[3.15] Fire Burst Build | Elementalist | Expedition | Path of Exile 3.15

Hey guys, it's been a while since my last video, sorry about that. I played in gauntlet and reached level 90 with my armageddon brand build. Unfortunately I died before recording the end game bosses.

You can trigger fire burst when you hit. In this case we you use storm brand and herald of thunder as trigger.

This build is inspired by @Uber Dan 's fire burst build. Go check out his channel to see his version.

Build Cost
- High Budget: +50 ex (I didn't spend 50 ex but just to be safe putting this one to high budget category.)

Fire Burst: Fire Burst is a skill granted by the mod Cast Level 20 Fire Burst on Hit, which is craftable on weapon by using Essence of Hysteria. The skill has a cooldown of 1 second.

Elemental Equilibrium: Don't get any "Adds # to # Fire Damage to Spells" mod. I didn't wanna use wave of conviction. It messes up the elemental equilibrium sometimes. Instead I used a helmet with "Socketed Skills apply Fire, Cold and Lightning Exposure on Hit" implict. So we can apply exposure without messing anything.

Endurance Charges: Enduring Composure notable from small cluster jewel
Gain 1 Endurance Charge every second if you've been Hit Recently

PoB: https://pastebin.com/XzNhAT2z

Build Video: https://youtu.be/or0GQzj80HU

Bandits: Kill all

- Fire Burst:
Granted by the Cast Level 20 Fire Burst on Hit Essence Modifier.
Level 20 Fire Burst now deals 1122 to 1683 Fire Damage (previously 1526 to 2288).
Now has an 250% Effectiveness of Added Damage (previously 340%).
Now has a 1.5 second Cooldown (previously 1 second).
- The Cooked Alive Notable now grants Enemies Ignited by you have -5% to Fire Resistance (previously 10%).
- The Blowback Notable now grants “Ignites deal damage 8% faster” (previously 15%).
- The Cold Conduction notable no longer grants “Enemies Chilled by your Hits are Shocked” or “Enemies Shocked by your Hits are Chilled.” It now grants “25% increased Effect of Lightning Ailments against Chilled Enemies” and “25% increased Effect of Cold Ailments against Shocked Enemies”.

(Footage is from 3.14)


Gem Setup:

Fire Burst:
Awakened Unbound Ailments - Awakened Deadly Ailments - Awakened Burning Damage - Awakened Swift Affliction - Immolate - Ignite Proliferation

Storm Brand - Combustion - Elemental Proliferation - Increased Critical Strikes

Malevolence - Herald of Thunder - Elemental Proliferation - Enlighten

Immortal Call (Lvl 14) - Cast when Damage Taken (12) / Flame Dash / Smoke Mine
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Many versions of Fire burst elementalist are popping around lately. Hope they don't nerf it next league.

Tested a basic one recently. Easy to level in SSF as armagedon brand and convert when u can as the main requirement is essence or hysteria.

Still not sure which version to choose as there are so many: with/without golems, with staff or bow, with elder blashphemy gloves setup, with different ascendances and different gems/gear setups
If i have abberaths hooves do i still need ignite prolif?
will there be a 3.16 version?

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