskier to use as a later step of item crafting rather than being an obvious final step because of its very consistent modifier pool"

i wonder why they hate craft so much and need be a lottery no brain
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